PHOTOS: 20 Reasons We Always Knew Tom Daley Liked Boys


By now you may have heard that Tom Daley‘s not only not straight — as previously thought and suggested — but that he’s also dating Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. You’ve come a long way, baby. Well, perhaps not quite that long since Daley’s public journey of self-discovery led to a fair amount of speculation. In other words, we all kinda knew/hoped/prayed young Tom Daley played for our team. Even if he is a switch hitter.

Here are 20 reasons we knew Tom Daley liked boys.

tumblr_lz7yp8MQMM1qa9vqgo4_25021. He liked to drop it like it’s hot with the kids.

 tumblr_m830iv08Yx1qf2kx2o1_500_large2. He was never afraid to let you have it.

tumblr_m8k1xmVnzq1qg105ao1_5003. He knew how to quickly undress in a pinch.

tom-daley-beached4. This.

tom-daley-leg-up-gay-fans5. And this.

Tom-Daley-Peter-Waterfield6. He’s comfortable getting horizontal with another dude.

hair-did7. His side-eye is VICIOUS.

questionable8. He’s no stranger to questionable hair choices, both on his head and his face.

Tom Daley9. He knew how to coordinate with his surroundings.

shade10. Shade.

tumblr_mk13hf6ibE1qb6fdlo1_500_large11. He’s got playing coy down to a science.

rainbow12. He loved a good rainbow and/or Diana Ross moment.

squidwardsquidward-213. He and Squidward apparently had something going on.

tumblr_mvewlmGFtp1sm0t70o1_50014. Just don’t tell Spongebob.

checkout15. He had a good eye for talent.

chippendale16. He’s always had a distinctive style.

tom-daley-doll17. He liked to play with dolls.

tom-daley-kilt18. He’s comfortable wearing a skirt.

tom-daley-119. Once a flirt, always a flirt.

pointe20. He’s always been on pointe.

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