Now Tajah Won’t Even Name Rihanna In Her Lesbian Rumor Tale

Natajah ‘Tajah’ Burton, the “author” who “says” she had a “sexual relationship” with “Rihanna”, is now getting all coy with her claims. “One of my experiences is with a pop artist. She is beautiful, amazing,” Tajah says in a story that’s sure to make ones of people buy her book Low Down Dirty Shame. “We hit it off and it became sexual. It became really intense. It started off as friends, I didn’t even know she was into women.” As for Rihanna, or the woman we’re supposed to believe Tajah is alluding to: “She asked that I keep her identity private outside of the sexual relationship. I’m not going to say that she’s a lesbian. I’m not trying to force her to come out or anyone in my book, but I am bringing this to the forefront because it needs to be discussed.” No, actually, it doesn’t.