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New Tweenage Hobby: Beat Up Gay Classmates, Record, Upload

Children are stupid and mean and ignorant, and probably don’t deserve to have iPhones or Androids or even a freakin’ Razr. We know this to be true because children — who, fine, are sometimes just incredible — are finding it hi-lar-i-ous when they beat up classmates in a homophobic rampage, record it on their mobile phones, and then upload their student films to YouTube for all the world to see.

The headline arrives from outside Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, but is likely happening across the U.S. as well. (We don’t even want to get on YouTube and search “faggot beat down” to find what comes up, but, ugh.)

It is the most recent development in the ongoing problem of homophobic bullying, which remains a major issue even as Brent Council has begun a concerted effort to tackle it.

Youth worker, Lukasz Konieczka said the latest way in which some youngsters were being bullied was through group attacks known as ‘rushing,’ which are then broadcast on the internet.

Mr Konieczka, who works for the Brent Mosaic Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, said: “Now it’s more popularised because if you have more mobiles with more and more features you can record and post at the same time.

“It’s got so mobile and so instant and into young people’s personal space and private time that it’s really big now. You can’t delete it and you can’t respond to it and it is constant.”

It’s things like this that make us hate the Internet, the very platform from which we draw a livable wage. One solution would be to enforce policies that ban cell phones from schools, but that does little to actually stop the original problem: beating up LGBT kids. But yes, prohibiting links to YouTube and Facebook might lessen the torment a smidge.

Maybe Tucker Carlson knows what we should do?

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