Nude Selfie-Taking MLB Star Grady Sizemore Signs With The Red Sox

grady-sizemore-nakedListen up, sports fan(s)! It has been reported that pro baseball outfielder Grady Sizemore has come to an agreement with the Red Sox after passing on a deal from the Reds. The one-year Major League deal will reportedly earn this beautiful man $750,000 plus an additional $5.25 million in incentives.

We don’t know much about all that (we’re not fluent in sports), but we sure hope he spends some of that new cash on a professional camera and possibly a new webcam. After all, this is the same Grady Sizemore that enjoyed a bit of internet fame back in 2009 when an email hacker started sharing some of his more risqué selfies online.

Not necessarily recent, but relevant nonetheless. Celebrity peen never goes out of style, and with the news of a new contract comes new interest in Grady Sizemore’s impressive half-naked body hiding behind a coffee cup.

You’re welcome, everybody.

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And FYI, he’s pretty hot with his clothes on too:

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[h/t Wicked Gay Blog]

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  • KittyLitter

    Did you get a look at that closet?
    It’s massive!

  • AuntieChrist

    Last name should be Sizeless. Selfies are sooo last week…That and the duck face should be banned.

  • stranded

    People are too self involved for selfies to ever be out of style. I do agree on the duckface though. dumb.

  • Bjk

    In the first photo, that not a cup of coffee…you should be able to recogonize a “tea-bag” when you see one.

  • Bjk

    …and what a nice glimpse of balls in photo one.

  • jimbryant

    I think he has big balls. What I would do to measure them….

  • yaoming

    What’s up with the one where he pulling down his pants behind a jar of Vasaline?

  • that_dude247

    Good-looking mixed-race dude. Hope he can stay healthy for once.

  • DarkZephyr

    @AuntieChrist: I normally agree with a lot of things that you say, but I don’t get why you attacked his physical appearance the way you did.

  • Goforit

    You certainly are not fluent in sports. The Red Socks and the Reds are the same team. Gee, I wonder why the straight world might have a stereotyped view of us.

  • Tackle

    @Bjk: At first I didn’t even noticed his balls in pic one. But I hope his is not a case of his sacks hanging lower than his peen. Maybe that cup is holding himself up. He seems like he really is quiet fond of himself. Which is better then not being. But one should always know how far to take it. @that_dude247: And I agree: he is a nice looking mixed -race dude…

  • ZaneStuart

    @Bjk: I saw that photo previously. I thought it was clever of him to put a teabag in the mug and take that shot. I wonder how many people didn’t get it.

    @Goforit: I cringe for the same reason when I see a disclaimer like that in a piece about a sports figure here on Queerty.

  • Matthew Tharrett

    @Goforit: Actually no. The Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox are not the same team. Nice try though.

  • AuntieChrist

    @DarkZephyr: I was trying to be clever and funny and it was either too early in the morning or too late at night..He is cute, but judging from his facial expressions he appears to be a bit thick.

  • viveutvivas

    This is so gay, especially with the Playboy magazine as “beard”.

  • Stefano

    @viveutvivas : LOL

  • balehead

    He’s hawt…stop being so overfed and jealous….

  • babybabybaby


  • Black Pegasus

    That’s one sexy Black man!

  • litper

    lol, look he likes Playboy, “no homo”. That closet is really HUGE!

  • maritza stokes

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  • jlamb

    I lived in the same small condo building as him 5 years ago when he was really popular on the Indians team. I met his parents a few times when they visited. My boyfriend and I would run into him from time to time in the garage or elevators and he was always a real nice guy; fairly quiet and unassuming, which was refreshing. As to his ethnicity, when I met his parents and helped them with directions, his Mom was white, and his dad black. You’d never have known their child was a celebrity (in Cleveland at least). They were as nice as could be.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Sox lost one hot piece of ass when Ellsbury went to the Yankees, so it is appropriate he is replaced with an equally hot guy. Grady is quite hot as blazes.

  • spencer87

    Goddamn.He is smoking hot.

  • DarkZephyr

    @AuntieChrist: I would say that judging by his shorts he’s a bit thick. <3

  • Louis

    Sighs Is this guy GAY FRIENDLY? Just wondering before I drool over some guy that could just as easily be bigoted and intolerant towards people like myself sexuality.

  • Louis

    @litper: Don’t tell me gay guys use that stupid phrase also? Face palm I swear some people just make themselves look like hypocrites when they open their mouths online and off.

  • litper

    @Louis: just making fun of dumb “straight” guys

  • seaguy

    Fuck I want to be his personal towel boy so bad.

  • Respect4all

    @Goforit: No, they’re not. Go back to baseball school.

  • Respect4all

    Why the talk about race? He doesn’t look black to me, but what different does it make?

  • Eddy

    Birth Name: Grady Sizemore III

    Birthplace: August 2, 1982

    Ethnicity: Irish, African American

    Grady’s mother, Donna is white (Irish), and his father Grady Sizemore II is of African-American descent.

  • misterhollywood

    We will be doing a page on this one for sure on our website. Just way too handsome with question marks attached!

    We have some sports players there but always looking to add more … like this fella.

    Interesting that we have not heard much about him before?

  • mickeyminer

    @KittyLitter: hey, and what about that GORGEOUS ASS….????

  • Matt

    beautiful guy!

  • Matt

    The pic with the cup makes me think teabagging! :-)

  • Maude

    Hot as hell.
    Gimmie some.

  • jamal49

    I think it’s kind of hot that his surname is “Sizemore”. I get the impression from his selfies that the name fits. I hope he has a good career with the Red Sox. And for the record, the Red Sox is Boston. The Reds are the Cincinnati Reds. Go bone up on your sports, gents.

  • WayDifferent

    The Glade on the toilet tank is a nice decorative touch. Did he just take a poop?

  • Allen D.

    I’ve been pretty impressed with his Spring Training performance so far.

  • Darreyl102

    How is this nude? You Can’t see anything!!! Disappointed.

  • crowebobby

    He’s skinny and just average and must have a small d..k and should come out of the closet. There are 50 guys in my local gym who make him look like dog meat and I like real men with chest hair and I would never have sex with a guy who doesn’t put the seat down so please stop forcing me look at these self-centered losers. This is the biggest disappointment I’ve experienced in my 77 years on earth. What is wrong with you people?!

  • D P

    Boston just designated Sizemore for assignment. Where is he gonna go next? I hope somewhere near here!

  • Black Swan

    I’m sorry. I don’t care who he’s choosing to share these pics with there is simply no such thing as a straight man’s penis fixation. And he definitely has a penis fixation.

  • takingliberties

    He may not identify as gay, but he has the gay look down pat.

  • xoilymarie

    Do yall not see how old his phone is? These were obviously taken before he was playing major league baseball

  • chiquitamelanie

    I feel sorry for his mother. I’d be so embarrassed seeing photos of my son grabbing himself like that and publicly posting them.

  • Korianto

    In the last photo, the one with the mug shot, you can see his balls hanging below said might.

    Personally, I would’ve expected him to have super sized ones. But then, he might have taken a lot of boosters in his younger days to gain upper body strength, and that lean figure. And as they say, Testosterone shots shrink thy Testicles….

  • mikeyinSF15

    Mmm! I’d love to have the chance to play with his bat and balls!

  • mvechh

    what a narcissist. Is he taking the pics to try and turn himself on? He’s a good looking guy but this makes him see pathetic

  • Roland

    Guys, put the damn lid down on your toilet. Unless you like toilet water splash all over your towels and toothbrush.

  • da90027

    poor thing can only hide it with a small coffee cup? Yeah getting a bit weary of all these narcissistic selfies…it just makes the person look bad.

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