persona non grata

Nobody In Albany Will Hang Out With Sen. Carl Kruger

Back in Albany to do the lawmaking, disgraced New York State Sen. Carl Kruger is having a hard time finding anyone who will even look him in the eye. Shunned by his colleagues, Kruger can’t even find an audience to apologize to: “Mr. Kruger was originally expected to address his fellow Democratic senators on Monday, presumably to apologize to them for the distraction brought by his charges last week. But several lawmakers indicated they would not attend the Democrats’ meeting if Mr. Kruger was present, and so he relented.” The only man willing to embrace Kruger: douchesnozzle Sen. Rubén Díaz Sr., who with Kruger helped defeat the state’s gay marriage bill. Though Sen. Thomas Duane, who is gay, did get Carl a Diet Coke. [NYT]