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No, The Gay Doritos Commercials Are Not Going To Air During The Super Bowl

Those two Doritos Super Bowl commercials? The ones created as part of Frito-Lay’s “Crash The Super Bowl” contest, where 5,600 spots were entered for a chance to air during the big game? Yeah, they’re not actually going to air. The fan-created spots — one of which features two gays lounging by the pool where their chips are ogled by a straight guy; the other features a man checking out the crotch region of another man in the sauna, but that’s where a bag of Doritos lies — were not selected as finalists for the contest, as Queerty pointed out. But media outlets like The Advocate falsely reported the spots were going to air, which forced the company to get all defensive and issue statements about “observ[ing] a level of respect for everybody.” So can we all just relax and go back to jerking off to the pool boys?