UPDATE: Newest FCKH8 Video Blurs Activism And Marketing, But Will Donate $25K Anyway

While FCKH8’s latest video raises awareness about Tennessee’s absolutely fucked up “Don’t Say Gay” bill (which won’t face passage until 2012), it also spends about half of its 2-minute running time asking 100,000 people to repost their video and consider buying FCKH8 t-shirts, stickers, and buttons. FCKH8 pledges to give 25 cents for each repost, up to $25,000, all going towards the Tennessee Equality Project, but while it’s important to raise awareness and funds for local LGBT groups, the same question always arises in such campaigns: will FCKH8 donate less than $25,000 if their video fails to achieve their 100K viral goal? And if so, what does that say about their intentions? Maybe they’re depending on a fair amount of those 100,000 people to help subsidize their donation by buying merchandise. Hmmm…

UPDATE: According to Luke Montgomery, head of the FCKH8 campaign, “Tennessee Equality Project will ge getting the full $25,000 amount for sure at the rate people are clicking “Like” and tweeting [our video]. We’ve already cut the first check for $5,000 on the first day to them… but we would for sure give them the full amount even if an asteroid hit because they are fighting in the trenches and doing great work down there.” Montgomery also says that of the half a million made through merch sales, that $40K has gone to Equality California and $30K to the The Trevor Project (though that still leaves $170,000). However, it’s still a nice surprise! Looks like FCKH8 isn’t just about hawking t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and getting children to say the F-word after all.

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