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Newark Archbishop John J. Myers Will Be Thrilled to Know Seton Hall Is Going to Teach Undergrads About Gay Marriage

Educating America’s youth: 1; Newark Archbishop John J. Myers: 0. Despite pleas from the Catholic leader (pictured) to have Seton Hall University abandon plans to teach undergrads about same-sex marriage, the course is a go. At least its instructor and students think it is.

W. King Mott, of Seton Hall’s Women and Gender Department, created the upperclassmen seminar “The Politics of Gay Marriage” for the fall semester, which was just lovely until Archbishop Myers raised a stink and forced the Catholicism-rooted school to consider whether the topic was too taboo (in a secret closed door meeting, which doesn’t sound gay at all!). But the university has finally decided to let the course go forward. Sort of.

In fact, Seton Hall won’t officially confirm nor deny whether the seminar is a go. But Mott says he has yet to be told Tuesday’s first class is canceled, and the class is listed on the school’s online schedule, complete with a classroom number. (Students are told to buy the text What’s Love Got To Do With It?: The Case for Same-Sex Marriage, by Democratic State Sens. Raymond Lesniak and Loretta Weinberg.) Some two dozen students are enrolled to have their minds corrupted.

If the class remains a go it’ll be s a rare victory for Mott, one of few openly gay professors on campus, who in 2005 “was demoted from his post as associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences after The Star-Ledger printed his letter challenging the church’s view on homosexuality.”

It’ll also be a crushing loss for the archbishop, who will have to go back to covering up priest abuse scandals.

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    Hasn’t anyone ever told these Catholic clergy that when you live in a glass house its best not to continuially toss stones off the front porch???

    Not only do they have the ongoing kiddie diddling drama, they were accessories to protecting and hiding a terrorist priest……………

    GERRY MORIARTY, Northern Editor
    The Irish Times
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    POLICE OMBUDSMAN in the North Al Hutchinson is today expected to stand up claims of a cover-up involving the RUC, the British government and the Catholic Church that protected a Catholic priest allegedly involved in the 1972 IRA Claudy bombing.

    The report, to be released today in Claudy, Co Derry, is expected to endorse the allegation that at the time the RUC had top-grade intelligence that Fr James Chesney was a senior figure in the IRA gang that planted three bombs in the Co Derry village on July 31st, 1972.

    Nine people – five Catholics and four Protestants, with three of the nine having been children – died as a result of the no-warning car bombs that exploded along the main street of Claudy. No one was ever convicted for the bombings.

    In December 2002, former PSNI assistant chief constable Sam Kinkaid, who reviewed the original RUC investigation, admitted there were serious deficiencies in that investigation. He further disclosed that the then Catholic primate, Cardinal William Conway, and the then northern secretary William Whitelaw, were made aware by the RUC of Fr Chesney’s alleged involvement, although Mr Kinkaid did not name Fr Chesney.

    Fr Chesney was subsequently transferred to a parish in Co Donegal. He was never arrested or interviewed by police about the Claudy bombing or any other IRA activity. He died in 1980.

    It seems the game of priest hide and seek has not been only applied to the kiddie diddling priests…………

  • Joe

    It’s time the bishops recognize that the game is over; the days for them and their corrupt church are finished. Please turn out the lights on your way out the door.

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