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New Right-Wing Talking Point: Homosexuals Buying Their Way Into Obama Administration


Do records showing Kevin Jennings — safe school czar and ire of militant heterosexual parents everywhere — donated huge sums from his six-figure GLSEN salary to Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign and Democratic candidates over the years prove he “bought” his Obama administration job, or prove that the Obama administration hires like-minded talent? John Berry, OPM chief and Obama’s highest-ranking gay, also gave money to the president’s campaign and the DNC. (He’s also donated to George H.W. Bush’s presidential campaign.) Though Obama campaigned on transparency and not paying favors, it’s politics as usual in D.C.: Those who sent checks filled with zeroes are often handsomely rewarded. But it’s surely a coincidence.

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  • Keith Kimmel

    Stop the presses! Money is changing hands, favors are getting exchanged and palms are getting greased in politics.

    Seriously, is this even news anymore? If it is, fine, guilty as charged. If I was on the DNC startegy team, I’d run with this one and have a feild day. Fine. Yep, some homos bought thier way into the admin. Guilty as charged. Now, lets investigate how many religious nutbags have bought thier way into politics. Oh gee wiz, I guess the GOP dosen’t really want to have this conversation as much as they thought they did.


  • stitch

    Whoever wrote this must not know much about politics. Do you honestly think that no one in the Bush administration donated to Dubya’s campaigns? Isn’t’ it a little naive to think that this phenomenon is new and you’ve just suddenly exposed it?

    If you believe in a candidate and support their campaigns, should you be disallowed from working for them once they get elected?

    Let’s grow up, mmkay?

  • El Brucio

    It seems that every political group, when in a minority government position, raises a huge stink about patronage appointments.

    Strangely enough, when they come to power, they do the same kind of appointments and never seem to think about introducing legislation to curb this practice.

    I find it humorous that the media never sees the need to point out this irony in any of these stories.

  • Cam

    Really??!?! My GOD! How intersting!!!!!!!

    Um….could we please have the financial and donation records of every ambassador appoiinted by Bush while he was in office please. I think we’d see something interesting if we looked at them.

  • jarvisbearcub

    Q) Who did George W. Bush appoint to major offices that hadn’t done business with him personally?

  • PootieTang

    gays and straights, all know one language: money talks baby…

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