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Onision’s Advice For Bully Victims: Stop Being Such a Fag on the Playground And You Won’t Get Beat Up

Oh Onision, your rampant, mostly terrible advice continues. When not telling children questioning their sexuality that they should keep it to themselves, lest they lose all their friends, you’re telling the victims of school bullying that, hey, if you stopped acting so different, maybe you wouldn’t get your ass kicked so often. Quit being an individual, and you’ll stop being threatened! Hide your identity! “Instead of complaining about this problem, why don’t you take the clear solution and make your life a little bit better?” he asks. “Know your enemies. Know your self. Survive.” Because going off to school everyday should be an exercise in survival, not being yourself.

Sure, it’s wise to have some defense mechanisms around predators. But telling kids to shut down, put on masks, and be somebody besides their true selves is why depressed, isolated children grow up to become depressed, isolated adults. Stop giving out advice to young people, Onision. You’re harmful.

UPDATE: Vlogger Zinnia Jones has her own criticisms of Onision.