Kentucky’s gubernatorial race got a bit of celebrity – and anti-gay rhetoric – this weekend. The Bluegrass state’s Republican party commissioned singer Pat Boone to record an automated call blasting Democratic nominee Martin Steve Bashear, who “has consistently supported every homosexual cause”.

We’ve included the TPM-provided audio below, but here’s the entire text from PageOneQ:

Hello friends this is Pat Boone a fellow Kentuckian by descent from grandaddy Dan’l. I’ve always been proud of Kentucky’s stance on patriotic, military and moral issues; a great heritage. Now, as an American and a Christian I am very conservative about the upcoming governor’s election. Ernie Fletcher is a typical Kentuckian, he’s worked long and hard for the state, its people, and its traditions. And, of course, he has come under attack by political opponents and now he faces a man who wants his job who has consistently supported every homosexual cause: same sex marriage, gay adoption, special rights, to gay, lesbian, bisexual, even transgender individuals.

The problem (inaudible) gay advocacy groups (inaudible) enthusiastically endorse Bashear, knowing he’s their guy. Kentuckians have already voted to amend the state constitution to prohibit same sex marriage. Now, do you want governor who’d like Kentucky to be like another San Francisco? Please reelect Ernie Fletcher.

This message paid for by the Kentucky Republican Party.

So, do you think the GOP paid Boone for this or did he do it out of the goodness of his black heart? Luckily the state’s polls show Bashear way ahead of Governor Fletcher, so poor Boone may be crying himself to sleep Tuesday night.

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