Not To Gloat, But NOM Has Collapsed Into Irreparable Debt And OK We’re Gloating

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.13.23 PMIn November of last year, we reported that the vehemently antigay National Organization for Marriage didn’t quite have their financial house in order, and today we learn that their situation has gone from dangerously bad to irreparable. And that is a sign of great things to come.

According to their recently released 2013 tax filings, NOM raised $5.1 million last year, or about half what they raised the previous year. And of the $5.1 million, two donors represent half of the money. Their “Education Fund” responsible for producing all their disgusting antigay propaganda only raised $1.7 million, down 70 percent from the previous year.

NOM finished the year with over $2.5 million in debt.

Slate came up with some compelling reasons for the financial tanking, and they all suggest a positive shift in cultural attitudes towards the LGBT community.

To summarize:

1. In their increasingly desperate attempts at relevancy, NOM’s rhetoric grew more and more vile. Along the way, supporters dropped like flies.

2. Increased pressure to disclose donors’ identities have made people shy away from giving money. Nobody wants their name associated with something so hateful.

3. The most compelling reason is a loss of interest across the board for their failed cause. We’ve seen hints of the right wing admitting defeat on gay marriage, and it seems that many no longer feel it’s a viable issue to fight.

As Slate aptly puts it, “anyone not totally blinded by bigotry can see pretty clearly that NOM is waging a war against the inevitable.”

We look forward to letting you know when NOM finally collapses like a flan in a cupboard. Something tells us we won’t have to wait long.

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