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NOM’s Brian Brown Hates (The Particular Way) That DoJ Is Defending DOMA

The DOJ brief amounts to collusive litigation, failing to even offer to the court, much less vigorously defend, the reasons Congress laid out in the statute when it passed DOMA—especially responsible procreation. This is an attack not only on marriage, but on the prerogatives of Congress. The Executive branch should not attempt to exercise this kind of retroactive line-item veto over a bill passed by Congress.

—Brian Brown, the adorable Smiling Bigot of the National Organization for Marriage, happens to be just as furious with the Obama administration defending DOMA as you. But for very different reasons: While you hate seeing the White House’s attorneys continue to find reasons to say the law is constitutional, Brown thinks DoJ is throwing the case. Now you go! [via]

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  • Ran

    NOM will do anything to get a little publicity so that it’s few wealthy donors will think that they are actually getting something for their money.

    NOM is essentially an office on “K” Street in D. C., where the lobbying firms live, and a low end website. They take “action” where others have already done the bulk of the work and then take credit for whatever “success” there has been. This gives their few wealthy donors they impression that they are actually useful and effective. Then they dip deeply into donated funds to give themselves big fat paychecks.

    NOM is nothing but an illusion designed to make people like Maggie Gallagher wealthy without her actually having to do something of substance to earn a living. Must be nice. Maybe I’ll start an organization dedicated to keeping astroids from hitting the earth and see if I too can live off some wealthy donor suckers!

  • Steve

    I am sure NOM will file an amicus brief in that appeal. In that brief, NOM can present whatever arguments they want. The appeal court will consider those arguments, and give them appropriate weight in deliberations.

    NOM has presented amicus briefs in previous cases related to same-sex marriage. All of the arguments that NOM presents in those briefs, have been roundly rejected by various courts. Some of those cases are still in litigation, of course.

  • Derek Low

    Brian Brown is a self-loathing homo.

  • justiceontherocks

    “Responsible procreation” resulted in this ass-hat.

  • pete N sfo

    NOM may appear as nothing special, but don’t kid yourself… they’ve got big, big, backers and Gag-me Mallager was hand-picked by the Mormon Khurch to be the face for the effort a long time ago.

    If you think those people aren’t in it for the long-haul, you will sadly never achieve the rights you believe are automatically coming to you.

  • tjr101

    He looks constipated.

  • McMike

    Who’s the gay guy in the picture?

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