Get 'Em Girls

New Power Lesbian Couple Alert: Randi Weingarten & Hilary Rosen


Remember when Randi Weingarten, the new president of the American Federation of Teachers, was thought to be a strong possibility to take Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat? But then lost out to Kirsten Gillibrand? Well life isn’t going so bad for Weingarten: She’s got a new girlfriend! Who’s equally as famous and powerful as she!

It’s Hilary Rosen, the former chief of the Recording Industry Association of America and current Huffington Post something-or-other. Rosen is bad ass.

And when their powers combine, well, we’re not sure what happens … aside from tonight’s cocktail party in D.C. feting Julianne Moore’s new kids’ book. Ah hah, that’s what they’ll do: They’ll run D.C.’s lesbian clique! Together! Bwahahahaha!