PFLAG, HRC, And Other Gay Groups Issue Statement On “Tragic Killing Of Trayvon Martin”

The tragic killing of Trayvon Martin is a national call to action. Our hearts go out to Trayvon’s family and friends for the loss they have experienced. We stand in solidarity with them as they demand answers and justice. We represent organizations with diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender constituencies.

Many in our community have been targets of bigotry and bias. We have a great deal of experience grappling with the role bias plays in violent crimes against our communities. We well know the stories of young people targeted for violence just because of who they are: Rashawn Brazell, Lawrence King, Ali Forney, Deoni Jones, Brandon White, Matthew Shepard, Angie Zapata, Sean Kennedy and countless others.

Trayvon’s killing is a wakeup call to the enduring cancer of racism and racial profiling. The pain his family continues to endure transcends communities and unites us all. Every person, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, must be able to walk the streets without fear for their safety.

Trayvon’s killing is tragic and the stark reality that racial bias played a role in his death has alarmed our nation. Questions must be asked. Answers must be sought. And justice must be served. We join our voices to the chorus of so many others to demand that local and federal authorities find those answers. We stand in solidarity with Trayvon’s family and friends as they seek justice for his killing. In the timeless words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Out & Equal, GLAAD, HRC, PFLAG, and other prominent gay-rights organizations sign on to a group statement condemning the murder of Trayvon Martin

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  • JayKay

    It’s nice to see they’re waiting for all the facts to come out before rushing to judgment…

  • Mark

    I’ve read people write they don’t care at all what happened, if “that little boy” is dead. Which is pathetic prejudice. Maybe Zimmeman’s people can releas his baby pic.

  • Riker

    Excuse me, but what does Trayvon Martin have to do with being GLB or T? As far as I know, he was neither. If I was shot, I wouldn’t expect to see Al Sharpton getting involved.

  • tjr101

    An injustice against one person or group is an injustice against all.

  • Brian

    Judging Zimmerman before we have the fact is every bit as wrong as homophobia.

  • Jacob

    And what about the people judging Trayvon? That he was a ‘gangster’ and a ‘thug’[email protected]JayKay: @Brian:

  • Stephen

    @JayKay: It was nice to see that George Zimmerman didn´t wait for the police before he passed judgement and killed an unarmed Black man.

  • disco lives

    Who knows, maybe Zimmerman is completely innocent. But sketchy police departments are a gay issue because gays and blacks have both been victims.

    Imagine if someone shot you on the street and told police “this gay guy tried to rape me. It was self-defense.” Then imagine if the police just believed the whole story, gave the shooter his gun back, didn’t collect any evidence, and threw your body in a morgue without even trying to locate your family and tell them what happened.


  • Crysta Lynn

    The “we have insufficient evidence” bullshit is a crock.

    The fault lies with the “stand your ground” law that is literally a license to murder. It even ENCOURAGES you to do so, since a dead person can’t tell his side, and therefore its often your word against little or nothing.

    HOWEVER, there are several damning pieces of REAL evidence in that lovely recording everyone has heard.

    A: The ASSHOLE was TOLD NOT TO FOLLOW Trayvon, and proceeded to do so anyway, showing intent to cause an incident.
    B: Zimmerman is rather clear, for an under the breath mutter, in calling Trayvon “Fucking Coon” on the tape. This shows he had strong racial bias.

    So, lets see, he hated black people (specifically younger males), was insistent on causing an incident (while carrying a gun), and the kid ends up dead while Zimmerman has little more than light injuries.


    Remember, if it was the other way, big black man, killing a young white male (or Hispanic) he would have been in jail and halfway through the trial (assuming he wasn’t shot by the police in the first place, ironically enough in self defense.)

    Honestly, if anything he needs to be in police custody for his own damn protection! You know darn well that if this slimeball actually gets no charges, he will soon enough have a charge pressed upon him by a civilian. Maybe he can just move to some nice little white supremacist groups heavily protected compound once this is all over (assuming no charges are filed)

  • Ok, ok

    @Stephen: That troll doesn’t care about that fact. He frequently posts racist nonsense.

    A vigilante took the “law” in his own hands. That is a crime, period.

  • Ok, ok

    @Stephen: That troll doesn’t care about that fact. He frequently posts rac ist nonsense. (I love how Queerty saw fit to filter that word)

    A vigilante took the “law” in his own hands. That is a crime, period.

  • Bob

    If Zimmerman had been straddling Trayvon when he fired the bullet that went into Trayvon’s chest, Trayvon would have been found lying on his back. He was found lying face down. Or am I missing something?

    The eyewitness (who thought she was seeing a struggle between a “big” man and a “little boy” said the “bigger” person on top “got up within seconds and walked towards her” so he would have had no time to turn Trayvon over.

    It seems this witness didn’t know that Trayvon was 5 inches taller than Zimmerman and the weight difference between the two of them a negligible 20 or 30 lbs.,NOT the “100 lbs.” the the public has been led to believe.

    No one will ever know for sure what happened the few minutes before that shot was fired and it’s understandable that people will make assumptions in accordance with their own life experiences, but there’s no excuse for the media not getting VERIFIABLE FACTS such as the age, height and weight of those involved correct and for not presenting images that correspond to what the participants actually looked like at the time the event occurred.

  • Ok, ok

    @Bob: Fact: A vigilante went after an unarmed man with a gun. Fact: The unarmed man is now dead.

    Those are facts, those are enough reason for people to be upset, and be on the side of Trayvon. Nothing else matters, you can say it does till you’re blue in the face. If he had allowed the police to handle the entire situation we the entire nation would not be involved.

    Instead we see that there is something not only corrupt with this case but at least one entire police department.

    If you cannot see that then you are focused on Trayvon’s skin and have a problem with it. Frankly there is no reason to be trying to make a dead man out to be the problem because at the end of the day ZIMMERMAN is the one who put himself in whatever situation he claims took place and ZIMMERMAN is the one who broke many laws. He was not protected by stand your ground because TRAYVON was the one standing his ground against an armed attacker.

    I know it’s hard to see through two holes in a sheet. Take off the hood.

  • Heather

    @Riker: @Riker It has EVERYTHING to do with it. The LGBTQ community has it’s uphill battles against homophobic bigots all day every day. This young man was killed simply because he was black and walking in a gated community by a racist bigot. Both groups, black/african americans and LGBTQ have the same battle against biggotry. If you don’t see that it’s only because you don’t want to. It’s about equality globally. I would hope that you would appreciate support from black/african american groups for your cause based on solidarity of equality regardless of why you want that equality, and not question why a black/african american group was supporting your cause like you just did.

  • Jacob

    @JayKay: If some creepy guy had been following me, and then confronted me I’d be in self defense mode to. It’s even possible that Zimmerman pulled out his gun and then Trayvon attack him, but we don’t know, and we will never know.

  • Jacob

    @Jacob: FYI I’m not suggesting, and I don’t believe that Trayvon attacked him at all.

  • doug105

    Even though I think Zimmerman should have backed off and most likely should be in jail, I get tired of seeing that picture of a 12yr old alot can change between 12 and 17.

  • Kim

    @JayKay: Black man = alleged drug dealer ,Gay man = alleged pedophile

  • Kim

    @doug105: There are several recent pics of him regardless of his size he was been followed by a unknown man . Maybe he thought Zimmerman was a sexual predator or a robber. I’ve told my sons if some man is following them try to get away and if you can’t don’t let him abduct you.Scream for help and fight for your life.I really doubt Zimmerman who was armed w/ a 9 millimeter was screaming for help. Would you scream for help if you was armed?

  • Dave

    Agreed Riker. While Trayvon’s death is a tragedy he’s not an LGBT person. Furthermore queerty is wrong that the HRC and PFLAG are ‘gay’ groups since they are LGBT groups.

  • Peter

    @Oh OK get your facts correct before playing the race card like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton want you to do. Trayvon is not some innocent kid, he attacked Zimmerman. Witnesses have said how they saw Trayvon attack Zimmerman, and Zimmerman did report this to the police. Zimmerman did not call Trayvon r acist words either despite the way some black people want to pretend he did.

  • Ok, ok

    @Peter: You haven’t posted a single fact, I posted actual facts.

    Get your facts correct and stop playing “the race card” in a poor attempt at ignoring the actual facts I posted.

    This isn’t easily ignored like lynching back in the day, this effects you too, moron. You can ignore it because Trayvon was black all you want, and when it happens to you or your child you can feel like the idiot you are.

  • Clockwork

    Is there a GLBT issue here? Sure, because for these organizations will
    find a GLBT issue anywhere they choose.

    Those organizations can do what they want –
    But like many folks I don’t see the reason for these orgs to suddenly become
    enlightened over the many violent crimes with circumstances and injustice
    as unique as the individuals killed.

  • Poor t roll OK, ok

    OK, ok stop t rolling. You’re talking out of your ass and not posting any facts at all. Of course you’re going to play the race card and claim that this is akin to lynching when it’s not, Trayvon attacked Zimmerman and contrary to how you’re revising history nobody ignored lynching back in the day.

  • Anielin

    Whether or not Trayvon was black or not, attacked Zimmerman or not, it was fact that he was just a teenager heading home from the store, unarmed. It was also fact that Zimmerman was suspicious of said unarmed teenager, while he himself was constantly armed. The question is “why was Zimmerman suspicious of a teenager that was casually walking home, talking to his girlfriend over the phone.?” The fact is that if Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, there was no life-threat to Zimmerman. If Trayvon attacked, it was in self defense. There would be NO other reason for a teenager under these sircumstances to attack a grown man, who was also carrying a gun. The reason LGBT groups are siding with Trayvon is exactly as they say in this article. This death was caused by bias. Whether it is bias to a black person, teenager, hooded person, or otherwise. These LGBT groups are standing by such biases. They are not insinuating that Trayvon was a member of the LGBT community.

  • More pointless race baiting from the HRC and PFLAG

    Actually Anielin Trayvon was NOT fighting in self defense, he attacked Zimmerman and Trayvon apparently also attacked teachers and a school bus driver at his school and had been kicked out of his school because of this. Trayvon’s death was caused by his own choice to attack Zimmerman. Get your facts right.

  • Ok, ok

    @Poor t roll OK, ok: Maybe you should look up the definition of lynching, moron.

  • AnieLin

    @More pointless race baiting from the HRC and PFLAG: How could you say it wasn’t self defense when he was being FOLLOWED by Zimmerman? As I said in my prior post, why ELSE would a teenager “attack” a man who was following him other than Self Defense. And who is to say the witnesses were acquainted with Zimmerman and had their own biased reasons for saying the UNARMED teenager would start the fight that was brought to him by a stranger? Zimmerman was the leader of the Neighborhood Watch of that community. The residents probably just felt that he was doing his job. But his job was to follow POLICE instructions, and Dispatch is an extension of the Police. The Dispatcher said not to go after Trayvon. Case in Point.

  • Poor t roll OK, ok

    I know what lynching is. No lynching was not ignored when it happened. However this does not excuse r acist blacks who play the race card and talk about ‘lynching this’ and lynching that and claim that crimes against black people are akin to lynching which is BS.

  • Ok, ok

    I like how you’re calling me a troll and crying about fictional r_acists when you are so stuck on race you’re defending a murderer. Get a life, tool.

  • Juniper

    Contrary to what r_acist blacks like OK, ok, Jesse Jackson, and Rev. Sharpton and the media who are claiming that Zimmerman is ‘white’ when he’s Latino want you to think Zimmerman is not a murderer, he was attacked by Trayvon and Zimmerman acted in self defense. Get your facts straight before you talk out of your ass.

  • Ok, ok

    @Juniper: Why do you keep changing your name? And when did I say anything in any of my comments about Zimmerman’s skin or ethnicity? You are a total idiot. You have the nerve to tell me to get my facts straight when you’re the one talking out of your ass? LOL. You’re so pathetic.

    All this over a 17 year old boy. I bet you’re itching to shoot a Trayvon yourself, you sound insane enough to. The fact that you can’t even get your anonymous names straight and have to change them to make yourself feel like you’re being backed up shows how nuts you really are.

    Seek help.

  • Aussie Col

    @JayKay: JayKay = Alleged Arsehole…you freak. This was a Vigelante who wanted to kill someone and he did. They have been anable to prove Trayvon was doing anything but go home that night…all the drug dealer stuff is about acouple of incedents at school…someone once told me you weren’t the pig troll that I think you are, and gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you are a genuine suck hole that uses innuendo to convict. At least the evidence for my belief is on this page and you provided it willingly. Have you seen the images of Zimmerman being escorted by the police..his hair is hardly messed up, he lied and the Police compounded the lie. This story is echoing around the world and your type are being shown to be the snakes you are. *angry*

  • tjr101

    George Zimmerman is a murderer, simple as that. He pursued a kid and gunned him down in cold blood. Now Zimmerman is asking for donations for his legal defense and living expenses. Sick. Only racist conservatives will be giving this murderer money just to prove a point.

  • Brian

    Fact: The police did a background check on the corpse but not on the shooter. Fact: The police did not notify the next of kin, inspite having tagged the body. Fact: The police did not go through the victims phone records or they would have found an ear witness. Fact: Inspite all this failings, the lead detective still called the shooters story “not credible” and the prosecutors still refused to allow arrest warrant. Conclusion: Whatever the shooters motives, the criminal justice system is broken. If it failed to work for Trayvons black corpse, it probably will not work for your gay corpse either!

    It is in the interest of all historically marginalised people; jews, blacks, latinos, asians, muslims, women, lgbt, persons with disability, persons living with HIV, etc to fix this system. End of.

  • jason

    Regardless of the events, the fact is Trayvon is dead, and appears to have been killed by Zimmerman. This should immediately have resulted in Zimmerman’s arrest. It’s atrocious that Zimmerman has yet to face the music on this. Justice needs to be done here. So far, it hasn’t.

    The Right Wing has particularly sullied itself by trying to portray the killing as some sort of self-defense. With the stupid Right Wing ever get its brain cells in working order? I doubt it.

    As for whether the gay community should get behind Trayvon’s case, I’m not so sure. I’m not really comfortable about coalescing with a group – blacks – who aren’t really gay-friendly. As individuals, yes, we should get behind the Trayvon case. As a group identity, I’m not so sure.

  • Bob

    Ok, Ok: I haven’t said one word in Zimmerman’s defense. I agree he should not have been armed; I agree the police should have held him in custody until the situation was thoroughly investigated (even though you don’t seem to think ANY investigation is needed). Whether the Stand Your Own Ground law did allowed the police to hold Zimmerman appears to be up for debate. I agree the police should have contacted Trayvon’s parents immediately (as they undoubtedly would have had Trayvon been white)

    I DON’T agree with CNN putting up a picture of a smiling, angelic-looking 12-year-old while they play a tape of a Neighborhood Watchman saying “this guy looks suspicious” and deliberately making the viewer think that is what the Watchman was seeing . . . only with a hoodie on. Zimmerman was looking at a 17-year-old, 6.3 tall, football player. That didn’t make Trayvon guilty of anything and I agree Zimmerman’s assessment of him was very likely influenced by the fact that Trayvon was black, but that “little boy” photo of Trayvon that CNN insisted on using was still a LIE.

    If asking the news media to report the news instead of costuming and choreographing it makes me a Klansman, then I guess I am one. And if you see a racist in everyone who doesn’t agree 110% with EVERTHING you think, then maybe you’re the one with the problem with color.

    And just to really piss you off: since Trayvon was found at one time with stolen jewelry and a burglar’s tool, maybe Zimmerman thought he looked like burglar not because he was black but because he was a burglar . . . just off duty.

  • Ok, ok

    @jason: You are such a waste of space.

  • Mark

    @Jason It’s statements like that that are is why a lot of black gays have issues with considering themselves a part of the mainstream gay community.

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