NYPD Officers Accused of Sodomizing Brooklyn Man To Turn Themselves In

Upon word that a grand jury had indicted two of the police officers involved in the October 15th alleged assault of 24 year-old tattoo-parlor worker Michael Mineo, prosecutors told the officers that they ought to turn themselves in. Officers Richard Kern and Alex Cruz, along with a third officer are expected to be arraigned tomorrow on charges that remain sealed at this moment. The New York Post reported back in October that Mineo:

…Said he was assaulted by five officers in broad daylight on Oct. 15 inside the Prospect Park B/Q subway station. While they held him down to the ground and kicked and punched him, he alleges, one of the officers shoved a radio antenna up his rectum.

NYPD officials said Mineo had been smoking a joint as he walked down the street and then ran when officers – who are black, Hispanic and white – approached. They insist that witness accounts do not back up Mineo’s story that he was sodomized.

But several witnesses told investigators that Mineo’s pants were pulled down, exposing his buttocks. They said he screamed “What are you doing to me? What are you – a faggot?”

Mineo told investigators that one officer yelled, “No! No! No! Don’t do that!”

Mineo was hospitalized twice for anal injuries and while the NYPD disputes the claim, NY Transit Police Officer Kevin Maloney testified before the grand jury that he saw Mineo sodomized.

While the Rev. Al Sharpton has come to Mineo’s aide, not everyone is feeling sympathy for him:

“If the cops snapped off that radio antenna up his ass, I wouldn’t give a f- – – about that,” said Laura Boston. Her sons Gerald, 16, and Elijah, 14, were allegedly beaten by Mineo and four others in the Downtown Brooklyn tattoo parlor where he works.

“My son has dentures because of that man.”

“Five guys beat up my sons, so it’s right that it took five cops to beat him up. I don’t wish him any harm or anything, but God don’t like ugly. You get what you give, you know.”

The officers are expected to plead not guilty.

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  • Trenton

    What is it with the NYPD and rectal battery. At least it wasn’t a plunger this time…

    I love that mother, though. It does sound like a sick sort of poetic justice.

  • A person

    Isn’t this like one of those erotic stories for you homos? You all getting wood over the rectal assault???

  • Kid A

    @A person: Do you get it up watching women being raped? Fuck off.

    @Trenton: I don’t like that mother at all. “Street justice” isn’t justice, it’s blind revenge. Ideally, that’s what the justice system is for. If you “get what you give” then what were her kids beat up for? Were they just getting what they give? It’s a two-way street.

  • Trenton

    Well, she did say that she didn’t wish him any harm—which is probably not at all sincere, but we could give her the benefit of the doubt. She just said that she is indifferent to his plight, and I probably would be too under the circumstances.

    All the same, I respect that you called me on my own callousness. Her second quote reminded me of certain pompous but entertaining matriarchs of my childhood…not the fondest of memories but worth a laugh.

    And I’m guessing that A Person very much enjoys watching rape. Why else would he assume that other men enjoy it?

  • tallskin

    Yeah, it does seem like Karmic retribution!

  • retrofit71

    I don’t understand why two cops would do something like this.. was it gay? Sexual? I just can’t imagine why they would stick an antenna up some dudes ass in broad daylight on a subway platform.. Is it bad to doubt the victim?

  • Ahem!

    What is up with NYPD? They keep attacking assholes–no, not the people but the anatomy. Closet cases, in my opinion. I do not know the guy and he could be possibly be a total jerk in person. Buat as for that mother and her comments, I would take with a grain of salt. For one, what were her “good” kids, 14 and 16, doing in a tattoo parlor? Many of those “mom supported” kids are bullys and tyrants because they do not face any consequences from their parents. I have seen, in many cases, they are taught to act like jerks and disrespect others by the parents who are expected to know better. I agree with KID A on that:”If you “get what you give” then what were her kids beat up for? Were they just getting what they give? It’s a two-way street.”

  • scott

    Mineo is hot looking.

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