Hello Qween

This is not a Tom of Finland illustration. It’s two men covered in body paint. Can you even?

This year, take back Halloween night from all those homogenous Sexy Supermen, Sexy Firemen, and Sexy Cats.

It’s time for your game of dress-me-up to reach hitherto unthinkable levels of cool.

Mega-talented New York-based artist Michael Mejia is a bona fide body-paint wizard, as you can see from the clip below:

What will you be for Halloween? Tag someone that would get body painted! Now taking bookings! Email [email protected] 100% #tomoffinland body paint by yours truly on #megastuds @anthony.mcdonough and @christopher.glebatsas Behind the scenes with legendary @mikeruizone Who wants to be a Tom of Finland drawing for Halloween?!?!?! special thanks to @nicklujanmua @auralisflores @bryangriffinphotography @stevensalvadorjr #tomoffinland #cop #leatherstud #jock #muscle #lqd @tomoffinlandfoundation #michaelmejia #bodyart #makeup #MUA #transformation #drawing #painting #art #artist #artoftheday #fashion #transformationtuesday #dream #daddy #leather #halloween #model #fitness #kiss #gay #gaymen #gayart #transmutation

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Now compare to the original illustration: 

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A featured contestant on Skin Wars” Season Three, Mejia is  now taking bookings — which means you can become the beefcake leather daddy of your very own dreams.

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  • Kangol

    Wild! He definitely has skills. Now who wants to head out on Halloween dressed like Hun cartoon characters? ;-)

    • stevetalbert

      Did it involve body paint? Or was it just sad afternoons of prostitution?

    • stevetalbert

      I guess the fine print says $6000 to $8000 a momth, but only for 1 month, then the rest of your life in jail…or stuck in a wheelchair with STDs The fine print akways gets you when the offer seems too good to be true.

  • Brian

    Wow, it’s our lucky day. A “can you even” and a “can’t even” both on the homepage.

    Aren’t you Queerty writers embarrassed to write stupid shit like that?

    • Stevenw

      I second this.

      For the love of god Queerty, stop writing like a shallow teenager; it’s not funny when said teenagers do it, and perfectly comtemptible when supposed ‘writers’ do it.

      Keep it up, and your only audience will be vapid transient click-baiters, and frankly you’ll have deserved it.

    • dinard38

      While we’re at it, let’s throw in “Read for filth”. It irks the hell out of me when they use that phrase. The way they use is like a white person trying to sound black.

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