PHOTO: Lance Bass Prefers Apologetic Christians To “Loud” Ones. (So Do We)

Lance Bass, who will be discussing his coming out story on Ricki Lake today, posted this picture on Instagram last night with the caption: “As a Christian I love seeing this—[the] media pays more attention to the loud ones that claim to be Christian.”

The photo is actually from The Marin Foundation, which seeks to “bridge the gap” between Christians and the LGBT community. Leader Andrew Marin has come under attack, though, as a false prophet telling both sides what they want to hear but ultimately just sugar-coating the same message of intolerance as the Pat Robertsons of the world.

Well, the message is still good.

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  • tdx3fan

    Its funny how the only groups in the Christian church that have bothered to attempt to appeal to the gays are the ones that could not find a niche anywhere else. The Episcopalian Church is a huge example of this. They turned to catering to gays because they needed to differentiate their brand from their biggest rival, the Catholic Church.

    Religion is all about sales and marketing and branding. It takes a lot of effort to fill those pews and keep that money incoming. If any other not-for-profit, all of which do much better work, spent the majority of its money giving once a week pep talks to their members they would never get donations. However, that is exactly what they do in religious groups and to do any “outreach” (which is what they call it when they actually attempt to make any difference at all) the members of the outreach committee basically have to beg, plead and grovel.

    The only good news is that all of this marketing is failing and that the churches themselves are dying. Maybe then, people will actually bother to give 10% of their income to causes that actually do matter and organizations that actually make a difference. Doubtful though, they will probably just start spending 10% more on making themselves feel better.

  • Ogre Magi

    a sugar coated turd is still a turd

  • Shannon1981

    Too little too late. While I appreciate what some groups are trying to do, it does no good with me, and I wish they’d just shut the hell up once and for all for the following reasons:

    a)They are likely not REALLY sorry. They simply realize that people are seeing their bullshit beliefs for the bullshit that they are, and the churches are dying a slow, painful death with their most desperate, ardent supporters screaming in agony. This is a last ditch attempt to hold on to relevance in an increasingly secular socity.

    b)It isn’t true. Spreading delusion as truth is never a good thing.

    c) Personally, I just cannot forgive the pain and inequality that continues to be thrust upon this community as a direct result of the Christian religion. I just don’t trust that they are truly sorry. I really think it’s just a way to pat themselves on the back, make themselves look better to the world, and make themselves feel better about themselves. An apology, even a public one, doesn’t erase all we have suffered.

    In short, to fall for this bullshit is to be gullible and naive.

  • Sashatheitch

    Aaaahh, A picture Is worth a thousand words ! Another example of groups attempting to pander to the “flavor” of the month much like politics and attempting to get certain “blocks” of ppl ( they know they despise, ie. blacks, jews, gays anyone that believes in True equality period ! ), on “their side”. Yes, it’s Still a sugar-coated turd but I have to agree with Lance ,I too prefer the sugar- coated turd as opposed to a hate filled one.

  • JOHN 1957

    @Shannon1981: Thank you and Kudos. Yes sorry is better than hate but it doesn’t undo all the harm and deaths they have caused over the centuries. Their doctrine of exaggerated lies has brought about violence and death to both men and women. Their religious stories are based on folklore which they deem to be the absolute truth and for which only they are exempt for. I was raised roman catholic orthodox and never heard hate nor bigotry come out of my mothers mouth towards any one, be it race, color, religion or sexual gender. When I got out into the world and saw what pious religious freaks were doing to mankind in the name of God I sat down and wept. Then I understood why my father is agnostic. These people are many things but christian is not one of them. I do meditate on a daily basis and there are forces out there beyond our total comprehension that are positive and negative. But organized religion is just that organized to dominate and keep man kind in fear and doubt, while they get away with murder. Your are right they are evil, hateful and are now looking for redemption and not to be trusted. like my father I too am now agnostic.

    In my research I came across a man named Epicurus a ancient Greek philosopher as well as the founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism who made perfect common sense when he stated; Makes one think, really hard.

    ” Is God Willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able or willing?
    Then why call him God? ”

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