On Tour With Rihanna: The Studs Of 777

What does a gay blogger do when he’s on a plane trailing Rihanna around the world and he can’t sleep? He cruises the dudes, duh!

The Rihanna777  tour has proven that studliness is rampant the media biz, even for those of us who only show the public our bylines. We already got a good view of our on-board streaker, but from hipster bloggers to look-at-those-guns radio guys, it was a veritable mile-high hunk buffet. How could I not share the Studs of 777 with you ? (OK, I admit, I did first consider keeping them all to myself.)

Photos: Rich Lopez












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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Some names introducing these men would have been nice.

  • Brian

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems that most of this entourage consists of freeloaders with nothing much to do but wait. What are they waiting for? An unprofessional hack like Rihanna who fails to turn up for press conferences?

    Rihanna is a big fan of homophobic dancehall acts from Jamaica whose lyrics are about killing gays and lesbians. Don’t the freeloaders mind? Are they more interested in their alcohol? Any gay man who is a part of this should fuck off back to his closet.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Brian: I don’t understand what all this coverage of the Rihanna tour is doing here on Queerty. Rihanna is NOT an ally.

  • Brian


    I agree. Rihanna has, to my knowledge, never stood up for gay rights. From what I know, she has never stood up for the gay people in her home country of Barbados who are oppressed by the homophobic legal system there. Gay people there are jailed. I just hope that Queerty hasn’t sold out to celebrities at the expense of our rights.

    The thing about Rihanna is that the gay media is afraid of taking her on. They’re afraid of pointing out the fact that Rihanna joined ultra-homophobe Beenie Man on stage in Jamaica several years after he was exposed as having lyrics that reportedly encouraged the killing of gays and lesbians. They’re afraid of pointing out her enthusiasm for him, including when she attended his concerts.

    Other gay sites like towleroad have also promoted Rihanna. Ellen – that supposed great supporter of gay rights – has also done it.

    It looks as if we’re being sold down the river by the gay media.

  • beecherman

    I’m still waiting for the pictures of the ‘studs’ to be shown….and WTF cares about Rihanna?

  • Tracy

    What do you expect from someone who dated Chris Brown?

    I repeat… someone who dated Chris Brown. She has issues, to say the least.

  • 2eo

    @Brian: Agreed, I bet Rich Lopez thinks we’re actually jealous of him, and not slagging him off for absolutely relevant and actual reasons.

    He should feel bad, because he’s a lousy journalist who makes thoroughly uninteresting articles and doesn’t understand his audience in any capacity.

    He won’t though, he’ll [possibly] even throw in a flippant comment in his next article, you know for wit purposes. It will fail.

  • Rockery

    LOL I definitely detect some jealousy. Bitter trolls queening out.

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