NY Democrat Switches Gay Marriage Stance

Boxer-turned-politico Joe Mesi has had a change of heart.

A Democrat who’s running for New York state’s Senate, Mesi this summer said he did not support same-sex marriage. Then, earlier this week, Mesi switched gears and declared he will back legislative efforts to pass gay nuptials.

Even before that announcement, however, Mesi’s been getting all sorts of pro-gay support:

During a nine-day period last month, Mesi received about $37,000 from individuals or groups who in one way or another have ties to organizations that support same-sex marriage rights. In June, during an interview on WBEN radio, Mesi said he opposed same-sex marriage.

Earlier this week, on the same radio station, he said he supports the right.

Supporters of same-sex marriage see opportunity, if Democrats can erase the slim GOP majority in the Senate — now at 31-29 with two vacancies — and win just a couple of the half-dozen seats in play during the upcoming election.

In a statement, the Mesi campaign — without addressing the candidate’s change on the issue — said it doesn’t ask “whether our contributors are gay or straight…We accept contributions from people who believe we need change in Albany,” the campaign said.

In his own statement, Mesi said donors agree with his positions “and trust in my independent leadership.”

We don’t know about trust, but there’s no small amount of lust on this end. Hubba-hubba!

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  • ChicagoJimmy

    Ah Queerty, that last line is like putting up the bat signal. Any moment now Churchill-y is going to be posting something really ugly and crude about people of color.

  • Jason Burns

    Bat signal! Ha! More like bigot signal…

    I think Mesi’s finally thought out something – instead of following his testosterone driven rage. All the minorities in the US need to stick together, duh!

    And believe me, I wouldn’t mind sticking with this one- YUM E.

  • Darth Paul

    BEGGIN’ for it…


    A tutto il non informato Joe Mesi è Americano- Italiano, non è una persona “di colore„.

  • Jason Burns

    Ah, he went the other direction – bigot linguist.

  • Michael

    I love that Queerty regularly covers gay issues in the Upstate region. How cool is that? WBEN runs pretty conservative, so to announce support of gay marriage via that station takes balls, and some financial backing. Also, I actually went to a Baby Joe Mesi fight (how butch), and it was absolutely thrilling, but I still find it puzzling that a boxer who isn’t allowed to fight due to head injuries is now running for elected office.

  • Joe Boy

    Steve Pigeon, Kevin Gaughn, both bigshot politicos are gay, so are a huge number of Democratic politicians in Western, NY, Most are stiil in the closet. They have billionaire Paul Galisano backing them and their causes and funneling money to their hand picked puppet politicos so they will probably get Baby Joe Hot Shorts Mesi in! Lots of Lesbian politicos here too! We are becoming the San Francisco of the East, just without the flare and the cash!

  • David Dust

    Baby-Daddy Joe can certainly have my … VOTE.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    So a bronze Italian man is okay, but not a bronze Latino one? Your bigotry is so hard to understand, Churchill-y. Is is the color of the skin or the actual ethnic background? Is everyone that is descended from a European country OK? If so, you’ll need to explain how Spain those people of Spanish descent fit into your world view.

  • Amazing Grace

    Churchilly is pitiful! Poor thing–I heard his daddy was a prison bitch and he wasn’t even raped into that position! Sad, very sad. And on top of that, after his daddy returned home, he divorced churchilly’s mother, who was also his sister, and made churchilly his personal ho! Churchilly had to service his own daddy and had to go out and make money by selling his ass for nickels and dimes! Like I said, it is all very sad. Pity him.

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