Orange County High School Principal Bans ‘Gay Characters’ in Drama Department


HATE SCHOOL MUSICAL — “My alma mater, Corona del Mar High School, in Newport Beach, CA (in Orange Country) has banned the portrayal of gay characters in their high school drama dept,” writes a concerned reader. “This has not yet hit news, but below is a letter that one of the students sent to recent alumni that has now trickled up to some of us older folks.” And now, it’s trickled up to Queerty readers:

Continues our former student: “I confirmed the story with one of the teachers that still works there who I have gotten in touch with. Many of the alumni have contacted the ACLU, but as this letter has just gone out today there’s no word yet about what’s happening, there.

“I intend to write the local paper, the Daily Pilot, in conjunction with some other alumni.

“I have deleted his name from the bottom of the aforementioned letter in case the author faces some sort of backlash from the administration, as s/he is still a student (obviously).”

And here’s the news:

Hello everyone,

Today, most of the cast of RENT was informed that our show was
cancelled. Even though we had yet to begin rehearsals, we were
justifiably shocked and demanded to know what the reason behind this
was. In the past, there have been minor complaints here and there
about the content of some of our shows; though Mr. Martin, our
director, is very conscientious about the limits of free expression in
a school setting, we inevitably catch some parents off-guard with
occasional profanity or sexual innuendos. However, the reason for the
cancellation of RENT is much more disturbing.

Mrs. Asrani (the principal) is firmly against the portrayal of
homosexual characters in RENT, despite the fact that all displays of
affection have already been edited out of our script.
Of course, a gay
couple kissing on stage should not be inherently more offensive than a
straight couple kissing, but that’s beside the point (sort of). The
fact that the administration would not even allow a positive PORTRAYAL
of these gay characters, whose romantic tendencies have already been
neutered in Musical Theater International’s “RENT: School Edition”, is

You do not need to be a fan of RENT, a member of the Drama Department,
or a homosexual person to take offense to this blatant form of
discrimination. Of course, there is much more disturbing content in
RENT, which we would have been happy to omit if the School Edition did
not do so already, but it was readily apparent that gay characters
were strictly taboo. This is not the first time this has come up: the
administration reacted with outrage to a monologue from our last
musical, “No Reservations”, that sympathetically portrayed a gay
character. Though there was nothing remotely offensive about the
monologue, they were clearly not okay with it, and that is what led
them to take action and prevent us from producing what was sure to be
a great spring musical.

If you are at all disturbed, offended, or shocked by what our
administration has communicated to us, I urge you not to dismiss what
has just happened. Our administration has sent out a very clear
message that they think homosexuality is wrong and its portrayal
onstage is harmful or objectionable in some way. Instead of focusing
on the life-affirming, empowering message of RENT, they approached the
work with narrow-mindededness and rejected it BEFORE THEY EVEN READ

Do not sit by and allow things like this to keep happening. Our school
prides itself on its association with humanitarian organizations and
its label as a “No Place For Hate School”, but those distinctions feel
incredibly hollow to me now. Though the Drama Department has already
began the process of selecting a new spring musical, we plan to take
action to defend our rights of free speech and express our concerns.

The number for the ACLU’s (American Civil Liberties Union) Southern
California division is (213) 977-9500. I plan on calling tomorrow. To
me, this is about much more than our spring musical; it is about a
principle. I would hate to leave CdM knowing that I did nothing to
prevent, in some way, a form of discrimination that was encouraged
within our own school.

It would be best if the angry parent phone calls and emails to CdM
were kept to a bare minimum for the time being. Focus your energy, if
you have any desire to, on contacting the ACLU. They are experienced
in these matters, and there is a correct way to do this. For anyone
who is interested, I would love to keep you posted on any updates I
get through my communication with them and with my drama director.

Thanks so much for reading through this rather lengthy letter…it’s
not easy for me to be concise on a subject like this.

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  • Synnerman

    This Mrs. Asarni seems to think that she is running a religious school, or a church. I really hope the stream of lawsuits and bad press reminds her that theocratic tendencies should be kept in check.

  • Sebbe

    How sad. Good for this students and others standing up for their rights of free speech and artistic expression. He is right, he will not regret this fight years from now looking back.

    @David – Please keep us updated on what is going on with the situation at the school. Isn’t this like a big republican area? I went to a boarding school in CT with MANY republicans, err depressing thinking back about it.

  • Sasha

    In answer to Sebbe, yes, it is a highly Republican area.

  • tomh

    @Sebbe: Yes, if you read through some of the Prop 8 stories, you’ll find one that mentions that Orange County was responsible for a huge chunk of the in-state contributions for the Yes on 8 campaign.

  • Jaroslaw

    The writer asked calls & emails to the school be kept to a minimum, so please let us know when we can write & email if desired. I’m really itching to let that backwards principal know how intolerant attitudes effected me growing up.

  • Jaroslaw

    one effect is apparently my spelling – that should have been AFFECTED. :)

  • Sebbe

    @Tomh – yes I assumed so. I have always had a love hate relationship with Cali. I have so many friends living in LA, that I go out a few times a year to visit. But, to be honest I hate it. Why anyone would want to live in LA is beyond me. I usually try to convince them to head up to San Fran (a really beautiful city and area) while I am there. As far as the rest of the state, its pretty much just a desert.

    I guess if you can afford it, being bi-coastal would be ideal. LA is like just one big suburb of sprawl. I like my cities dense, oh and a public transportation system that actually works is nice too!

    No offense intended.

    Oh, I always find it interesting how Californians think they are the center of the universe (because so much media is based there) when there are twice as many people on the East coast.

  • Sebbe

    Yes I am tempted to call that school as well. Let us know what we can do.

  • tomh

    @Sebbe: Just do what I did, expatriate to Europe ;)

  • Sebbe

    @Tomh – I actually just moved back from Sweden where I have dual citizenship like a year ago. Worst mistake ever. It is a comforting feeling though having that red passport and knowing you can pick up and move back to the EU at any point.

  • Mike

    Many, many years ago, my parents moved our family away from Newport Beach when it was discovered that two of the instructors were dealing drugs to the students. Those were the good old days!

  • tropSpice

    Asrani is a Sindhi last name .. Sindhis are Hindus from what is now Sindh in Pakistan – a conservative community.

  • Ali

    If you want to become involved, there are a few options for you-

    Firstly, get in contact with as many media resources as possible. The more publicity we get for this discrimination, the better.

    Secondly, call the ACLU. Their number is listed in the letter above. We have a union representative working with the school, and the more calls they get about this issue, hopefully the more seriously they will take it.

    The best thing we can do right now is get the word out to as many people as possible. Alumni are an important group, but this ultimately concerns more than just alumni of the school. This is a civil rights concern.

    The drama teacher is not legally allowed to take any action. Responsibility thus falls entirely on alumni, students, and concerned citizens who are as appalled as I am at this blatant disregard for civil rights, and outright homophobia.

    Thanks to queerty for posting this story!

  • Sebbe

    @tropSpice – It is also wrong to make assumptions about someone’s background because of their last name.

    @Ali – let us know if there is anything else we can do.

  • Chris

    I went to CDM in the 70’s and thought I was both Republican and gay – thought as soon as I went to college outside of Orange County, I learned the two things are mutually exclusive.

    I thought we were beyond this kind of hatred in the 21st Century! How sad that it takes me back to the 70’s when calling someone a fag was one of the worst things you could call someone.

  • Cindy

    Well, alrighty. I just got off the phone with Ms. Asarni herself. Here’s what she said: Concerned following (minor) parental outrage in response to a play earlier this year (“No Reservations”) that included mild profanity and sexual innuendo (with fruit!), she asked for a copy of the script to make sure she knew what was in it and would be able to defend the school should parents come forward with similar complaints. She considered it an option to include a disclaimer to the effect that the production contained adult or mature material. For reasons she does not entirely understand, the drama instructor, Mr. Martin, decided to do a different play. She thinks that he may have been concerned that there was insufficient time for a review and possible negotiation process. I told her I am not particularly concerned who decided to cancel the production but with the fact that it was cancelled and went on for some time about the damaging message it would send all students, gay and straight. She insisted the school supports a climate of inclusion, both for students and staff. She suggested that I ask Mr. Martin why he cancelled the production and said email was the best way to reach him. I will be contacting him at [email protected]. If his version varies significantly from Ms. Asrani’s, I will be calling her again.

    Straight but not narrow,
    Cindy, CdM grad.

  • Sebbe

    Well here’s my take – Assrni is a liar and trying to scapegoat it out on “Mr. Martin”. Poor Martin is probably frightened to loose his job.

    @ Cindy – was this “lady” there when you were a student there? What’s your take? Or is she new?

    btw – I always found it rather archaic that in America you have to call you teachers Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms.

  • seidochnichsodoof

    Hi, I go to CdM and learned about this whole incident today at school, where it’s the talk of the town. It’s really disappointing, but I can bet we’re going to come out on top. Despite the school-sanctioned bigotry of the administration (i.e., Fal Asrani’s frightened minion-subjects), CdM is luckily a pretty darn accepting place to go to school if you’re gay. Yes, even in godawful conservative Orange County :) The students are largely aware of and sympathetic to the gay cause, and even though you’re bound to hear and shudder at “That’s so gay!!!” once per day, I’d say it’s generally very tolerant. I’m just saying this so that you don’t all sustain this horrible image of our school and the people who go there! I feel that there is enough student and parent support to force Asrani to come to terms with her unacceptable behavior and result in a stronger and less discriminatory administration in the future.

  • Sebbe

    WALK OUT!!

  • Pragmatist

    Absolutely typical. Newport Beach is postcard-perfect, but it’s also infested with the oddest breed of hypocritical, entitled, conservative Martians.

  • mary

  • Ali

    Sebbe – Ms. Asrani became principle in the 2005-2006 school year, one year after I graduated.

    Cindy – At the meeting between Mr. Martin & Asrani, there was a Student Union representative there who wrote down everything Asrani said.

    I’m overwhelmingly proud of the quick and effective alumni response, as well as the positive responses from people who have never even heard of CdM. I just spoke with a representative of the Daily Pilot & LA Times and he is very sympathetic and concerned about what is happening.

    Thanks to everybody for continued support!

  • siglny

    I knew someone playing Mimi in this production! I was excited to see it. Not any more. It was inevitable that schools would act this way about RENT but, nonetheless, it is unconscionable for them to do so. What message does this send to gay teens? Produce a show that might actually make them feel better about who they are? We have to put a stop to that, don’t we? God forbid that teens learn to treat gay people with dignity and respect. Hell, god forbid they even acknowledge their existence. IV Drug use, abundantly discussed in RENT, that’s not an issue. It’s the gays we have to watch for, always the gays. Reality to school: welcome to 2009. Give the kids their (expletive) musical!

  • Cindy

    Sebbe, I graduated in 1980 and so was gone many years before Ms. Asrani’s tenure. Back in my day, people simply were not gay. KIDDING. But really, I think many of us were oblivious to matters of sexuality. We may have perceived that someone was different from us, but the fact that they were gay never entered many of our minds. God, I’m feeling old. My take on Fal Asrani? If she’s lying about blocking this production, she’s being pretty brazen about it. It would truly suck if she’s throwing the drama teacher to the wolves over this.

    Anywhoo, this is what I wrote to Mr. Martin.

    Dear Mr. Martin,

    I just got off the phone with Ms. Asrani concerning the CdM drama department production of RENT. According to her, it was your decision to cancel this play. She said that she asked for a copy of the script to make sure she knew what was in it and would be able to defend the school should parents come forward with complaints similar to those made in connection with the production of “No Reservations.” She also said she was willing to consider an option to include a disclaimer to the effect that the production contained adult or mature material and that reviewing the script would help her in making such a decision. Ms. Asrani said that the decision to cancel the production was yours entirely and that I should ask you if I wanted an explanation for your decision.

    I am not particularly concerned with who decided to cancel the production but with the fact that it was cancelled, if this is indeed the case. Ms. Asrani stated that neither she nor the administration had any problem with the depiction of gay characters in a school play; she merely wants to be able to head off any controversy about this should it arise. She is aware that such a review would need to take place in a timely manner given rehearsal schedules. I am very concerned about the message canceling this production sends to students, both gay and straight. On the other hand, working with the administration to handle issues that would very likely arise from such a production could be a valuable lesson for all concerning both cooperation and acceptance.

    I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

    Best regards,
    Cindy Fulton
    CdM class of 1980

  • Sebbe

    @ Cindy – Thanks. Let us know what the response is. Hopefully they pick an even “gayer” play now if Rent is no longer feasible.

    My instincts still say Asrani is covering her own ass, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Part of the problem is that we are not allowed to treat high schools like the young adults they are and then adults are shocked when they act like children. Good for these kids for standing up for their rights.

  • Ree

    I was involved with the production of Rent, and Asrani is indeed scapegoating. She’s exploiting the loophole that she did not “directly” cancel the show, but we were put in a position where we could not move forward because of her reaction to the gay content and the fact that she would NOT look at the script once we ordered it (she “did not have time”.) Of course she feels the need to cover her ass, but her insensitive treatment of her students (where she valued only those who score highly on state testing) has been irritating many of us for a long time, and it’s finally reached a point where we can no longer take it. Trust me, the drama department is not overreacting in any way when we say that we feel that she exhibited strong discrimination.

  • cle

    This is an except from the Orange Co. Register. There seems to be two different stories here. It seems the principal might have had a bit of a different agenda.

    “…..Martin, in an interview, told a much different version of events. Rehearsals hadn’t begun and scripts hadn’t been ordered, so getting a script for the principal would take almost two weeks, he said, and Asrani decided that would not leave enough time for revision and changes.

    Regardless, “she had already told me that she would not let it proceed because of the homosexuality in it,” Martin said.

    “That is the case,” he said. “I will stand by that regardless of what (school) representatives say.”

  • 1fanboy2many

    Hi, I am an ardent fan of the Pulitzer prize winning and Tony winning Rent Written by an amazing playwright with a tragic story. I’m over 35, live nowhere near you and i’ve been gay since i was 6 yrs old when i crushed hard on Bill Bixby.

    Let’s get one thing clear up front. I can’t be too upset with anyone interested in this play. It’s brilliant and i fear may become more relevant as this recession continues.

    The reason for this note is, well… I just can’t believe that a high school is the proper setting for this show. It’s for adults, not children (and they are children, i get to see how they are without supervision, so i know. I’m talking about yours too). As to this concept of a “school edition”, I am horrified by that. Horrified. Let me guess…A panel of 9, each with degrees in arts education changing an actual work of art to fit some social criteria set by the state or local governments and approved by a… arghhhhhhhh.

    Stick to Lerner and Loewe, update it to your circumstance and leave the politics, sex and religion where it should stay. As innuendo and subtext.

  • Karyl Ketchum

    I can absolutely attest to the fact that the Corona Del Mar High Administration casts a blind eye to the rampant culture of homophobia that flourishes there along with its attending sexism. Recently, a Facebook video was posted on the school’s network by three seniors (who are also top athletes). The video begins with the boys making homophobic hate-speak and culminates in them encouraging their buddy to kill and rape a fellow student. This student is our daughter who was/is also cast in RENT. When we showed the school’s Vice Principal the video, he refused to even address the boys homophobia (we wanted these young men to have to do volunteer work in the gay community, the school would not even consider this) and addressed the threat of rape and murder by suspending the boys for 5 days. Earlier in the year one of these boys had been suspended for *two months* for “streaking” through school grounds. So, two months for streaking, five days for hate speech and encouraging sexual violence; that sends a pretty strong message. While we are deeply disappointed by the school’s inaction, we did feel hopeful because RENT was a way for our daughter and the other talented young people at the school to talk back to this hatred and violence. If ever a school needed to put on RENT it is Corona Del Mar High School.

  • SteveBond

    I would accept this behavior from a school in Riverside but not Newport Beach. She needs to move out there.

  • 1fanboy2many


  • Ranjan

    I have it from a good source that this isn’t at all what happened. Apparently when the principal asked to review the script, the drama teacher went to the students and told them the the principal had cancelled the play because of the homosexual characters.

  • Greg

    I’m CdM class of ’74, fled when I could to NYC. It’s not surprising that top jocks get off easily for being ‘phobes, it was the same way when I was there. I was threatened with not graduating when we wanted to use Coward’s _I went to a marvelous party_ as part of the graduation exercises, which was the most appropriate reading we could find. I guess they were a bit sensitive from our production of _Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf_.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Sue the bastards!

    Works every time.

  • Alfredo Munoz

    I think these upstart students need to be remanded to a “re-education camp” and re-evaluate their sensitivity to cultural diversity.

    “The national debate over gay rights became a divisive force on Sacramento-area school campuses this week, as religious Christian students wore T-shirts expressing their disapproval of homosexuality as others participated in a Day of Silence to honor gay and lesbian peers.

    Thirteen students at Oakmont High School in Roseville were suspended Tuesday when they refused to take off T-shirts that declared: “Homosexuality is sin.” The students hired a lawyer who appealed 12 of the suspensions to the district Wednesday.

    Other schools in the region have disciplined students in recent weeks for refusing to remove T-shirts condemning homosexuality. Two students at Mira Loma High School said they were sent home Wednesday, and one student was suspended this month at San Juan High School.”

    The slogan there — “Homosexuality is a sin” — would be most clearly protected under the freedom of religion provision of the First Amendment, one would think.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Actually, schools do not necessarily have to follow the first amendment in cases where being permissive fosters a hostile learning environment. It’s no different than permitting a gay student to refer to christian students as “zombie-worshipping Jews-in-denial.” Not that that statement makes any sense, of course. Right?

    The National Day of Silence does not foster hate. Homophobic t-shirts do. The school is responsible for keeping all students safe, even the queer ones.

    I’m off to bed now, but I’ll try to remember to address the actual subject of this post tomorrow. I have some thoughts on the topic.

  • ConservativeRepublican

    This is fucking sick.

  • ConservativeRepublican

    The only positive side to this is that these students are getting an important lesson on the evils of censorship and homophobia. They’ll carry that with them for the rest of their lives.

  • Tony

    How is it possible to stage a presentation of “Rent” without homosexual characters ?

    This “Principal” and I use the title loosely in this case, should be ashamed of herself and in no way be in an authoritative position dealing with children under the age of 18. I see it as Abuse !

    If she were inferring in anyway that characters in a school presentation from other groups of individuals such as (Black, Hispanic, Asian, Females, Heterosexuals, Etc.) were deemed inappropriate, her job would be on the chopping block.

  • ignited_spark

    I support students who are fighting homophobia and discrimination on their high school campuses….discrimination that, sadly, is perpetrated by the school administrators. These students are struggling against a system I learned to feel powerless against when I was in middle school and high school – a system that continues to punish young people who have committed no crime at all…but whose refusal to conform makes them targets for all forms of violence. These students are labeled “troublemakers” – or worse – when they are courageous enough to speak out against the injustices they experience.

    Do not let their voices go unheard. Help these students fight for their rights and let them know that they have a supportive community behind them. Diversity: Banned. That is the problem at the heart of so much violence in schools…most of which goes unacknowledged and unpunished. I am certain that although the language surrounding these issues has changed, shifting towards “inclusion,” “acceptance,” and “diversity” – the reality of the situation is that hate and violence are as much a problem now as they have ever been.

    Now is the time to take a stand and send another message – Violence Must STOP! That is what is really at stake when theatre productions are banned because school administrators and parents deem the depiction of gay characters unacceptable. The price we pay as a community for supporting this kind of ideology is a human one. The voices that are being silenced in these situations belong to the young people who are physically and emotionally assaulted every day on the basis of nothing other than difference.

    I was five years old when my grandfather died of AIDS in 1989. Of course, nobody explained to me why he was sick or why I was no longer allowed to hug or kiss him – or touch him. I was not allowed past the door of the hospital room where he spent his final weeks…but forced to say “I love you grandpa” from the doorway. I was 22 years old before anyone in my family could begin to talk about how that continues to affect us. In 1989, gayness was so unacceptable that AIDS had to be kept a shameful family secret – one that even 20 years later is not something that we can talk about openly with each other. Maybe allowing a production of RENT in my high school would have opened the door for us to discuss these issues and begin to heal from the real pain of wounds which have only been intensified by so many years of silence. Freedom is not found in silence. To these students I say – Take back your voice. Speak your truth. Change can only come when we demand to be heard.

    Valerie Alley


  • ConservativeRepublican


    So very true.

  • kthune

    hey…i definitely feel you guys on this issue…its extremely not fair. the aclu might have a bit bigger fish to fry though…try also hitting up lambda legal…they can be pretty responsive pretty fast regarding issues like this. they do a lot of work promoting (and ensuring) diversity and equality in schools. / [email protected] / 1-866-542-8336

  • Sebbe

    Isn’t weird how people think push the issue aside and don’t talk about it and it isn’t there? Out of site out of mind. True for many many issues. Quite frighting.

    @kthune – I agree, people’s reaction is always “ACLU”, and they are a great organization that has done a lot of good. But, they are also very selective in which battles they choose to fight (and when and where). Anyone even vaguely familiar with legal cases and the ACLU in particular would not dare suggest that they actually do go after every injustice they are asked to participate in.

  • Sebbe

    @Ali – Thanks for the heads up. The article doesn’t really give any “new” information, but the more press the better!

    One of my exes emailed me and told me we actually went sailing in Newport Beach a few years ago. I have no recollection of this place whatsoever. I’m not sure if that meant I had a good time or a bad time?

    I told him, think about all those poor kids in Jesusland who would never even be able to fathom putting this play on the table. As much as things have improved for those of us that are a little younger compared to older generations things like this just make you realize how far we still have to go.

  • ConservativeRepublican


    Hugs to you. Hope you’re finding time to relax during this stressful time.


    IFNANBOY2MANY hits it on the head,,,, High School is no place for this play,,,, My daughter dragged me to the Broadway SHOW … I was genuinely moved / touched… To delete any of the script in a “HIGH SCHOOL” version would destroy it…

    Let the school do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes… or Our Town!!!! That is where “High Schoolers” are… or should be… with winks and innuendo ..nods…. snickers…”sub-text”

    Now that I have your attention….

    When are the rest of you going to challenge the radical Political MOVEMENT hijacking the ARTS Industry anyway? ….

    You can’t go to a show without alternate viewpoints being extolled and shoved down your throat!!!!!

    …. Way to kill an artform !!! Most new stuff is Political Theatre!!

  • Maile

    @dramadad: Please let us know what alumni can do to help. I’m class of ’99 and spent most of my time involved with the drama department and am both surprised and not by this news.

  • SteveBond

    Without “us” there would be no arts as you know it. The world isn’t Hooterville anymore.

  • Johnny

    I was forwarded this link by my good friend, Jason, this morning to this article that relates to the Administration, Principal Mrs. Asrani, & the Drama Department at our Alma Mater, Corona del Mar High School. Please read it & pass it along to our classmates & friends.

    We need to speak up to ensure that the students at CdMHS & all schools are allowed to think for themselves & not to allow this kind of intolerance & discrimination. As those in my graduating class of 1990 may remember, the Administration at our school did not say a thing about students dressed in Black & Brown face in the school’s annual lip-sync competition when we were in school. They also did nothing when my soccer coach told us that “the wearing of Jap-flaps or Nipper-slippers is not allowed during practice time.” Just saying…

    It is important to lend our collective voices to protest happenings like this in public institutions especially our Alma Mater. I am very disappointed in light of the fact that “Rent” depicts a positive message of hope & tolerance & the department had already edited out any “questionable” material. I am tempted to call the department as the mother of my very close friends & longtime neighbor in Newport Beach still teaches drama for CdMHS still. Please let us know what further actions can be taken to protect the right of the students to know the truth. I’m SO glad to be out of that plastic bubble.

  • SteveBond

    How about organizing a protest at the school this week?

  • pbenson

    I am a CDM High School alum and a republican, and I am sick of hearing that “my kind” are the bad guys. I am totally against them canceling Rent. Just because I am republican doesn’t mean I am anti-gay.

  • Sebbe

    @PBENSON –

    Here is a short (and incomplete) list of the issues your party is wrong on (in no specific order).

    energy policy



    reproductive rights

    national security

    social security / medicare

    financial regulation


    health care

    minimum wage


    global warming

    sex education / birth control


    gun control

    drug policy

    stem cell research

    labor rights

    education policy


    and yes “your kind” have ruined America’s place and position in this world.

    Kindly yours
    Sebbe – a proud pink socialist commie limousine liberal

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Don’t forget about marriage equality there, Sebbe. :)

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Bravo. Well said, Sebbe. And, I could add quite a few items to your list as well. A rousing round of applause to you.

    8 fucking years of tyranny and pure hell the Repubathugs put us through. And yes…they did trash America. We are the laughing stock of the world and in financial ruins with their war hawks and spend, spend, spend and fuck the taxpayer economics.

    I have lost half of my investment portfolio because of the Republicans, as have many older Americans like myself, who worked hard all their lives to make themselves self-sufficient in their old age. The Republican fat cats lined their pockets while raping the taxpayers and investors.

    There should be some the equivalent of the Nuremburg trials to deal with these criminals. They fucked us over good. It’s only fair that they should be fuckd-over, in turn.

    What I want to know is, how can one be gay….and a Republican at the same time? They are against everything the LGBT community stands for and the civil-rights they have been fighting for.

  • Barry


    “but we were put in a position where we could not move forward because of her reaction to the gay content and the fact that she would NOT look at the script once we ordered it (she “did not have time”.)”

    Ree, this is a typical passive-aggressive move of a politician who wants something to come to pass, but doesn’t want the criticism that comes with making the decision.


    Sebbe:… LET”S LOOK AT where the housing market took out the financials…. With Carter… and Clinton…. who wanted EVERYONE IN AMERICA to own their own home…
    No matter if they qualified… or were even citizens!!!! (Welfare checks… and total household income…. illegals living in every bedroom… utitlity shed and garage!!! ) … And we are surprised at the Foreclosures???? ,…. and Bank failures holding that worthless paper…. and the housing bubble because of this greed????

    That NEW YORK banana brain BARNEY FRANK AND San Francisco’s Queen NAZI PELOSI… railroaded rules thru Fannie May that paved the way….
    BUSH COULDN’t stop them… or accomplish much else with the stalemate in congress.. AT LEAST HE KEPT US SAFE!!!!

    Winston Churchill said once… ” If your not a liberal in your youth… you have no Heart… If you don’t become a CONSERVATIVE when you mature… you have no brains…..”

    It’s obvious the state …..and FUTURE of America with this Democratic Administration….. Welcome socialisam…. inflation…. and the final downfall of an Empire.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Charles J. Mueller: “What I want to know is, how can one be gay….and a Republican at the same time? They are against everything the LGBT community stands for and the civil-rights they have been fighting for.”

    Unfortunately, some homos are more caught up in the image of personal prosperity that the Republican party fosters rather than being interested int he advancement of the community as a whole. It’s a simple matter of greed in the vast majority of cases.

    There are bound to those few oddball queers who oppose gun control or abortion or actually believe the Republicans want to cut taxes, but I firmly believe that they are in the minority of this particular minority. I wrote a (less than stellar) song about it once, actually. I don’t remember most of the lyrics, but the hook has stuck with me: “I wanna burn your log cabin down.”

    That being said, I want to remind everyone not to assume that the Democrats are on our team either. Which is better? You have one group that hates you and lets you know upfront, and you have a group that says it’s your friend but then does almost nothing to help you. Do you see why I’m an independent?

    As far as the topic of this post goes, it seems all too apparent that Assrani is trying to cover her own ass with lies and deflection. Having dealt with hypocritical school administrations in the past, I have learned to recognize them when I see them, or in this case, read about them. And really, there aren’t a lot of mainstream school where the drama department gets much respect anyway. I know that wasn’t the case in my own school, even when nearly 25% of the student body was involved in Drama on some level.

    I have to encourage these kids to keep up the fight, because even if time isn’t on their side, history is and will be. They need to make as much noise as they possibly can, and keep this issue in the news until they at least get an apology, if not some other reparations. I know a school musical is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but this is one of many frontlines in the war for equality. Kudos to them for even having the guts to attempt putting on the play.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @HOPINGTHINGSGoBACKTOTHE50’s: “That NEW YORK banana brain BARNEY FRANK AND San Francisco’s Queen NAZI PELOSI… railroaded rules thru Fannie May that paved the way….
    BUSH COULDN’t stop them… or accomplish much else with the stalemate in congress.. AT LEAST HE KEPT US SAFE!!!!”

    Oh good lord.

    I’m not going to get into this decidedly off-topic argument, but I will say two things.

    1. HOPINGTHINGSIDON’TCAREANYMORE, you are an ignorant twat.

    2. “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • SteveBond

    I’m always so astonished that the Republicans want to forget that they had the last 8 years of making this mess. To go back to Carter and Clinton is missing the point and we all get it. Revisionism for the past 8 years and not taking responsibility is the mark of an adolescent.

  • SteveBond

    Keeping us safe is such a joke. None of the “near misses” were actually thwarted by anything Bush did and they were not the grand schemes like 9-11 was. We all know Al Quaida is very patient and they plan their attacks about as often as the German’s change designs of each model of Mercedes, Audi, or BMW. This isn’t rocket science. I have also noticed that the Republicans use vulgar language when talking about Pelosi and Frank and that shows a total disregard for people in general. They obviously don’t realize that bad language is an immediate turn off for most people which results in skipping forward to a more cogent writer.

  • ConservativeRepublican


    Hmm. There are lots of gays who oppose gun control. Your sexual orientation or identity has nothing to do with your position on gun rights. It’s incredibly small-minded to believe that most gays think the same on non-gay political issues, especially when the issue is something far removed like the economy or gun rights. if you only live in a certain activist bubble (especially one limited in the extent of its geography), then perhaps I can understand you having that view of the world, but if you communicate with gays from a variety of communities and regions, then I simply do not see how you can reach such a conclusion.

    Oh, and burn our log cabin down and we’ll destroy your commune. ;) (Kidding, as if that needed to be said.)

    But seriously, the truth is that we’re all in this together. The fact that we support gay rights in a different way doesn’t change anything. Our common opponents are the anti-gays and the closet-cases. Hate us for being republican, if you must, but not for being gay republicans who are unapologetically trying to push the GOP in a pro-gay direction. Also realize that not all Log Cabin Republicans are the same. Some vote for pro-gay republicans when the chance is there, but otherwise vote Dem, so let’s not lump all LCRs together.

  • ConservativeRepublican


    Hey there, fellow repub! Good to hear that you’re not anti-gay. :)

    You can help the cause by talking to your local republicans and pushing for gay rights. It’s also important to speak up and defend conservative principles when you’re with liberal friends, too. My biggest recommendation for someone your age is to learn to develop thick skin, because you’ll need it. Fight hard for what you believe in and learn to ignore the haters.

    Take care and best of luck in life!

  • ConservativeRepublican


    Hey there, fellow repub! Good to hear that you’re not anti-gay. :)

    You can help the cause by talking to your local republicans and pushing for gay rights. It’s also important to speak up and defend conservative principles when you’re with liberal friends, too. My biggest recommendation for someone your age is to learn to develop thick skin, because you’ll need it. Fight hard for what you believe in and learn to ignore the haters.

    Take care and best of luck in life!

  • SteveBond

    What’s a Pro Gay Republican? Examples please. David Vitter? No, he’s in diapers with prostitutes. Oh I know, Phillis Shafley. Afterall, her son is gay. Oh, that’s right, she is filled with hate. Dick Cheney? No, that’s just his daughter. I’m stumped.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @ConservativeRepublican: I apologize for not clarifying what I meant by bringing up gun control and abortion, as sometimes when I’m typing and don’t reread before posting I find I unintentionally cut off portions of the point I’m trying to make. What I intended to say was “There are bound to those few oddball queers who oppose gun control or abortion or actually believe the Republicans want to cut taxes, (and thus vote Republican as single-issue voters) but I firmly believe that they are in the minority of this particular minority.” Not that I expect that to sway you or anything, but I hate it when that happens.

    As it happens, I am against extreme gun control myself, and as for abortion, I’m inclined to take the “safe, legal, and rare” line on that issue. My only problem, really, with the G.O.P. is how they’ve been hijacked by social conservatives (especially the religious right) who have subsequently perverted what the Republican party was originally all about. I think the Libertarians are closer to true Republicanism than the modern Republican party is, and a lot of my views correlate with theirs.

    I agree that we’re all in this together. I just don’t believe that there’s going to ever be any significant progress as far as making the Republican platform less reprehensible until the religious nuts get the boot. Being a gay Republican in this day and age is all but an utter waste of time, in my opinion. And yeah, I know it’s wrong to generalize, but every LCR I’ve ever met has basically been a greedy douchebag. Not saying they’re all like that, but I haven’t seen much else coming from them. All I can think of is the Jews who spied for the Nazis to save their own asses.

    That being said, I don’t hate gay Republicans. I am simply less inclined to react favourably toward them. They have negative cool points from the start, so they have to work harder to gain anything resembling favour from me.

  • ConservativeRepublican


    Hell no. Keep the 1950s far, far away, please. One can argue about the appropriateness of drug use in a high school production, but would you oppose some other play that contained sexual content and profanity that’s both legal and common for teens in our country today? Who cares if high schoolers say ‘fuck’?

  • Sebbe

    I’ll try to keep it short since we are getting way off topic here.

    What scares them is that more and more of the country respects and agrees with the ways and views of Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank especially those of us that are young.

    They are also obsessed with trying to alter history’s view of their savior (and failed president) Ronald Reagan. As far as Bush the first, well, I think everyone would just assume forget about him.

    I personally believe what is really the nail in the coffin for them, is that, now their own children, my generation, for the most part have turned against their failed ideologies.

    @Vernon – thank you for Franklin’s quote it is one of my favorites.

    As for someone sputtering that at least Bush “kept us safe”, well I can’t even begin to address that here and now, except for to say we are now paying the price for W’s actions and will I fear be paying them for a long, long time and this is a common reaction from the know-nothing crowd.

    To blame the problems of not only the economy, but our image abroad on F.N.M.A. (Fannie Mae) and F.H.L.M.C. (Freddie Mac) is well, to reactionary for words. Our problems stem back decades and the “foreclosure crisis” was just the tip of the iceberg that finally brought the “house of cards” down.

    – Just one young man’s opinion.

  • Morgan Christopher

    Heck with the Civil Liberties people – get the Dramatists Guild and the rights owners ( Sam French, MTI???) involved. A Disney version of this show is not what Johnathan Larson and the creators envisioned as a piece of intellectual property. While I would hate to see the rights pulled – I think the clamor would open a can of worms that needs addressing.

  • Sebbe

    @conservativerepublican – any list like that is mostly politics and lobbying. GHW Bush is right behind Clinton? Come on? I was mostly referring to his failed policies of tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, than the man himself.

  • ConservativeRepublican


    You called him a failed President. I felt I had to respond. It’s not like I posted a survey of conservative republicans and their views on past presidents, LOL.

    It’s an overall ranking which takes into account the categories of economic management, international relations, public persuasion, crisis leadership, administrative skills, relations with congress, vision, pursuit of equal justice for all, and performance within context of times.

    Oh, and I have found that the first Bush is actually pretty highly regarded by a lot of people. I don’t get it either, but it’s something I’ve noticed when talking to people, especially other academics. Beats the fuck out of me why they like him so much.

  • Sebbe

    @ConservativeRepublican – I am very familiar with that survey and I know we will not agree on Reagan so lets try with Bush I. My theory is that while he may not have done much good, he also didn’t do much bad either. He really didn’t do that much either way (at least in the opinion of the majority of Americans).

    I was too young to really be aware during his presidency, but this is my feeling. I think the portrayals of him trying to please 50 percent + 1 of the public are fairly accurate.

  • Tony

    WOW !
    This comment board is a excellent example of why these type of actions continue, In our schools, our neighborhoods and in our government…………… Because we can’t stay focused long enough to deal with the issues at hand.

    This is about kids, and somewhere this evening, a teenager in Orange county is HATING themselves because they are once again being told by the “Powers that be” that they are not good enough, that they are worthless, that they are immoral……….. and we’re discussing presidential ranking.

    This is not a partisan issue, the Republican party is supposed to be a conservative party on issues regarding taxes, spending and government regulation………… but they have allowed themselves to be overtaken by the religious right, which by the way has no place in government.

    The principal of this school and the religious right has my blessing in believing what ever they want to believe regarding homosexuals, but they have no right in forcing those beliefs on anyone not seeking them, nor should they have a say in our government regarding the rights granted to, or in recent cases taken from homosexuals.

    BTW, I do use the words, we and our in my comments above, because I have been guilty of the same behavior many times. Over the past couple days I have checked back on this comment board and it just became very clear to me how I felt 30 years ago as a 14 year old boy in a Catholic high school in upstate NY, that spent so much time wishing I could be the same as everyone else, and many nights wishing I would just die.
    I have spent much of my life having to learn for myself that everything I that was told to me as a young person was not true, I’m not immoral, a sinner, some freak of nature. I wish I had known one person in my life back then that could have shown me that I was okay, even though I was different. I’ve decided that I want to become the “Adult” figure that I never saw as that teenage boy.

    Let’s get beyond our ego’s and differences for a moment and think about the kids !


  • Wendy

    Let me start by saying that I love RENT. As to whether it is good for a school, that is another debate.

    A little background. I am a former drama teacher who was also an “out lesbian” in a small district in central MO. I directed a production of “Grease” (that had been approved). And due to 4 complaints by members of a local church my production of “The Crucible” was canceled (had also been approved by admin beforehand). After a media frenzy (Google Fulton Grease) I ended up resigning.

    I am now working on my master’s degree in arts administration and my thesis is on this very topic and the creation of an organization that trains teachers and small arts organization on how NOT to have this happen to you.

    As much as I would like to stand up and say bigot, down with the principal, I can’t. I followed up this story by going to the Orange County Register to read the article. There I found several disturbing points that did not fair well for the teacher.

    1. You do not declare or advertise that you are directing a play until you have secured the rights to that play. You cannot secure the rights (especially through MTI, the company that holds the performance rights to RENT) without ordering the scripts at the same time. The teacher should have had a script to provide to the principal.

    2. According to the student the school version was “less-risqué”. According to the MTI site, RENT/school ed. is listed as follows

    “School Edition-RENT Two Acts, Book Musical, Pop / Rock, Rated R
    This adaptation has been carefully done, working with the Larson estate to retain the dramatic intent of the groundbreaking rock musical, and consists of minimal changes to language and the removal of one song (CONTACT) to make it possible for many schools to perform this piece”.

    Yes, it may be a school version, but still listed as rated R. For this, it would have been VERY advisable for the teacher to run it by admin. In many schools, students can not even view a rated R’ film unless they have a permission slip. Would be interested to know the district policy on this.

    3. It is standard policy for school districts to request to review any script before a production is approved. Not sure what the policy is, BUT any drama teacher who wants to protect themselves should insist the administration reads the script and get the approval in writing. That way if there is any problems later on the administration is kind of “forced” to stand up for the teacher…(in theory at least).

    Again, I am not here to condemn anyone, but to point out that in this case, it may not be so cut and dry “bad school district bigots”.

    Good luck with future productions. If anyone has a similar story and would like to be interviewed as a case-study for my thesis drop me a line.


  • Damon

    Wendy – Thanks for all that information.

    This had nothing to do with the principal being a bigot, it had to do with the politics between the drama teacher and the principal.

  • Sebbe

    @Wendy, while I don’t personally have any experience to add to your research, you might want to leave some sort of contact information, website, email etc in case someone is interested.

  • minimumwagefreak

    Wendy – I have a question for you: Let’s say that the principal did indeed cut the play, but not because she’s a bigot, but because she just wants to avoid the headache of having to defend it to a potentially angry community. Does that still fall under the category of discrimination? It’s kind of like saying: “I’m not racist, but I can’t hire this dark skinned guy because he might scare the customers.”

  • Sebbe

    @minimumwage – good point and oh yeah, some of my best friends are {fill in blank}. LOL

  • some-farker

    Can someone tell Mrs. FAIL Asani to DIAF, pretty please? B****es like that really grind my gears. >:-/

  • Wendy

    minimumwagefreak- Well, in my experience with public schools the sad truth is it often has less to do with defending principles and more to do with covering the asses of principals. It is the job of the teacher to stay out of trouble and play by the rules, job of the principal to run the school so that the parents don’t call the superintendent. It is the job of the superintendent to make the board look good so they get re-elected. If any of them drop the ball, they are more than likely gone. The LAST thing a school district wants is media attention for anything negative. So if approving a play will cause the community who in turn vote for the school board, then it isn’t going to pass.

    Is it right? Hell no. But as a teacher you decide if you are willing to compromise your principles in order to keep your job. The is the sad reality of it. A story I have heard time and time again. And why you are always seeing the same old plays done year after year.

    Sorry for the pessimistic view, but that is from my experience.

    For interested people in submitting their story for the case study. [email protected]

  • beckylou

    @Wendy: It’s not pessimistic, it’s realistic. Teaching art in the public school system is like trying to learn how to dance with a straight-jacket on.

  • SteveBond

    OCHSA in Santa Ana is an unbelievable school for the Arts. Students take the train every day from San Diego to attend this High School.

  • Sebbe

    @Cindy – thanks for the link, awesome news!


    Chock another one up for the “LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE FASCISTS!!!”


    GOD …HELP US!!!

  • Tony

    THE 50’S ?

    First of all, congrats on the good news !

    Now on to the previous comment………
    Oh yes, let’s go back to the 50’s……………. Wasn’t it Grand !
    Give me a break !

    You mean back when homosexuals weren’t able to be seen or heard ?
    Can I say two words………. Larry Craig

    Back when women knew their place in the world ?
    Keeping their mouths shut

    Back when you knew everyone looked and acted the same as you, everywhere you went thanks to segregation ?

    Back when White people had the right to spit on, beat, degrade, discriminate and in some cases kill Black people because they were considered “Not Equal”

    Back when the “Church” was a symbol of the ideal society ? ……….. Even though all those parents had no idea the priests were molesting their children ?
    And of course getting away with it because in the 50’s, you didn’t speak of such things.

    Face it, the 50’s were great for one sect and only one sect in this country…………. Heterosexual White Men. They had all the rights, dinner at 5, a wife that did as they said, and good little children that looked and behaved so well out of fear of their father and the church.

    And as far as GOD is concerned………. Help was sent in the form of jesus Christ, a man that walked the Earth just as we do, and preached that we all have the ability to be “GOD” like……….. By being giving, loving, kind human beings. And what did the righteous society do about that ? Crucify him.

    THINK !!!


    … Tony … I did think… and YA…. Let’s go back to the 50’s!!!

  • SteveBond

    Backlash to the elusion of the 50’s is what created this mess of a generation called the “baby boomers.” They are just so unproductive. I’m glad the new generation has grown up.



    Dear liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, Marxists and Obama supporters, et al:

    We have stuck together since the late 1950’s, but the whole of this latest election process has made me realize that I want a divorce. I know we tolerated each other for many years for the sake of future generations, but sadly, this relationship has run its course. Our two ideological sides of America cannot and will not ever agree on what is right so let’s just end it on friendly terms. We can smile and chalk it up to irreconcilable differences and go our own way.

    Here is a model separation agreement:

    Our two groups can equitably divide up the country by landmass each taking a portion. That will be the difficult part, but I am sure our two sides can come to a friendly agreement. After that, it should be relatively easy! Our respective representatives can effortlessly divide other assets since both sides have such distinct and disparate tastes.

    We don’t like redistributive taxes so you can keep them. You are welcome to the liberal judges and the ACLU. Since you hate guns and war, we’ll take our firearms, the cops, the NRA and the military. You can keep Oprah, Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell (You are, however, responsible for finding a bio-diesel vehicle big enough to move all three of them).

    We’ll keep the capitalism, greedy corporations, pharmaceutical companies, Wal-Mart and Wall Street. You can have your beloved homeless, homeboys, hippies and illegal aliens. We’ll keep the hot Alaskan hockey moms, greedy CEO’s and rednecks. We’ll keep the Bibles and give you NBC and Hollywood .

    You can make nice with Iran and Palestine and we’ll retain the right to invade and hammer places that threaten us. You can have the peaceniks and war protesters. When our allies or our way of life are under assault, we’ll help provide them security.

    We’ll keep our Judeo-Christian values.. You are welcome to Islam, Scientology, Humanism and Shirley McClain. You can also have the U.N.. but we will no longer be paying the bill.

    We’ll keep the SUVs, pickup trucks and oversized luxury cars. You can take every Subaru station wagon you can find.

    You can give everyone healthcare if you can find any practicing doctors. We’ll continue to believe healthcare is a luxury and not a right. We’ll keep The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the National Anthem. I’m sure you’ll be happy to substitute Imagine, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, Kum Ba Ya or We Are the World.

    We’ll practice trickle down economics and you can give trickle up poverty your best shot. Since it often so offends you, we’ll keep our history, our name and our flag.

    Would you agree to this? If so, please pass it along to other like minded liberal and conservative patriots and if you do not agree, just hit delete. In the spirit of friendly parting, I’ll bet you ANWAR which one of us will need whose help in 15 years.


    John J. Wall
    Law Student and an American

    P.S. Also, please take Barbara Streisand & Jane Fonda with you.

  • Sebbe

    @ HOPINGTHINGSGoBACKTOTHE 50’s – Sounds great to me!!! We will take all of the blue states (aka the economic prosperous areas and cities of the country) and you can keep Jesus Land and farms.

    Would you like the red blue map from 2004 or 2008? 2008 seems fair, since most of these issues were at heart. Its also rather funny how you say you don’t want to pay for these things. You see, look at the state by state list of who pays taxes and what they get back in return. It is the red states whom are the benefits of this socialism, not the rich blue states. (Hawaii is blue and does get a lot more back they are an exception), but besides them almost every blue state is a loser in federal dollars while almost every red state is a winner. Weird how that works isn’t it? [img][/img]

  • Sebbe

    As far as I am concerned you can keep Florida as well, they are more trouble than their worth, but I guess we’ll have to take a consensus. I assume you wouldn’t want them anyways, what with all of their “homeless, homeboys, hippies and illegal aliens.”

    I’m curious where r u going to set up shop? In the Dakotas perhaps?

    So lets tally we have: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, The District, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, and I guess we have to take Florida.

    You have: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska (we’ll give you the second district two even though it wasn’t yours), North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming.

    It looks like our states equal about 74 percent of the output of the American economy. So good luck to you.

  • Tony


    Very Nice !

  • Tony


    OK Mr. 1950′ Law Student,

    When I mentioned in my previous post to “Think”, and you said you did, I believe that you missed a very important part of the “Thinking” process. What you did was recall, everything you’ve heard, been taught, or believe regarding the subject at hand. The vital part of thinking, especially when new ideas come into play, is “questioning”. Why you believe what you do, why things are the way the are, and what are the results of applying new ideas to the status quo.

    In your post (# 92) you state your new ideas and solutions to your problem, by way of separating the left and right, and again I am left feeling that you’re not thinking.

    Let me paint a picture for you of your ideal new state void of all the undesirables that you speak of, and of course with that goes all that they contribute to society.
    You would not want to import anything from this so called undesirable part of the country, or from anyone like them on this planet……….

    On the TV you have the Fox news, the Christian channel, Rush Limbaugh, and in prime time spot you have a talk show with Ann Coulter.

    In theaters you have, um, nothing, there are no theatres as Hollywood is banned.

    On the radio you have K Love christian radio network, and K LDS for the Mormon sect, if you let them in.

    Fashion and clothing………… I guess the women will make all your clothing, because you wouldn’t buy designer clothing from all those homosexuals in the fashion business, and I am talking not of just Armani, Versace, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, A&F, but also of good old Walmart.

    Art, someone I’m sure will paint landscapes of your Eutopia.

    Financially, you are kidding yourself if you think Wall Street is coming over to your side………. Noone loves Fashion, Art and Theatre more than those guys.

    This, of course is just a glimpse into your new world, and it’s a good thing you don’t have all those things to buy, because as Sebbe (see previous posts) so beautifully outlined above, you wouldn’t have the financial means to afford many of them.

    Take a look at your everyday life, the movies you see, the restaurants you patronize, the clothing you wear, the design of the car you drive, the architecture of the places you live and work, the music you listen to, the tv shows you watch. Every one of them have so called “undesirables” associated with them.

    And, BTW, if you put this new model of Utopia up for people to join, even Ann Coulter would probably stay on our side…………. just because of the fact that we are the reason she has a job.


  • Sebbe

    Like Tony said, the key here, the one simple thing often lacking with those on the rights is “”questioning”. I suggest you might like to take a look at voting statistics. The more educated a person is, the more likely they are to vote democratic. This does not hold true for merely our most recent election, but the statistics go quite far back.

    I have included the list for the states that receive the most federal dollars per tax dollar paid by their residents:

    1. D.C. ($6.17)
    2. North Dakota ($2.03)
    3. New Mexico ($1.89)
    4. Mississippi ($1.84)
    5. Alaska ($1.82)
    6. West Virginia ($1.74)
    7. Montana ($1.64)
    8. Alabama ($1.61)
    9. South Dakota ($1.59)
    10. Arkansas ($1.53)

    And here is the list of the states that receive the least for what their residents pay in federal taxes:

    1. New Jersey ($0.62)
    2. Connecticut ($0.64)
    3. New Hampshire ($0.68)
    4. Nevada ($0.73)
    5. Illinois ($0.77)
    6. Minnesota ($0.77)
    7. Colorado ($0.79)
    8. Massachusetts ($0.79)
    9. California ($0.81)
    10. New York ($0.81)

    Notice any trend here, because you should. It is us whom should be complaining not you. Coincidentally Florida usually is around the $1.00 mark. SO you see socialism is alive and well here in America. It is just we are already redistributing the wealth to the red staters to a degree.

    Lets not forget, that Ann Coulter whom could live anywhere she chooses, splits her time between blasphemous Connecticut and New York, not South Dakota and Arkansas. As far as everything else that Tony said, good luck living in that world. I believe Hannity & O’Reilley both also live in the tri-state area (CT, NY, NJ).

  • Sebbe

    Obviously DC is not a state, and a unique situation, but I have included it for comparison purposes. Luckily the Senate (which was the real test) just passed the DC voting rights bill and it is expected to pass overwhelmingly in the house which we control now. Obama has already said he will sign if it makes its way through congress.

  • Tony

    In regards to education and party affiliation,
    Very good point !

  • cdmstudent

    @Karyl Ketchum: i agree with what you said ms. ketchum, but don’t bring the streaking aspect into this. That was a Senior Prank and has nothing to do with being homophpbic. Actually, that might make him seem more open if he’s willing to show the world his man-junk. The kid said horrible things about your daughter, so there’s no reason to need to bring up his streaking, a totally unrelated event.

  • Kim

    Hats off to those who so effectively smacked down HopingThingsGoBackToThe50s–that Ben Franklin riposte was devastating. But, you know, when someone is that ignorant-to-the-bone, they can’t realize how ignorant they are; they can’t see beyond themselves. For them, we just have to wait. It’s always the case: Conservatives die off and take their musty “beliefs” with them; the good the open-minded bring continues to better the world for everyone’s children and children’s children. So, for now, just let it be that he’ll have his separate space. As BackToTheDust, he’ll be welcome to his six feet of earth; that’s all his kind deserve.

  • kr

    well i go to cdm and i think this is stupid that they were going to cancel the play. it shows indivuality. apperently protesters are coming on April 24 to protest against the play. today they closed down the campus early and tomorrow they won’t let anyone leave campus with out a seceruity. go on and they have the details for tomorrows protest. i hope nothing goes wrong.

  • livluvlaf

    This is from the picket schedule (about 1/2 way down the page)

    4/24 2:15-3:15pm event: Corona del Mar High School – Jews Killed Jesus, love fags! 2101 Eastbluff Drive WBC to picket this High School, and the goofy Jewish bastards who pretend they have a cause against the Lord and against His anointed. Check out this good verse: Romans 11:11 I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy. Is this what you blind Christ-rejecting Jews are protesting on behalf of? Latest news from Orange County reads: “A former Corona del Mar High School teacher has been charged with molesting two young girls and keeping hundreds of images of child pornography at his home, prosecutors said today.” Stop lying to these children, putting them into the hands of child molesters, repent while you can! “Rent” is but the catalyst for this epic event. AMEN!

  • Kim

    @livluvlaf: Love it, luuuuuuu-vit! As Bugs Bunny might say. Given that Warner Bros. cartoons is about the intellectual level you appear to operate at–although that’s rather unjust to Bugs and Daffy and the gang, now that I think of it. You “religious” types always make me laugh when you think you’re verifying your religion by quoting it. Putz. As if any of the billions of people for thousands of religions over centuries past didn’t do the same thing for their religion, which they believed just as fervently as you and for just as good reason (you know: none), and billions of people for the thousands of religions to come won’t in the future. Hey, you highly misnamed LivLuvLaf, if you’re going to quote your particular texts, at least get even the gist right: Do you think you hateful types wouldn’t be the first “H”e would toss from the temple? As Woody Allen said, “If Jesus came back and saw what’s going on in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.” But, listen, putz, as a Jew hater you’re the real comedian here: Jesus was JEWISH. And of course famously liberal. And, unlike you, smart–you know, intellectual. Three of the types on your hate hit list–gays make four–but given your black heart I’m sure there are more. Say, while you’re at it, why don’t you provide us all a complete itemization of the kinds of people that you hate–it’ll be good practice for you, because if your Jay!Zus! ever does return you’ll want to have the list practiced, so that you have something to occupy your time as you make that long plummet toward the fires of hell.

  • 1fanboy2many


    I don’t think a divorce will be necessary, this is till death do we part and thank goodness your generation is almost out of here.

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