Sit And Spin

Olympic Gymnast Louis Smith Shows Off His Morning Flex Appeal

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 1.05.43 PM

We’ve definitely spent some time thinking about waking up next to Louis Smith (along with the things we’d do before and after sleep), and his new Kellogg’s U.K. ad brings us a bit closer to that reality.

The sexy gymnast flips, splits, and twirls his way to a healthy breakfast, and we must say Kellogg’s does that body good.

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Even though he’s slightly more clothed here than he’s been in the past, we’re still into it. Smith will be a part of Team Great Britain in this year’s Olympics, and he’s admitted that he’d go gay for Will Smith so there’s hope…we guess.

Watch below, and we regret to inform you: no, you’re still not Will Smith. But boys can dream, can’t we?