Nick Gruber Reunites With Calvin Klein, Plans To Walk In New York Fashion Week

klein3It’s been a true model’s life for former porn model and professional kept boy Nick Gruber. Page Six is reporting that after a rough breakup with former beau Calvin Klein last year and a stint in an Arizona rehab, the couple has rekindled their love flame (and ordered a new American Express Platinum card in Nick’s name).

The couple split last year after Gruber was arrested for cocaine possession and assault in New York’s West Village. Gruber moved to Los Angeles with new boyfriend John Luciano (and was followed by Klein’s private investigator), but has been seen being wined and dined by Klein at Pink Taco in West Hollywood recently. How sweet.

We’re not sure what caused the split with Luciano and return to Klein, BUT a quick google search of both men’s net worth reveals Luciano is worth a measly $15M, while Calvin Klein is worth a whopping $300M. Good choice, Nick.

Gruber has also reportedly signed with Planet PR, a firm that represents Miss Universe contestants, and is hoping to walk in New York Fashion Week this September. Next, Nick plans to begin writing Chapter 1 of his autobiography, One Million Ways To Waste Money: How I Dated The Filthy Rich Owner of A Fashion Empire And Hired A Publicity Firm To Find Modeling Work In the Fashion Industry.

Until next time, here is a photo of Nick Gruber in his underwear:


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  • pierre

    Gross. It makes you want to take a shower!

  • fagburn

    Is it true Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are filming a movie about this?

  • crowebobby

    What a horrible, disgustingly ugly face and body. Thank God I never looked like that! It makes me want to douche with Draino. Right, girls?

  • oilburner

    Good for him . But with 300 million I would expect a better looking guy anyhow but like my friend persilla always says as long as they look good from the neck down who cares about the rest

  • oilburner

    @pierre: omfg I. Said the Same thing

  • oilburner

    @crowebobby: its a shame because Calvin Klein bought plastic surgery and new reefs (teeth) for this dude & most people still think he looks like crap

  • Homophile

    I can’t stand it when two consenting adults so something that is none of my business!

  • balehead

    I think the “toxic queens” on here should take their own advice and stay out of other people’s bedrooms….

  • Cee

    I think his underwear photo is hot. Are you guys jelly? lmao
    He looks fine. Calvin on the other hand looks like an old man whose had a lot of F’d up plastic surgeries. I find him to be repulsive physically and otherwise. He must have no dignity. All of us can see what this is. I don’t care what they call it or how they try and spin it. Just because you’re rich doesn’t change at all what it is. All Calvin has to do is ask himself one question and that is “Would Nick be with me if I didn’t have money?” The answer would be no. Sad for both parties. And Nick probably has a daddy complex because his father is not around. Who knows what he’s been through? He’s a druggie and ex porn model. All red flags. They both should probably be in a doctor’s chair sorting their real issues out, but i guess the sugar daddy thing works too lmao

  • Tom

    “One Million Ways To Waste Money: How I Dated The Filthy Rich Owner of A Fashion Empire And Hired A Publicity Firm To Find Modeling Work In the Fashion Industry.”… that’s too funny! I didn’t even catch that when you reported Nick hired PlanetPR.

  • Harley

    When you have 300 million in the bank it doesn’t matter how you look. You will still be attractive to gold diggers. Gruber (Goober sounds better) is just showing his true colors. The man/boy could never hold down an honest job. This is his only chance to keep himself off skid row when he’s 40. Because, you know, looks fade but stupid is forever.

  • Cam

    So they broke up. He got into trouble, then announced (Threatened) to write a tell all and suddenly he is back with Klein so Klein can monitor the book as it’s being written.

    Ok, got it.

  • Gorecky

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  • Cam


    It’s funny when SPAM forgets to post a link.

  • B Damion

    I wish may body did what his body is doing for him. I am not hate’n Nick. Do you boo!
    There are a whole lot of women doing the same thing. Both parties involved are consenting adults who seem to be ok with it so why should it even be an issue.

  • Cam

    @B Damion:

    No issue, but along with acceptance of gay relationships they now will have to deal with the exact same thing that some old guy like Hugh Hefner deals with when HE dates a 22 year old.

  • Harley

    @Cam: it’s only when the will is read that it becomes an issue.

  • Cam



  • B Damion

    @Harley ..LMAO..That is the gotcha. lol..

  • Spike

    Poor CK, apparently he can’t find anyone as good as this kid when it comes to him getting tied up. CK is quite the closet BD guy.

  • birdtalk

    oh my he is so ugly. he got elephant ankle. oh no
    this guy should go to gym work on his lower body when u have time to get face plastic surgery .

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