Obama’s Abercrombie Moment

Unless you’re caught with your pants down, there are no surprises in politics. Not presidential politics, at least. And certainly not when a candidate’s making a concession speech, as Barack Obama did last night.

Realizing that Hillary Clinton would win Pennsylvania, Obama’s campaign set off for Indiana, which holds its primary on May 6th. And, as you can see above, Obama’s staff stacked the stage with lily-white faces for last night’s speech. As if that’s not enough, three toolish men sporting Abercrombie & Fitch shirts stood awkwardly and disinterestedly behind the candidate.

So, what gives?

Well, Gawker wonders whether the campaign’s trying to secretly woo the gays. Obviously they jest. Or, we hope so.

But let’s ask: Who wears Abercrombie & Fitch? People who lack a sartorial imagination and/or want to merge with the American masses. Basically, people with a herd mentality who would rather be associated with corporate surnames than their own identity.* That’s exactly what the Obama campaign’s hoping for, we’re sure. The queer product placement is a sly attempt to convince Indiana’s working class or middle class white men – who supported Clinton in Pennsylvania – that Obama has the corn-fed chops to lead our nation.

The funniest thing about the placement, however, is that the boys ended up distracting from Obama’s speech by answering cell phone calls, chatting amongst themselves and looking off all glassy eyed. If these are the people you have to deal with while running for president, count us out.

[*Editor’s Note: I’d like to clarify this comment. Abercrombie & Fitch are hardly the only company that emblazons their apparel with their name and logo. They are, however, distinctly American and represent a certain aspect of American culture. And it’s a culture any potential President will need to embrace.]

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