Peyton Manning Supports Michael Sam And Antigay Politicians

dm_140225_nfl_sn_michael_samSupport of varying intensity continues to roll in for Michael Sam. This time it’s Payton Manning, who told a reporter that he doesn’t really care about Michael Sam’s personal life.

“You’re drafted a football player. That’s all we care about in the locker room,” Manning said. “What you do outside in your personal life is up to you.”

Manning’s a big deal in the football world. He’s a five-time MVP, Sports Illustrated‘s 2013 Sportsman of the Year — and he’s a devoted Christian.

His soundbite seems like a generally polite and accepting attitude. And it’s certainly a far cry from the “disgusting” reaction from other homophobic players.

But it also seems a little dismissive. Really, “nobody cares”? Nobody has any sense of how historic or amazing it is to have broken that barrier? This is like saying, “nobody in politics cared that Barack Obama was the first president of recent African decent. He was elected president, and that’s all we care about in Washington.”

Don’t get us wrong, we’re glad to hear an athlete of Manning’s stature suggest that it’s not a problem to have a gay colleague. That’s very pleasant.

But on the other hand, this “nobody cares” attitude may swing the pendulum a little too far in the other direction. It erases the Michael Sam’s queerness, and is only a few steps away from “we don’t mind having gay people around, as long as they don’t talk about it.”

Is this a relevant time to talk about how Manning recently donated $5,000 to Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, who opposes marriage equality? He also gave $1,000 to Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, who voted for a federal constitutional ban on marriage, and opposed DADT repeal. Not to mention the $5,200 he gave Lamar Alexander, who also voted in favor of a marriage ban. He gave $5,000 to Mitt Romney, and $2,300 to Fred Thompson, who backed a constitutional amendment barring judges from ruling on marriage equality. (If that sounds nuts, it’s because yes, it is.)

Has Peyton Manning ever donated to a politician who wasn’t trying hurt LGBT families? Maybe that’s something someone should ask him. Just not in the locker room, because that’s not what they care about there.

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  • DK

    Manning is a great football player, who just happens to be a choke artist who can’t shine Tom Brady’s shoes. However, he’s not required to give a crap about Michael Sam.

  • Mezaien

    What an ASS HOLE! he must be Christian, republican, and definitely white.

  • Ottoman

    Manning’s also a shill for that moron Papa John.

  • Cam

    How nice, he supports rape victims AND donates money to rapists. Yeah, great guy.

  • Snapper59

    It’s articles like this that are going to get Sam thrown out faster than you can say “headache”. Political contributions? How about Sam playing in a state who’s Senator is James Inhoffe?! I mean, shouldn’t Sam boycott?!!

  • Snapper59

    Sorry, make that Roy Blunt. I was one state off (Inhoffe is Oklahoma)

  • michael mellor

    I agree that the “we don’t care” phrase can be deceptive. It’s one of those phrases that can act as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can mean ‘live and let live’. On the other, it can mean ‘we don’t care about your rights’.

    Thus, it can be both a homo-friendly and homophobic statement.

  • stanhope

    On this proud, great and eventful day…I say F#CK him. I personally have just too much to celebrate to have any range of nitwits compromise my joy!

  • stanhope

    I sure would have liked to have been in the next room to Sam and boyfriend the night of the draft. BBBBAAABBBBEEEE! Now Michael, put a ring on it…after the pre-nup. LOL

  • Geoff B

    Dear sweet choker Peyton. 43-8. Biggest blowout in 21 years. One SB win in how many consecutive division title? Sounds like your trying to stay relevant in the company of better and younger players (like your brother). Have a seat.

  • JusMe_DoinMe

    SAD SAD SAD SAD and i am talking about the comments…str8 people can’t even be respectful with it DAMN and who cares what Manning does with HIS MONEY I am sure some of yall donate money to people that not everyone supports

  • BJ McFrisky

    These litmus tests that try to determine one’s malignancy based on one’s opinion of a gay athlete are pathetic. The only thing that will ever matter about Michael Sam is how good of a ball player he is, not who he kisses when he receives good news (case in point: Jason Collins, who everyone raved over until he proved to be less than an ideal basketball player).

  • Cam

    @JusMe_DoinMe: said…

    “SAD SAD SAD SAD and i am talking about the comments…str8 people can’t even be respectful with it DAMN and who cares what Manning does with HIS MONEY ”

    That is the point sweety, we care what Manning does with HIS MONEY. You don’t get to donate to people who want to take the vote away from women and then expect women’s groups to support you.

  • Cam

    @BJ McFrisky:

    BJ, people raved over him because he was out of the closet. He was brave enough to do something that many of those anti-gay closeted politicians that you continually defend and support refuse to do.

    But than you for continuing your streak of always defending right wingers and always finding something negative to say about gays or people who support them. You are nothing if not consistent.

  • PhillyJim

    @BJ McFrisky: In what universe are you living?

  • tjr101

    Peyton Manning is smart, he’s basically giving a non answer response to Michael Sams draft. It’s a non controversial response but it’s also very obvious he’s a conservative republican and those type don’t support gay rights.

  • toberlin

    He could have add something like “This was long overdue.” but he prefered not to do.
    So, to me it seems there will be no love but also no hate.Just don’t love/hate him back.

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