Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Justice Scalia Recuse Himself From Gay Marriage Cases

scaliaA petition on SignOn.org, MoveOn.org’s online petition platform, is calling for noted bigot and all-around d-bag Justice Antonin Scalia to excuse himself from Supreme Court deliberations on gay marriage.

The petition reads:

Judicial bias has no place in the highest court in the land. Judge Antonin Scalia has expressed openly, time and again, his bias and contempt for GLBT issues. For this reason, he should recuse himself from any deliberations by the Supreme Court of the United States on issues involving DOMA, California’s Prop 8, and any other gay-rights issues.

Scalia has a record of vicious anti-LGBT rhetoric, comparing homosexuality to sodomy, bestiality and even murder. That being said, this class act is never going to excuse himself from or for anything.

But at the time of this writing, the petition only need 30 more signatures to be delivered to the judge, who will hear the federal challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act, Windsor v. United States, later today.

So it couldn’t hurt…?