NEWS: Mayors Unite For Gay Marriage, Teachers Fail GLSN Study, Fox Blurs Out Andrew Sullivan, And More!

*Some 70 big-city mayors—including  Democrats Annise Parker of Houston, Thomas Menino of Boston, Antonio R. Villaraigosa of Los Angeles and Rahm Emanuel of Chicago (above); Republican Jerry Sanders of San Diego and Independent Michael Bloomberg of New York City—are set to join Freedom to Marry at a news conference pushing for federal same-sex marriage rights on Friday in Washington, DC. [Wall Street Journal]

*Rep. Richard Floyd of Tennessee in introducing a bill that would make it a crime to use a public facility designated for the opposite sex. Floyd told the Times Free Press that if “my wife or one of my daughters was in the dressing room and a man tried to go in there—I don’t care if he thinks he’s a woman and tries on clothes with them in there— I’d just try to stomp a mudhole in him and then stomp him dry.” That’s so f*cked up we’re not even sure what it means. [Transgender Law Center]

*Is Andrew Sullivan‘s name a dirty word? Then why did Fox News blur it when showing the cover of the latest Newsweek? [Politico]

*Two dozen people protested outside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s midtown Manhattan office on Tuesday, just hours after the Governor released his new state budget for 2012. The group, which included members of Queer Rising, was protesting the lack of increased funding for shelters and services for LGBT homeless teens. Four people were arrested. [Village Voice]

* A new study put out by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network found elementary-school teachers generally unprepared to discuss LGBT issues in the classroom. Only 48% of the educators polled said they felt comfortable responding to questions about gays and lesbians and only 41% said the same about questions regarding transgender people. Oh well, ignorance is bliss, right? [Instinct]

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  • Triple S

    The second one is a doozy of a controversial one.

    On one hand, the man is making sense: if a man walks into a female dressing room then of course anyone would be shocked. Only after explaining what the hell’s going one will people understand each. I would certainly be against the transgender just walking in without warning. Once I found out what the deal was, then we could all get along.

    On the other, it’s completely unreasonable that someone should force a transgender man into a male dressing room or vice versa. The person IS a woman in a man’s body. Of course that has been used to the point it’s a perfect excuse, but bona fide transgender people can’t just be told to go to a place where they would feel violated/embarrassed.

    So, I would say that it’s too early to try and introduce things like this as law. Peopel need to have a greater awareness of the implications of transgender people. My suggestion going forward now, when the situation occurs, is to calmly explain that the man/woman is transgender and that there’s nothing to worry about.

    That’s my take on this issue, any thoughts, please share!

  • Triple S

    The second last thing is also controversial. I know that the fact the LGBT teens can be made homeless by their families (complete psychoes if you ask me), but they are homeless teens like any other. Why must they have more benefits? IF the shelter refuses to give them refuge on account of their homosexuality, then yes, I completely understand. But I find it hard to believe that every shelter would refuse to allow LGBT teens shelter.

    As is my policy, I always offer to be corrected and gladly accept whatever anyone has to say.

    No bitching, boys (and girls) ;)

  • christopher di spirito

    Not just mayors. Even Gov. Chris “Fatso” Christie is refusing to say he plans to veto the marriage equality bill in New Jersey, telling media sources “society is changing.”

  • Mark Snyder, TLC

    It is completely unacceptable for a Representative to threaten to physically assault anyone who is gender non-conforming, period.

  • Jack

    The GLSEN study may not really reflect much. Kids’ parents, especially elementary school kids’ parents, will flip out about gay issues. So even with training on the best way to talk about such subjects, they still may not be “comfortable” with the discussion because they know that they may have to deal with angry parents. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t or wouldn’t have the discussion, it just means it’s uncomfortable. And I think anyone would be uncomfortable if they know that a stream of shit is headed their way.

  • Kylew

    @Triple S: People’s discomfort in naked situation is determined by the genitalia of the person changing with them, not the gender identity. I don’t think it ever will be, nor should it have to be acceptable for trans males to use female bathrooms or changing facilities (or vice versa) – not least because of the obvious risk of abuse of any such provision.

    It’s ridiculous in this instance, to say that society should just get over itself for the comfort of transgendered people. Feelings about nudity are not politcal gender sensitivity issues, but such feelings run deep and it’s reasoable that they should be respected.

  • Bikate

    It’s shocking that so many people on here are such douche bags about gender. I’m a white cis-female, I understand that other people aren’t comfortable in the gender they were born with but is it right to let other people shit on them for it? It’s absolutely unacceptable to threaten a transgender person, or any person for any reason. And as a woman who goes to the bathroom and the dressing room, I don’t really give a shit who goes in there with me as long as they don’t gawk at me. If a transgender woman wants to get changed in the women’s dressing room, I’m glad to have her there. We’re not there to chat about menstruation or to braid each others hair or to have sexy lesbian pillow fights – it’s an effing bathroom or dressing room, so stop staring at each others genitalia.

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