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This phallic-looking lamp has lit up Twitter… but the fleshy pink design is just the tip

The San Francisco Boner In Pink. Photo Credit: Monsby

Here’s something that will brighten your day: There’s a new line of mounted wall lamps that look an awful lot like a member! Talk about a turn on.

From mononymous, London-based designer Monsby, this hot pink, erect light fixture turns on when you, um, roll back the… foreskin?

We simply don’t know another way to put it. Have a look for yourself:

Once the light is plugged in and *ahem* well hung from your wall, all you have to do is gently pull down on the stretchy pinky fabric to reveal the full bulb, which then turns itself on. If only everything were this easy!

Though Monsby plays it straight in their tweet, referring to the piece simply as a “new lamp,” it didn’t take long for Twitter to grab hold of its protruding allusion. In the replies, folks were quick to point out what the lamp reminds them of and where they’d like to put it (in their homes, we presume!).

The artist’s original post now has well over 37k likes, more that 19k retweets, and countless replies along these lines:

Of course, this is no accident. The designer is well aware of what their new design brings to mind. Over on their website, the piece is referred to as the “San Francisco Boner In Pink,” a lamp inspired by a medieval torch, but with the “vibe of San Francisco and erect penis”—whatever that means! It’s got an LED bulb and is said to be made with stretch fabric and biodegradable plastics.

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But wait, there’s more! If you’re not a fan of the fleshier varietal, Monsby also offers the lamp in a bright blue “Ocean” color as well as the neon green “Weed.” And, at $500 a pop, this San Francisco style appears to be the “economy” option—at least compared to the other pieces that start at a steep $1,000 price point.

Those include the London model, which comes studded for your pleasure (it’s giving leather bar), and the classy Milano with its bejeweled ring that gives Frank Ocean a run for his money.

The London Boner In Black (left), and the Milano Boner In Peach. Photo Credit: Monsby

And these all appear to be riffs on the original model, the Love In Light Lamp—a.k.a the O.G. penis light—which made headlines of its own when it was introduced back in 2021. Unlike the newer designs, this one is meant to sit upright on a table. But don’t worry: It’s still very, very suggestive.

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Talking to DesignBoom around the Love In Light Lamp’s release, Monsby shared that the piece almost had a more pun-centric name, like the “phallamp” or the “lampenis” (both expert-level puns, we should say). They ultimately went in a different direction though because, “the main idea of this lamp is not in the similarity with the penis, although, of course, it is funny. It is about love, light and life.”

As Monsby sees it, this is “the most meaningful and optimistic lamp ever.” And, you know what? It’s certainly bringing us joy!

A week after the artist announced the San Francisco Boner In Pink, Twitter users are still tickled pink by this innovation in the world of thirsty design. Here are just a few of our favorite reactions:

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