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  • Kyler

    I love Margaret Thatcher, its that McCain I could do without.

  • alan

    Well Thatcher was a homophobe who effectively wrote discrimination into the “constitution” when she passed Section 28, a law that prohibited the mere mention or existence of homosexuality in schools by teachers back in the 80’s when I was in High School and struggling with being gay. And she did nothing to stem the AIDS crisis along with her good pal Reagan who sent his wife out to be nice to AIDS patients so it looked he was actually doing something. So McCain, the man who also wants to write discriminiation into the constitution stealing Thatcher’s lines?
    It’s all par for the course really isn’t it?

  • Brandon

    on top of his politics and fuck ups, i would never vote mccain because he looks like he is about to keel over and die of natural causes…….

  • Snoodle

    When you’re stealing from Margaret Thatcher…well…there’s a problem.

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