peter labarberaPeter LaBarbera, who heads Americans for Truth About Homosexuality,was headed to Canada to give a speech when he ran into a roadblock: the country’s “hate propaganda” law, which prohibits hate speech. There’s ample reason to characterize LaBarbera’s schtick as hateful, since LaBarbera makes a living “pumping out demonizing propaganda,” in the words of the Southern Poverty Law Center. But LaBarbera met with an official response from Canadian border officials when he got off his plane Thursday. (How he got through TSA in the U.S. is another question, given his paranoia about gay agents.)

“Upon entry into Canadian Customs, all my belongings were searched, inc. my laptop + phone, to gather info for ‘Hate Propaganda’ evidence,” LaBarbera tweeted. LaBarbera says customs officials quizzed him about the AFTAH website, which declares, among other things, that marriage equality is a “platform to corrupt children.”

LaBarbera was headed to Saskatchewan to speak to an anti-abortion group. In advance of his appearance, a group formed to protest it. LaBarbera responded to the group’s criticism with the measured rhetoric we’ve come to expect of him, calling his detractors “Canadian Homo-Marxists.”

In the end, customs officials decided to allow LaBarbera to enter the country to give his speech. The only question we have: do we have to take him back?

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