Northstar, the X-Men’s Bossy Bottom, Has A New Boyfriend. Here’s What Comes Next

Marvel initially kept its premier openly gay superhero, Northstar, closeted for 13 years because of a 1954 Comic Books Code forbidding “sex perversion.” Haha. But, after coming out in 1992’s Alpha Flight #106, Northstar became quite the proactive jet-setter— he adopted a HIV-positive orphan, beat up homophobes around the globe, mentored a gay mutant, started his own brand of snowsporting equipment, and even published his memoir, Born Normal. He’s like Elton John, but kick-assier. Nevertheless, the hero’s never even kissed a guy in his 18 years as an out superhero, but all that’s about to change.

Northstar (aka Jean-Paul Beaubier) dated Russian musclestud Colossus in Ultimate X-Men, but they never kissed and later, Northstar ended up being captured and OD-ing on mutant steroids—bummer. Before that, Marvel killed off Northstar in three separate storylines, staging one of his deaths around Pride month of 2005…quite the gay cultural faux pas! Northstar got stabbed to death by Wolverine, shot by Cable, and blown up by Skrulls—it seems that flying a super speeds and creating blinding flashes of light won’t save you from everything, eh Jean-Paul? But in true comic book fashion, they’ve resurrected Northstar yet again for Nation X, a series being handled by openly gay comic artist and writer Tim Fish.

Tim Fish is known for creating gay comics such as Cavalcade of Boys and Young Bottoms in Love, which are nightstand reading musts if we’ve ever heard of one. So it pleases us that his Nation X storyline will show how Northstar handles a long-distance relationship with his black San Francisco boyfriend, Kyle. “I think there’s a lot about Northstar that’s unexplored,” Fish tells “He’s an arrogant jerk on the surface, but what’s underneath?”

Fish is right; Northstar’s a bit of a diva and maybe even a bossy bottom. When Wolverine asked him to rejoin the team, Northstar said “This isn’t a gay thing, is it, Logan? The idea of being your mutant queer mascot appeals to be not one bit.” Geez, Northstar, it isn’t always about you, be-yotch.

But because Northstar’s a “famous jet-setter involved in incredible X-adventures,” Fish sees “Kyle as a grounding influence on his life, someone to keep [Northstar] stable and reasonable.” Fish suspects Kyle’s used to Jean-Paul doing whatever he wants whenever he wants. Considering Jean-Paul’s skiing, business ventures, and the super hero bit, I would think Kyle’s got to be the easy-going type.”

So we wanted to have a bit of fun imagining just what Mr. Fish might do with Northstar’s storyline. We’ll leave costuming ideas to your in the comments.