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Pentagon On Lady Gaga’s DADT Rally: Meh (Watch It Live Here)

Lady Gaga’s Maine rally today in conjunction with Service Members Legal Defense Network, to convince the state’s senators to vote for a DADT repeal, might have the Twitter camp (and CNN) in a furor, but over at the Defense Department, spokesman Col. David Lapan says “we’re not” following whatever she’s trying to accomplish. SLDN chief Aubrey Sarvis insists otherwise: “I think they are watching it very closely.” Yeah — WITH UNMANNED DRONES!

Live stream of the feed here:

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  • Jorge

    What kind of idiot would think that Gaga is trying to influence congress directly? Col. Lapan, nice try at a burn, but you’re missing the point. It’s for constituents to lobby their representatives.

  • Does no 1 get Politikz? (John from England)



  • menlo

    Her participation is entirely appropriate and effective in this case. They are trying to show constituent concern for a pending bill in congress. Your readers should not have to explain basic politics to you.

  • Jill

    Why is Queerty so hateful towards those that are allies? Is it because they are actually accomplishing more than the clearly disgruntled editors here? Jealous much?

  • daveny

    Prime rib? Cafeteria? what was she trying to say exactly?

  • Samuel

    Lady Gaga was a WAC? Who knew.

  • mikey

    she looks really pretty in that pick, without too much makeup on!

  • aj4fc

    he is not wrong Jorge! your wrong so deal withit!

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