PHOTO: Is This The Most Photogenic Man On The Internet?

Earlier this week, a funny thing happened on the Internet when millions of straight men were introduced to the so-called “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy” (RPG). While dudes know the Internet is generally for straight porn and titties, the RPG blew up on Reddit, earning the unwavering devotion of thousands of straight bro-dudes. With his disarming looks and air of calm confidence in the midst of a strenuous physical feat—the grueling 26.2-mile marathonthe annual 10k over the Cooper River Bridge in Charlestown, SC—there’s definitely something special about this dude.

But we wonder, do y’all know of anyone more photogenic? If so, e-mail the pics to us at [email protected] and we’ll post the winner and 3 runners-up next Friday! Someone doing an athletic or strenuous activity and looking good in the midst of many other people looking nasty will probably take the cake! Keep it PG—everyone’s photogenic in their undies.

Click through to see more funny pics of the RPG.


Photo via Will King