Obama’s Abercrombie Moment

Unless you’re caught with your pants down, there are no surprises in politics. Not presidential politics, at least. And certainly not when a candidate’s making a concession speech, as Barack Obama did last night.

Realizing that Hillary Clinton would win Pennsylvania, Obama’s campaign set off for Indiana, which holds its primary on May 6th. And, as you can see above, Obama’s staff stacked the stage with lily-white faces for last night’s speech. As if that’s not enough, three toolish men sporting Abercrombie & Fitch shirts stood awkwardly and disinterestedly behind the candidate.

So, what gives?

Well, Gawker wonders whether the campaign’s trying to secretly woo the gays. Obviously they jest. Or, we hope so.

But let’s ask: Who wears Abercrombie & Fitch? People who lack a sartorial imagination and/or want to merge with the American masses. Basically, people with a herd mentality who would rather be associated with corporate surnames than their own identity.* That’s exactly what the Obama campaign’s hoping for, we’re sure. The queer product placement is a sly attempt to convince Indiana’s working class or middle class white men – who supported Clinton in Pennsylvania – that Obama has the corn-fed chops to lead our nation.

The funniest thing about the placement, however, is that the boys ended up distracting from Obama’s speech by answering cell phone calls, chatting amongst themselves and looking off all glassy eyed. If these are the people you have to deal with while running for president, count us out.

[*Editor’s Note: I’d like to clarify this comment. Abercrombie & Fitch are hardly the only company that emblazons their apparel with their name and logo. They are, however, distinctly American and represent a certain aspect of American culture. And it’s a culture any potential President will need to embrace.]

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  • hells kitchen guy

    Gawker is full of half-assed idiots. This post proves it decisively.

  • Jim

    Its called “gay window advertising.” its when an advertiser messages the gay community but the straight community would not necessarily pick up on the same advertisement as seeming “gay” without being prompted. Abercrombie’s advertisements, in general, are “gay window advertising” (lots of shirtless men together, etc). It’s basically how advertisers will know that gays will read into the subtext, but straights won’t pick up on it.

    That said, Abercrombie is for young gay boys. No man, straight or gay, over the age of 22 should be caught dead wearing it. Tacky.

  • beefy

    look, they even managed a butch w/ mullet in the bottom right corner!

  • tom

    A&F isnt just for gays- you may try to claim it is yours, but the reality is the clothes are made for fit, straight young people. Gays don’t have a monopoly on dressing nicely, even if they try to convince the public otherwise

  • mike

    Those boys were hysterical. Obviously, couldn’t care less. The one on the right was a poster child for ADD. He yawned, texted, talked and looked everywhere but at Obama. The Paris Hilton of political rallies. How did the Obama people let that happen? Completely foiled his eloquent, if lengthy, preaching.

  • Nick

    Welcome to Indiana, Barack.

    (yes, I live here)

    I’m also about ready to walk down to a rally with Hillary.

  • Countervail

    Does that make his supporters elitist, or just douchebags? :-)

  • RainBro

    I’m beginning to think that the issues really don’t matter in this campaign. Whatever crops up at the moment seems to distract us from the real message.

    Looks to me like they’re still celebrating 4/20.
    Too bad we’re still not ready for prime time…

    -a proud bitter Gay Pennsylvanian.

  • M Shane

    Frankly, I’m caught with my pants down. It seems to me that in the midwest A&F type taged wear is for old men out golfing trying to look “youthful” : their wives buy the clothes!.
    Obama should be aware of this group but he must have felt terrible, nonetheless.

  • Gabby

    Mike (above) is right. They were so distracting…cell phones, texting, laughing…Who the hell placed them there? Those places on the stage usually go to local campaign workers. I didn’t hear a word Obama said! I hope they become the next YouTube idiots.

  • M Shane

    answering cell phone calls, chatting amongst themselves and looking off all glassy eyed. If these are the people who have to deal with while running for president, count us out.

    These are indeed typical midwesterners; The cream of the crop; no vague idea as to how to behave around people. Farm raised & bred.
    Oy vey. or Off dah (similar thing in scandinavian).

  • tofer david

    they were hilarious…i didn’t see it myself, but someone said the bloke on the left even whiffed his armpits!

    too much. a good laugh.

  • james ii

    at least obama said ‘gay’ in his speech, which hillary has not, to my knowledge, done in mixed company. she may do more interviews with the gay press, but he talks about homophobia in black churches, says ‘gay and straight’ at rallies in penn. and ind., which goes farther as far as i’m concerned.

  • M Shane

    It’s so interesting that because Barack has the corage to be by common agreement the most liberal congressman in the capital, and because he has the support of the #1 progressives in the country, and because intelectuals support him, Mostly because he has the courage to tellthe truth, he becomes an elitest. Take your tin hats off twits. it’s sad to see so many ignorant queers.

  • M Shane

    And yes James, he is the only person to publicly defend us in the company of our opposition. I never get grown men who are still tied to to mom’s apron strings. Unablke to deal with reality for what it is, niot for what they imagine.

  • Ryan

    Oh lord, I remember watching this live and immediately saying to my flatmates, “Look at those three gays in the back! Product placement much?” And we had a good laugh as they proved to be thoroughly distracted the entire time. Oh, those gays! Couldn’t they get a few of us out there who have a brain…and fashion sense beyond the high school years…

  • Mauricio

    Please Mr. A & F, next time use some hot+good looking queers for your PR campaign. These are too old to be twinks, too generic to be atractive men. You are out of touch.

  • Bitch Republic

    Obama is an asshat, just like his supporters.

  • Leland Frances

    Who can say they’re genuinely surprised when fools for one “vogue on the outside vague on the inside” brand fall for another one?

    Oooh, ooooh! St. Obama said the G-word again!!! Are we any more first class citizens than we were before he said it? Or before the last time he dropped it in a speech? Or before he was elected to the US Senate four years ago?

    When he stands before a mostly straight crowd and says: “Homophobia is as bad as racism” or “DADT must be repealed” or “Every state should legalize gay unions” or “Every state must ban LGBT job descrimination” or “Every state must include LGBTs in hate crime laws” … THEN I’ll pay attention.

    As it is, he’s doing no more than Jesse Jackson did 24 YEARS ago.

  • mike

    I think that image will deeply hurt Barack Obama in upcoming elections and in the general if he is the inevitable nominee. That’s because Hillary Clinton has successfully labeled him an elitist, and a snob.

    Well…. who shops at Abercrombie and Fitch and pays 80.00 for a t-shirt? Elitist snobs. Don’t think you wont see that played up in attack ads.

    And don’t get me wrong. I’m wearing Abercrombie right now…. but it’s a stereotype that will be used against him.

  • Jack Jett

    My hubby and I were laughing our asses off at those “dudes”….

    I think they were on crystal. One of them kept talking on his cell phone like a little teen girl who had just seen Mylie Cyrus.

    I am not even sure these “dudes” knew who Obama was. It was just a great way of showing off their new shirts.

    Did you notice everyone had on blue jeans….that is so we will not think of him as an elitist.

    I love it that Queerty caught this.

  • James

    “Well…. who shops at Abercrombie and Fitch and pays 80.00 for a t-shirt? Elitist snobs. Don’t think you wont see that played up in attack ads.

    And don’t get me wrong. I’m wearing Abercrombie right now…. but it’s a stereotype that will be used against him.”

    Without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve read in ages.

  • Jack Jett

    BTW…who reads Gawker?

    It is sooooo like 2003. They are the Flashdance of blogs.

  • parisinla

    none of those guys set off my gaydar, or are all that attractive for that matter– except mabey for the one screen left.
    If they had wanted to do this right they would have grabbed the “models” from the store down the street and that would have probably worked better. I dont think this is intentional… the branding standards @ obama’s campaign would have exceeded this type of execution.

  • Charley

    A & F is in every boring mall across the country. I suppose it is a better status symbol than Tractor Supply, but not much.

  • M Shane

    That’s why the middle class is going broke; keeping thier kids if A&F I sure As fuck wouldn’t wear amn $80 T shirt. How retarded.

  • Whacker

    I’m willing to bet that all the A&F bashers are out-of-shape queens that wish they looked good in tight fitting shirts.

    A&F makes clothes that look F’ing amazing on the right body. Doesnt matter how old.

  • Paul

    Interesting, whatever “scandal” pops up is quite the latest tabloid journalism. Some is more damning than others, or titalating. This will quickly disappear because it is just fluff. Unfortunately, the most “scandalous” dirt is constantly recycled over and over until we are brainwashed into believing it. At least this keeps me entertained while ignoring all the “gotchas”.

    Go to CNN.com for the story and their comment, also.

  • FreeMe

    yawn…this goes right to the top of the who gives a shit list.

  • Michael

    Well, I saw those boys and figured they were doing their best to look fabulous, but couldn’t quite pull off that A&F look.

    I don’t think that they were placed there. I think that they saw some opportunity to get a center stage spot to impress their friends by being on TV, so they were calling and texting their friends to make sure no one missed their big TV debut. I don’t think that it crossed their minds that this would involve listening to a speech.

  • Biggus Diggus

    Those boys were the biggest maroons I’ve seen in a long time — the epitome of idiot American fratboys. They looked like they had themselves some Coors Lights beforehand. Dudes, you need to go through basic training and go to Iraq.

  • Paul

    To the previos blogger, connecting this to Iraq is an insult to America. I have to deal with my co-worker who returned from there and is now all fucked up in the head.

    Sorry to get off the subject. Just had to vent.

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