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New Power Lesbian Couple Alert: Randi Weingarten & Hilary Rosen


Remember when Randi Weingarten, the new president of the American Federation of Teachers, was thought to be a strong possibility to take Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat? But then lost out to Kirsten Gillibrand? Well life isn’t going so bad for Weingarten: She’s got a new girlfriend! Who’s equally as famous and powerful as she!

It’s Hilary Rosen, the former chief of the Recording Industry Association of America and current Huffington Post something-or-other. Rosen is bad ass.

And when their powers combine, well, we’re not sure what happens … aside from tonight’s cocktail party in D.C. feting Julianne Moore’s new kids’ book. Ah hah, that’s what they’ll do: They’ll run D.C.’s lesbian clique! Together! Bwahahahaha!

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  • galefan2004

    When their powers combine they summon DIVA LESBO! Diva Lesbo is a powerful force that comes from the aisle of Lesbos. She smites religious bigots with lightning bolts and showers sunshine and roses on the gay and lesbian community.

  • Sal

    When will their sex tape be coming out?

  • Not So Fast Cowboy

    Oh, I am sorry to find out that she and Elizabeth Birch were separated in 2006.

    And I am not being snarky, given that they are the parents of two young children.

  • Mollie

    I came across an interview on youtube with Elizabeth Burch interviewing Rosie O’Donnell. In that interview Burch stated that her and Hilary were in a “fight”, but that she still loved Hilary and was committed to her for life. Since the did start a family together, I’d hoped that they would find a way back together. Oh,well! I think Hilary is cute and I love when she is on as a strategist on CNN. She usually nails the opposition.

  • adam

    Make no mistake. Hilary Rosen is evil. Well, at least to us internet-tech people. Remember when she was the RIAA president when Napster came out and how she was public enemy number one back to almost every internet/music user/listener? mmhmm..

  • Jonathan

    @adam: Yeah that broad sucks.

  • hardmannyc

    Can someone explain why Rosen has never been called out for having overseen the most rapid destruction of a major industry — recording industry and their retailers — ever in history since the advent of the Industrial Age?

    I find that one a real head-scratcher, but I guess it’s true that in DC you only fall up.

  • what

    Hillary isn’t a bad ass… just an ASS.

    Just because you’re in the same sexuality click as myself and others doesn’t give you a free pass for your actions in society.

  • Sally

    I worked with her years ago and she comes off as if she is in it for the good of the gay community, but she is self serving. Not a surprise based on the political circles she travels in.

  • Thiafy

    Weingarten is actually kind of cute. o-o Rosen less so, especially considering the RIAA thing. >> Asses are not cute, unless they are squishy and of the body-part variety.

  • imayogi

    I’m sure Rosen sent a press release – announcing her new relationship. This egotistical lesbian not only packed the U-HAUL and cats, she announced her new gf to the media. UGH – she’s gross.

  • Yusuf

    Weingarten cute?? Yeeeah!:)

  • James Hart

    As a gay man, and a a pro-choice, pro-gay conservative, I find Hilary to be disgusting. She and Randi Weingarten are self-serving loud-mouths!

  • steve

    Seriously, who is the man in the relationship?

  • dldooley


  • Joe

    Now that Myra Adams poses the question “Does it matter that Hilary Rosen is openly gay? Should this fact even be mentioned?”; Here is another question that has been posed on other sites: Does it matter that “Sources in Chicago’s gay community report that bayrack was attracted to Man’s Country’s (a man’s club) older white clientele because he generally enjoys being fellated by older white men. bayrack would regularly be seen at Man’s Country on Wednesdays.”

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