Obama’s Misguided Attempt at Disability Humor

After Barack Obama‘s appearance on Jay Leno last night, NBC released a few clips to the rest of the media so networks like Fox News, CNN, and your local news could share in the “history” of a sitting president going on a late night talk show. (That, and plug The Tonight Show.) But there was one segment NBC, curiously, didn’t release: The part where Obama, famous for once bowling a 29, described his attempt at bowling at the White House like so: “It was like Special Olympics, or something.” Argh. For a man who’s so intent on reaching out to all communities that he welcomed Rick Warren at the risk of infuriating gays, this one-off comment could prove to be about 10 steps backward. Even before the taped Leno appearance aired on the East Coast, meanwhile, Obama’s camp was apologizing.

“The president made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics,” said deputy press secretary Bill Burton on Air Force One. “He thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world.”

Here’s Keith Olbermann discussing the matter on MSNBC (a NBC corporate cousin, of course) after the taping, but before the broadcast, with none other than fellow late night host Craig Ferguson:

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  • TheDamonator

    I’ll probably never vote democrat again.

  • dsdrane

    President Obama is, after all, a straight man.

    (We can only expect so much.)

  • dsdrane

    P.S. I imagine he’ll be a little less prissy with Joe after this.

  • InExile

    Hillary never would have made a mistake like that!

  • Scottie

    Indeed ‘InExile’….just one of the many examples of his lack of experience coming through.

  • Sam

    I thought it was funny…lighten up people. PC is going so far, soon there won’t be anything to laugh about.

  • Matt

    Don’t be retarded you guys it was a joke

  • Wayne

    I guess nobody told Obama that the Tonight Show wouldn’t have a teleprompter.

  • Kid A

    @Matt: Hahaha

  • BC

    I want to see Obama’s (Seotero?) BIRTH CERTIFICATE and college records. Obama is an USURPER and first class psychopath. He is EVIL!

  • dizzyspins

    I watched Obama on Leno and totally missed that comment. (did they cut it from broadcast?) It was dumb, but it doesnt merit a segment on MSNBC, for crying out loud. The media is so hungry to feed the 24/7 news beast, they’ll do hour-long segments on how much grey is in Obama’s hair. Its ridiculous

  • fredo777

    I thought the joke was in poor taste, but I don’t think he meant to diss special olympic athletes, but chose unfortunate words to refer to how Leno was kind of patronizing him.

  • Mister C

    I see the Hillaryites are back in full force! Queens please you probably didn’t vote for him in the first place. So please move on with this un-necessary BULLSHIT!

    You’re probably one of he 21% of queens who voted for McInsane because you couldn’t see yourself voting for a person of color as it was stated in polls during and after the election.

    But I bet you want that same Man you wouldn’t vote for. Vote to allow your ass to marry isn’t that right and very hypocritical.

    Bottom line. Bad joke at the wrong time. And most of us sensible thinking Americans knew that he meant no harm.

    MOVING ON!!!!!

  • sparkle obama


    stay positive, w*yne.
    no one needs your toxic sh*t.

  • alan brickman

    I forgive him…he’s trying to run a country and should not be trying to be a comedian…get back to whatyou do best Obama!!
    there’s probably a lot of stress on him right now trying to fix the country…

  • rogue dandelion

    i think it will be a long while before a sitting president appears on late night again. it was innocent, but he is the president and he can’t be making gaffes like that.

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