No Respect For Lohan

Poor Lindsay Lohan. The paps may love her, but the Sapphic-seeming actress can’t catch a break with her fellow celebrities, including the far less fabulous Chace Crawford:

…As super-pregnant M.I.A. performed at the Diesel XXX party in Dumbo, Lindsay Lohan desperately tried to get the attention of Chace Crawford. Lohan, who launched her 6126 line at Henri Bendel last night, pulled on the “Gossip Girl” boy’s shirt and grabbed his shoulder, but “Crawford was more interested in talking with Taylor Momsen,” our spy said.

Lohan got dissed again at Madonna’s Madison Square Garden show Sunday when Madge gave Kelly Ripa her mike during her rendition of “Give It to Me” instead of to the rehabbed starlet, who was standing next to Ripa in the front row.

At least Lilo’s always got Sam Ronson, right?

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    fuck i hate this cunt!

  • mio

    Looks like Lindsay has released her inner slut again. RUN SAMANTHA!

  • DairyQueen

    Welcome to the GLBT world, where you get shunned for being honest with your sexuality. I feel bad for her.


    ^ are you retarded?

    its plain as day that shes lying about it! she’s just doing it for attention. and this article confirms that she still likes the cock.

    she’s a lying little cunt!

  • Darth Paul

    To her (dubious) credit, she never said she was full-on lesbian nor did she never say she wasn’t a pathetic, attentionwhoring slut. This more or less conforms to her sh!tty image that I’ve always despised.

    I’ll say it again: Sam can do MUCH better!

  • blake

    God, you people are ridiculous. She tries to get the attention of some guy ACCORDING to a gossip rag! Do you know if this is true or not? Do you know why she wanted to talk to Crawford?


    So what if she’s bi, gay, or straight? How’s that any of your business, especially since she’s been supportive of GLBT rights?

    It’s hilarious that someone like Men-sar would attack Lohan after he went on a rant about gays following someone sort of an agenda. Clearly, Men-sar believes that a gay person has to act a certain way or it’s off with her head.

    In summary, you’re taking quotes from a tabloid as sacrosanct even though every one knows that tabloids stretch the truth. Moreover, you’re making judgements over someone for just trying to talk to someone.


  • estone

    I was at the show and Lilo was not standing next to Kelly Ripa. She was actually about 10 people away in the opposite direction. Madonna tried to hand the mic to Jeff Gordon, who did not want to take the mike and pointed to Ripa. Lilo and Sam looked utterly bored during the whole show. Kelly was singing along and dancing the whole night.

  • Alan down in Florida

    And we care about any of this why?

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