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NY Sen. Ruben Diaz Didn’t Insult the Gays Enough Already, So Here He Goes Again


SOUNDBITES — “The Governor went out on a limb for the gay community in his efforts to support marriage equality and to bring that bill to the Senate floor, even though he knew it did not have sufficient votes to pass and that thousands of people in New York State did not want it and will not support him for election because of that issue. Where is the gay community now that the Governor needs them? For that Governor Paterson has paid dearly and gained a lot of negative ink. Governor David Paterson must be wondering ‘I was there when they needed me, where are my friends now that I need them?’” —NY State Sen. Ruben Díaz, one of the Gang Of Three senators responsible for the clusterfuck that was the Senate last year, and who helped usher in the state’s marriage defeat, once again blaming the gays and accept zero personal responsibility for being a dickwad (via)

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  • andy

    WHAT is this freak talking about? I live in NYC and plan on voting for Patterson. I wish you would just shut up already. I hate looking at this guys super ugly face.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Ok, where’s the rest of the story? What did he actually say or do
    that has your panties in a knot? I read the poorly written article and I’ve got nothing. Not everyone is a native of NYC.

  • The Artist

    As Karen Walker once said, “He should be killed!” (Figuratively, of course). Because I truely believe in… PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    If the Democrats of New York were serious about Marriage Equality, they would run well-financed candidates in primaries against the likes of rabid gay-baiting Reverend Ruben Diaz Senior at the same time as Attorney General driven ethics probes beginning with the political arm of his Pentecost church. If the Democrats really wanted someone out of office, they clearly would have done it. Governor David Paterson will face a Primary challenge from AG Andrew Cuomo and lose. To blame gays on lack of support for Paterson’s first gubernatorial run as Queerty suggests was the will of Reverend Diaz, is hazy journalism full of conjecture. We owe Paterson nothing because we got nothing. He should step down before the New York Gay Pride Parade and clear a path for his successor, or be a spoiler listening to the likes of frenemies like Carl McCall, John Sampson, Malcolm Smith, Reverend Floyd Flake and the New York Post. You’d think the Fix was in to hand the election over to a Republican, even Rick Lazio!

  • Cam

    What he is trying to do is basically threaten other politicians by insinuating that supporting gays is dangerous. governor Patterson’s approval ratings were in the toilet BEFORE he pushed for a vote on gay marriage. THIS isiot would have you believe that his popularity went from 90% to 20% and it’s all the fault of him supporting gays. hopefully some wealthy gay couple will hire an investigator to follow this guy around. you just KNOW he’s either on drugs, banging somebody other than his wife, or misusing govt. funds.

  • terrwill

    Rube-in Diaz is the lowest form of scumbag to slither around this planet. He takes every single opportunity to spew his vile hatred towards the Gays. He fought the Gay olympics in NY because “it would spread AIDS throughtout the city”. He was against the Harvey Milk school, a safe haven for tormented Gay teens, his reasoning “they should learn to accept what their lifestyle brings about at an early age”. And yet he a major player in the most dysfunctional state government in United States history. He threatend to bolt the Democrat party and cede power to the repugnaticans unless he was guaranteed there would be no vote on Gay marriage. He has stages numerous anti-Gay rallies over the years. A sad, bitter, vile old scumbag…….

    Oh, by the way………He has two Gay Brothers, and a Gay Granddaughter………….

  • Tim W

    Watch it Terriwill. Dirty Old Man will accuse you of being racist.

  • alan brickman

    Everyone should send him that picture of the white’s drinking fountain and the colored one beside it…was that considered “normal” at the time too…..

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @Tim W:

    That’s right! I’m watching you
    like a hot guy at an Adult BookStore..

    Oh wait, that reminds me….be back later!


  • Elm

    Every New Yorker, especially GLBT activist needs to read #4’s post above. WELL SAID!

  • Elm

    Dirty ole man. This is what happens when you mess with the gay community. Don’t like it? well then this old FART better learn to align himself with us. He can’t even speak English properly…which is the biggest tragedy in all this. The gay community will never be silenced.

  • ewe

    We must stay focused and get this monster out of political office. Then we can hopefully never have to talk about this piece of shit again. He is a horrible bigot and must be ousted this coming election.

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