Openly Gay Basketball Player Brittney Griner Lands “Big Time” Endorsement Deal with Nike

Brittney-GrinerWNBA #1 draft pick and all-around baller/shot-caller Brittney Griner has signed an endorsement deal with Nike.

Drafted by the Phoenix Mercury, Griner made headlines when she came out last week, rather nonchalantly, and is seen as a rising star that’s creating a “buzz unmatched” in the league’s 17-year history.

“I think what Brittney Griner alone can bring has never been done in women’s sports,” said former WNBA player Sheryl Swoopes, who herself came out in 2005.

It should come as no surprise that Nike jumped at the chance to sign the buzzworthy Griner as they were among the big-named sponsors eager to work with an openly gay pro athlete.

“It’s big-time, let’s just say that,” Griner told USA Today of the deal. Considering the 22-year-old stands at a big-time 6’8″, it seems fitting.

Photo: Black Sports Online

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  • balehead

    Lesbians in sports aren’t a surpise….An openly gay “male” athelete still isn’t coming out?….That’s the real big surprise…

  • Cam

    Take note people….

    Politicians….being anti-gay can lose you elections now.

    Gay athletes…the first of you to come out are going to get some big fat endorsement deals!

  • RLS

    @balehead: Why is someone always so quick to diminish the accomplishments of lesbians because your dream “masculine” pro athlete hasn’t come out yet? And when one does, and he’s not the perfect white, masculine jock of everyone’s porn fantasies, people will complain about that too. Maybe we should be saluting Brittney because she has the cojones that are so clearly lacking from her closeted male counterparts.

  • balehead

    It’s different for women to come out ….You need a real leader such as a man to come out….not just a cliche…plus most lesbians hate gay men anyways….

  • RLS

    @balehead: not true. I have very good lesbian friends. It certainly does sound like you hate women though. “A real leader such as a man.” Sheesh, and on a gay message board.

  • balehead

    Thats right ….this board is so full of “women”…..

  • balehead

    RLS…I notice you have been highly critical of the morning goods section of attractive men….You sound like very jealous drama queen…..
    I’m done

  • RLS

    @balehead: I can’t remember having ever felt strongly enough about any of the model-bots they feature on morning goods to comment on them either way. Try again.

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