Sen. Penny Wong, Australia’s Labor Party climate change minister, is backing Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s opposition to same-sex marriage. Which is an interesting position for Wong to take, given she’s a lesbian.

The first lesbian cabinet member in Australia’s history, Wong says she backs her party leader’s stance on marriage equality — because that’s the party’s position. She is, quite clearly, a charlatan and a traitor to the LGBT community, more concerned with politics and appearances and towing the line than equal rights. “On the issue of marriage I think the reality is there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect,” she said yesterday. “The party’s position is very clear that this is an institution that is between a man and a woman.”

It’s as if American Rep. Jared Polis went along with the White House’s defense of DOMA simply because he and the president are both Democrats.

But what else would you expect from someone who so easily changes positions when the Labor Party requires it.

On climate change, there was a time when she said any plan to tackle it without a price on carbon was ”a sham policy”. Now, her party’s policy has no price on carbon. It failed to get the emissions trading scheme through the last parliament, but now has no plan to try again in the next. So sham action on climate change and no action on gay marriage.

In 2006, this same woman said, “I hope there will come a time when this country can look back and wonder why some in this place and some in this government were so frightened of and antagonistic to certain types of relationships. I look to a day, to paraphrase a great man, when we not only judge people by the content of their character but also where we judge their relationships by markers such as respect, commitment, love and security and not by the gender of their partners. I look to a day when government policy and articulation is not so mired in prejudice that it can address these issues fairly. One thing I do know is that that will only come under a Labor government.” (Emphasis ours.)

Green Party leader Sen. Bob Brown, who is gay, says he “was horrified” at Wong’s comments. “To somehow excuse discrimination … on the basis of culture or heritage – are we going to bring back in hanging?”

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