PHOTOS: 20 Reasons We Always Knew Tom Daley Liked Boys


By now you may have heard that Tom Daley‘s not only not straight — as previously thought and suggested — but that he’s also dating Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. You’ve come a long way, baby. Well, perhaps not quite that long since Daley’s public journey of self-discovery led to a fair amount of speculation. In other words, we all kinda knew/hoped/prayed young Tom Daley played for our team. Even if he is a switch hitter.

Here are 20 reasons we knew Tom Daley liked boys.

tumblr_lz7yp8MQMM1qa9vqgo4_25021. He liked to drop it like it’s hot with the kids.

 tumblr_m830iv08Yx1qf2kx2o1_500_large2. He was never afraid to let you have it.

tumblr_m8k1xmVnzq1qg105ao1_5003. He knew how to quickly undress in a pinch.

tom-daley-beached4. This.

tom-daley-leg-up-gay-fans5. And this.

Tom-Daley-Peter-Waterfield6. He’s comfortable getting horizontal with another dude.

hair-did7. His side-eye is VICIOUS.

questionable8. He’s no stranger to questionable hair choices, both on his head and his face.

Tom Daley9. He knew how to coordinate with his surroundings.

shade10. Shade.

tumblr_mk13hf6ibE1qb6fdlo1_500_large11. He’s got playing coy down to a science.

rainbow12. He loved a good rainbow and/or Diana Ross moment.

squidwardsquidward-213. He and Squidward apparently had something going on.

tumblr_mvewlmGFtp1sm0t70o1_50014. Just don’t tell Spongebob.

checkout15. He had a good eye for talent.

chippendale16. He’s always had a distinctive style.

tom-daley-doll17. He liked to play with dolls.

tom-daley-kilt18. He’s comfortable wearing a skirt.

tom-daley-119. Once a flirt, always a flirt.

pointe20. He’s always been on pointe.

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  • Brendan

    I think it’s safe to assume at this point that they are posting Tom Daley posts every day just to piss off the people that keep telling them to stop. ;) Keep complaining about it and they will start making two Daley updates each day. And full disclosure, I like all the posts about him so I would be perfectly fine seeing two posts a day.

  • AuntieChrist

    He’s cute,but so are puppies and kittens…He seems to have a nice personality though he is not really all that..I really don’t see what all the fuss is about…Twinks make me uncomfortable…Eliad Cohen…Swoon and sigh…I remember when I was fresh meat…everyone wants a bite..LOL

  • Sohobod

    Stop hating on him, he’s funny and a good ambassador. Gay kids in the back of beyond, who are growing up feeling alone and suicidal may just respond to the message he’s putting across and think they’re not actually Satan’s spawn.

  • KittyLitter

    I need to get a life so I can stop coming to this website.

  • Dxley

    I’m so loving Queerty right now. Don’t stop, Queerty. I’d never get tired of looking at this guy and get some more pictures of him and Dustin, please ;). Thanx!

  • dannyboi2

    He’s a baby doll and I agree post as many pic’s as you can find. He’s the flavor of the month. I just pray he does well in Rio, don’t want haters to hate.

  • Dixie Rect

    Oohhh, Robbie Rogers must be in a tizzy with all this Daley coverage.

  • eddypham

    I have always liked this kid. He seems to be a great person – gay, straight, bi doesn’t matter he seems to be a good person and I am honestly happy he has found himself and someone to love him back.

  • KittyLitter

    @Dixie Rect: I guess Daley gives the queerty staff a bigger hardon than rogers ever could. Daley hasn’t even “come out.”

  • dougmc92

    before coming out- 2/3 posts oin ANY gay site about him called him a raging media whore!

  • archiesdaddy2011

    Leave them both alone. Why are we so bitchy? So, Daley wants an older man and that man wants Tom Daley….and why not? Who does it worry? The kids who want Daley and are ticked off that someone twice his age has him? It is not your business and it is not mine, either. The experts among us say intergenerational things ‘cannot last’, do they? To them I say this: No way are you experts in relationships so why pontificate as though you are? Just shut the fuck up and leave them alone!

  • evdanker

    This is the reason I unsubscribed to Queerty.

  • MikeE

    The funniest thing is, every time I saw him, starting at the Olympic$, I thought he had “gay face”. He just set off my gaydar something fierce.

  • MK Ultra

    As I said before, they are like our Kim and Kanye, only Kim and Kanye are much more popular and discreet.

  • queerty1958

    What’s the deal with you, Queerty?!?

    Why do you feel it’s so damn important that we need to keep seeing an endless stream of articles about Tom Daley?!?

    And why all the photos of him?!?

    Are you in love with him or something?!?


  • Zodinsbrother

    Lol and all the crabby people. If you are not interested in Daley then don’t click on the link. That’s what I do when I’m not interested.

  • MK Ultra

    @Zodinsbrother: yeah, just like Queerty posts about hot, young gay hero Nick Gruber. If you don’t like him, don’t click!
    BTW Queerty, get more pictures of Nick Gruber on here!

  • Kieran

    These idiots who click on the Tom Daley stories and then take the time to negatively post about them remind me of the dopey homophobes who are attracted to gay stories on the net and then write something like, “Nobody is interested in these gay stories!” Duh.

  • greyhound1954

    I’m surprised no one has name-dropped Matthew Mitcham or Thomas Finchum in all this Tom Daley talk. Mitcham, of course, came out years ago, while Finchum used to be the object of “is he?” speculation before he retired from competitive diving.

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    Oh god…JESUS CHRIST….STOP IT!!!!

  • jwtraveler

    Can you just rename Queerty “The Daley Daily” and get it over with. By the way, #13 and 14 are really creepy.

  • DuMaurier

    Is it too much? Yes! Do I want them to stop?……NO!!!!!!

  • Camsean01

    @queerty1958: no, I am.

  • sejjo

    Queerty, you need to analyse what you are doing wrong as a publication if all you attract are pathetic trolls who have nothing better to do. On basically all your articles, there are some pretty unnecessary and bitter comments from your readers. I like helpful dissent as much as the next guy, but most of the rubbish posted is nowhere near helpful, just a lot of pontificating, hate-mongering and blowing hot air. The internet has created a new humanoid sub-species that has nothing resembling a backbone, who sit in the comfort of their caves typing rubbish to make themselves feel better about their warped existence. Assuming that most if not all regular readers of this publication are part of a sexual minority, the narrow-mindedness of the comments is pretty disappointing. I expected better, and I don’t think my standards are that high.

    On a more positive note, I love the picture references above and really enjoyed the SpongeBob references. I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my seat. This is good harmless fun, and I think Tom is cute. He and Dustin, another cutey, look pretty good together. I wish nothing but the best for them both.

  • stranded

    Number 7 is hilarious. The kid’s cute.

  • dbmyers

    @evdanker: Yet you’re still here???

  • Niall

    At least this was moderately amusing

  • yaletownman

    The kid is cute as can be. He’s talented and a positive role model for other young LGBT’s. It’s refreshing to see that we are celebrating someone like him because instead of some random porn star.

  • Rockery

    4, 7 & 15

    That just says it all

  • dougmc92

    video of DL Black at Bryan Singer’s annual Boy Pool party, next to him his porn star Brent Corrigan.

    There are new reports that Black once questioned the existence of Bisexuality…bad news for Tom- who supposedly still fancies girls.

  • Bjk

    This really strikes me as self-loathing homophobia. Gestures and actions reveal homosexuality — get the lynching rope!

  • dougmc92

    you should do ‘Top 20 reasons we Knew DLB was a Chickenhawk’ you can use video above, plus posts from Johnny McGovern/The Gay Pimp- about him with 4 gogo boys, the pics with Taylor Lautner, the fact that he was at the Teen Choice Awards….there’s 4 for you- fill in the rest….

  • Tcolors

    What is so adorable about a man that is 2yrs younger than Toms dad dating a teenage boy? Do you know that Dustin has had 3 teenage boyfriends in past 3 years? Google Jeff Daleacy and Dustin, google Robby Rasmeussen and Dustin, go to Flickr and search for Frank Fay. These are the teenage boys he’s dated in the last few years. An adult man that has nothing in common with people his own age has a problem. I would not call it cute. I would call it sad. Go to Duncan Roy’s blog and you can read a story about how Dustin treated Duncans teenage friend. Then tell me if your happy for yet another teenage boy with Dustin Lance Black.

  • trusgold

    look how long Louganis waited to tell us what we already knew. He sort of delayed the HIV part.

  • trusgold

    @KittyLitter: oddly enough Tom believes he has. You better tell him. bisexual s code for gay when you are scared to death.

  • AllenSF

    This site is quickly becoming another TMZ or worse yet Perez Hilton. Oh well another potentially substantive Web site bites the dust.

  • Niall

    @dougmc92: Like you said “once” questioned. Do you happen to know his current stance on it now?

  • erichendricks

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  • skidharma

    Not uncommon for an athlete to date an older mentor. Think of all the women athletes dating/marrying their coaches. In a highly competitive, insular world having a safe harbor is attractive. Especially, after losing ones father. First relationships are a starting point for a 19yo, best of luck to a lifetime of dating and searching for a soul mate. Hopefully, it isn’t a gay black swan. Now that could be Black’s next screen plan.

  • Stache1

    @Tcolors: Wow. I didn’t know that. He’s a true blue Ephebophile. Apparently, with Dustin it’s the “younger the better” philosophy of dating.

    I used to hang out with these crowds like that in Hollywood. People you would recognize. One of them got caught one time with a 14 year old boy. He did the Michael Jackson thing though and just paid a million dollar hush to the parents.

  • Tcolors

    @Stache1: I didn’t either but, coming out of such a relationship and being hit on by older men (because I look much younger than I am). My first thought was to find out who this Dustin Lance Black was. You see I do believe a younger person and an adult can fall in love with each other but, I wanted to know if Dustin had a history of it. So I searched all over and found out he did. Now Dustin looses credibility. He’s the person our parents warned us about. Seeing that Dustin has been “dating” young guys for so long he knows how to win young adults over, leaving them thinking it was all their idea. In other words Dustin has the kid walking around with his head in the clouds. Tom’s excited that this Hollywood type is paying attention to him. All the while Dustin is working it. Even though Tom Daley has seen a lot of the world, he’s not experienced the inner workings of Hollywood. Now, take in account that Dustin is a writer and a public speaker. He knows what to say and when to say it. Hence, not a peep from Dustin that he’s dating a teenager. He knows what would happen if it got out. Plus, when they first met, Tom was only 18 and still in school!I believe Dustin stalked Tom at that after party being held for (wait for it) The Teen Choice Awards!!!! Go and figure. I don’t believe for a second that Tom made the first move. I think Dustin squirmed his way over to meet Tom, giving Tom that “wow your interesting” stare. Then Dustin stayed within eye shot of Tom. Tom said in an interview that he couldn’t stop thinking about the guy. That’s because Dustin made himself available all night. Later on Tom felt like someone was looking at him, guess who, Dustin. This peaked his teenage curiosity even more. Tom’s probably thinking, what is this, he makes me feel differently, he looks at me differently, it makes me feel weird, kinda excited, what’s happening to me. So Tom with his teenage interest up passes Dustin a note with his number saying “call me”, BINGO-BANGO Dustin’s in and it looks like he did nothing to gain Tom’s interest. Dustin wastes no time he calls Tom the next day (Tom said this himself). Dustin doesn’t want to give Tom time to forget about him. He then regales Tom with his stories of Hollywood, his travels as a speaker. He drops a name here and there. Tom is swept off his feet. Could a man like Dustin actually like him? Is he (Tom) worthy of such an influential man? Now Tom’s hooked. In his teenage mind he’s in love. While in Dustin’s adult mind, he just bagged a teenage Olympic medal winner.

    Now, after my rant, lol, trust me, I hope for Tom’s sake I am wrong. I don’t want his first experience of this sort to end badly or hurt him (although Dustin will probably make it look like Tom’s fault). Tom’s already lost one adult male role model in his life (his father) he doesn’t need it to happen again.

    To the people who think I’m bitter, I am not. It scares me to think of some kid going through what I went through. I’ve had younger guys hit on me too. I tell them, “Come back when your about 24. If your still interested, we’ll talk. I’ve made some good friends this way, lol. I’ve been there for them when they needed me and they are their for me when I need lifting up but, we have never bedded each other. I’m proud of the fact that I can make friends and be a positive role model for them. Not many grown men will do that. Sorry for the rant but thanks for reading.

  • dougmc92

    Nope- I think you nailed it! I think Tom said he made the first move when he was on the J Ross show, because the backlash against DLB was already starting- the predator comments, etc- Tom was probably trying to take the heat off him….Tom’s told several lies (saying he’s ALWAYS honest/maybe vague- I heard him- his voice in a radio interview say the words he was str8)…what’s a couple more? Any guy nearly 40 who has ANYTHING in common with a teenager is one seriously immature 39 year old!

    A lot of reports say DL Black really wants to have children…well- maybe he should go ahead and adopt them instead of dating them!

  • dougmc92

    new pictures of Tom have emerged from Houston- last night he was out at 3 different gay clubs- he got kicked out of 1 for being underage…DLB wasn’t with him- I think he flew back to LA- it’s said Tom was there with 2 girls and a guy- not DLB…there are pics of him with South Beach NightClub DJ Joey Ross….

    just think- Dustin Lance Black won’t be able to take his boyfriend to half the clubs in LA for the next year and a half- if that doesn’t sum up the messed up age differences…..

  • dougmc92

    ABC is currently in talks with Black about producing a miniseries looselyy based on his life….I’m sure it won’t go into the Bryan Singer boy parties, the Teen Choice Awards, etc ….let ABC know how you feel.

  • Bonny1986

    @Tcolors: I agree with Dougmc92 – you nailed it.

  • capsule

    You are the psycho who needs the therapy as soon as possible. The only thing creepy to me is your gross level of obsessive and disrespect behavior you exhibits toward Dustin and Tom. I know you are sending nasty tweets to them.
    Why don’t you get a life. I can assure you that Tom doesn’t need so-called fans like you.

  • Tcolors

    @capsule: Psycho? I am not. Ticked off at the people who defend adults dating teenagers yes.If you notice I am using the same name in the postings. I’m not hiding. I’m not sending anyone nasty notes. I’m hashtaging my opinion.

  • Tcolors

    Oh, and I’m hashtaging articles. More people should stand up for our teens. Not to mention Dustin Lance Black calls himself an advocate for lgbt rights and then to do the things his does. It’s not a good role model for people to base their ideas of homosexuality on. Besides Dustin is an opportunist not an advocate. He’s there to speak if he get’s paid.

  • D P

    @Sohobod: Love you and your response! —
    @Dxley: I’m right with you there!

  • capsule

    Those are some of disrespectful tweets you sent to Tom and Dustin.

    You want to destroy Tom’s relationship with Dustin, don’t you? You claim that you don’t want Tom to get hurt, yet you are the one who are so determined to ruin his happiness. The thing that creeps me out the most is people like you who think its any of their business who other people date. Get your own life and get out of other people’s. You are really no different than anti-gay moralists who claim that the same-sex relationship is wrong.

  • capsule

    My previous post was a reply to Tcolors.

  • Stache1

    @Tcolors: Everything you say is true but Tom doesn’t want just an average dude. He wants a wealthy successful guy to spoil him. That’s why you’ll never see a hot young Olympic swimmer like that and an older average in means gay guy. When it comes to these kind of relationships it’s a rich mans game.

  • fredo777

    Number 5 is on my hard drive + has been for quite some time.

  • Tcolors

    @capsule: The twitter to Tom is tale of caution, and the tweet to Dustin is telling him he should stop presenting himself as a spokesman for homosexuals cause he makes us look bad. Adults shouldn’t date children. There are good homosexual people putting forth a positive role model and he is not one of them.

  • Tcolors

    Good article; The Bluepers Diary
    Wistful Thoughts By a Blue Boy
    It was recently announced that fresh out of the closet Tom Daley’s new love interest is that of almost 40 year-old Dustin Lance Black, Oscar Winning Screenwriter.

    Tom Daley was two years old when the First Wives Club came out. Four, when Britney Spears released “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. I can just picture it, “I like the Great Gatsby book better”. “Great Gatsby is a book too!? Cheers!”

    Dustin Lance Black is twenty, yes twenty years older than Tom Daley.

    I know what you’re saying…”Aaron you’re just bitter because you want Tom Daley”

    Yes and no. This relationship is just one of many of this type I’m referring to.

    Tom Daley is beautiful and I wouldn’t object to a shag or two. But with or without the Olympic medal he’s not someone I would take home to my parents. Why? Because he’s 19. He’s naive. He’s insecure. Has a LOT to learn. If I asked him to buy the wine he would probably come back with a six pack of wine coolers. Oh! But wait he can’t buy alcohol because he’s 19….ohhhh Dustin.

    Lets flashback to last April when these two first met.

    Dustin Lance Black has been around the block a couple hundred times. Around the block and on the top of the block. He knows the block and loves the block. He’s 38.

    Tom Daley. He’s never been to the block. EVER. He doesn’t even know where it is. He doesn’t know one thing about the block. He’s 18.

    This is isn’t a sweet little block by the way. This is being Gay. It’s a whole new world. Full of insecurities, full of jealousy. But yes also full of a lot of fun and temptation. Either way it’s not an easy transition.

    Dustin Lance Black knows this. He also knows he owns a beautiful house, can travel anywhere and can get VIP treatment anywhere. Things that can make this new journey to Gayville a lot easier.

    To Tom Daley this gay thing is new to him. He has no idea what it means.

    In comes a little unicorn called Dustin Lance Black. Did I say he’s 38? HE’S 38!!?? “Hey man what up? I’m Dustin. Want to come over to my place and I can show you my Oscar? It’s bigger in person.” Tom hops on the unicorn and off to his new world.

    Now, as much as I keep mentioning age. It’s not the number one reason I’m angry. Yes I’m actually angry.

    My problem here is if Dustin Lance Black weren’t Dustin Lance Black; someone who owns a big house, can travel anywhere, VIP treatment and is constantly mentioned with three names, he would have zero chance with Tom Daley.

    I read an article today saying that they fell in love quickly. Now I hate to question love. But what I do know is Tom Daley has never been in love. He’s never been with a guy PERIOD. All of a sudden he has all these new feelings and a guy that can give him whatever he wants. He’s in a place full of rainbows and sunshine. Yes if I was 19, I would probably call that love too.

    My main reason for being pissed is this:


    I would, never, ever date an 18 year old, and I’m a lot younger then Dustin Lance Black. Mainly because I couldn’t imagine having a real conversation with one.

    Two, if I truly respected the person I couldn’t/shouldn’t date them.

    I love my life right now. I have a lot to work on. I know this. However, I am light years ahead of where I was at 18. Everything I learned wasn’t from someone holding my hand. It was from someone letting go. I know this. Dustin Lance Black knows this.

    Did I mention…what does an award winning screenwriter of gay themes talk about with a kid who didn’t even know he was gay eight months ago?

    I hate judging relationships. You can’t judge something you don’t know anything about. I do know Tom Daley is in a new world. A world he needs to learn either on his own or with people who are not “light years” ahead of him. Out of respect.

    -Aaron Smallets (Smurph)

  • capsule

    >Good article; The Bluepers Diary

    Most of comments in the comment section are criticizing the author and telling him “It’s none of your business”.

  • Tcolors

    @capsule: But capsule, someone could easily say it’s none of your business what I post. BUT, since my posts are out there people are free to comment. People in the public eye know this. Comments are thoughts and feelings sometimes they bring about change but for the most part they are forgotten. I’m sure Tom and Dustin will carry on. We have no affect on them. They don’t know us. I just hope Dustin doesn’t make the lgbt community look bad by dating teenagers.

  • sejjo

    Is this article for real? An older person shouldn’t date someone of Tom’s age because he can’t buy alcohol (or the right alcohol)? That’s your elegant contribution to the discussion??

    And just because he isn’t someone you’d take to your parents, means no one else must? And how the hell do you know that DLB would have no chance with Tom if he wasn’t the VIP that he is? I read somewhere that Tom did not even know DLB’s status when they first met. Although I am generally loath to believe everything I read (just look at this article for instance), I don’t find it hard to believe that Tom, as young as he is, wouldn’t have known DLB. DLB is a celebrity, for sure, but he is a writer of movies and plays, and writers are not as famous as, say, actors like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, whether those writers are Oscar-winners or not. So your dubious assertion here holds absolutely no water.

    Please stop expecting others to subscribe to your outrageous hang-ups. DLB is a writer, I’m pretty sure he can think of a lot of creative and constructive conversations to have with anyone of any age.

    And finally, the money shot of our article (so to speak); you wouldn’t date someone if you respect them. Say what??! So DLB mustn’t date Tom if he respects him!? How, pray tell, can you be with anyone in a loving, healthy relationship if you don’t respect them? And by the way, their relationship isn’t unloving or unhealthy just because of their age difference. Please find something else more creative to attack their relationship with. Or better yet, don’t, since you’ve demonstrated by your stunningly banal article that you can’t offer anything in the way of rational thought to the discussion.

  • KKaegan


    Stop being pathetic. Are you an aging twink that DLB dumped or something. You have been commenting the same exact thing above word for word on every TD and DLB article. Green eye Monster is a bitch eh?
    Stop plastering your loser comments all over the internet and get a life.

  • KKaegan


    Tom Daley is an Olympian athlete based in UK. Do you know the amount of dedication and commitment to his sports one needs to reach that level? He is a mature discipline 19 years old. He is not a star-struck 19 years old serving tables in Hollywood looking for his big break. He is a first class athlete who is already famous in his own right. There is no need to discredit him and project him as some naive twink who is gullible. He has his own calendar,autobiography and TV show, not to mention a team of agent/publicist etc working for him. It is not inaccurate to say Tom Daley is more well-known than DLB outside of star-struck US of A.

    Stop being so bitter.

    Get over your bitterness and jealousy.

  • KKaegan


    Exactly @capsule.
    He is so vile and unpleasant, and dare I say a stalker as well.

    He has done nothing but tries his utmost to make life unpleasant for both Tom Daley and DLB, and then tries to put a halo on his head by claiming he is trying to protect TD’s virtues. Stop being so manipulative and crazy.

  • Tcolors

    @KKaegan: I probably won’t stop. For the reason that we should not glorify a man (Dustin) that only dates teenage boys. It sends the wrong message to other teenagers who can find themselves in trouble with an adult lover. Let kids be kids. I’ve worked with troubled teens. You would be surprised at how many have been taken advantage of by adults.

  • Tcolors

    @KKaegan: There was a time when an adult man that chased teens was considered a loser.

  • Tcolors

    @KKaegan: Star struck US of A, funny. I didn’t know who Dustin was until all this came out. I do watch the Olympics though, so I knew of Tom, but, only what I saw during the Olympics. When I read the article that Tom came out I thought good for him but, I was worried about what some people would say. Then I read he was dating a 39 year old and I thought YIKES! Tom better be careful. Then I wondered who this 39yr old DLB was and googled him. I found out a lot more than I expected. You see, I do believe love has no age limit but, when a person only dates teens? Come on now. Why does a grown man only date teenagers? Sure Tom is legal but, that doesn’t make it right. I think Dustin is taking advantage of his youth. Oh, yes Tom has done a lot in his 19 years but, he is no match for Dustin’s 39 years. Now the idea that Tom wouldn’t be dazzled by Dustin’s Hollywood stature, PLEASE! There are People from all over the world would LOVE to be a Hollywood star. Not because it’s the USA but, because it’s Hollywood! It’s people are known world wide. So yes I would say a 19 yr old British medal winning diver with his own tv show would be impressed by Dustin’s Oscar!

    I’m not bitter or jealous. As I stated in another comment I have worked with troubled teens and you would be surprised at how many of them are used by adults. Not all, no. But, it does happen and we should not glorify a man who only dates teenage boys.

  • Tcolors

    I just wanted to tell yall. I hope I am wrong about Dustin for the future of Tom but, I’m not wrong about Dustin’s past teenage boys. If Tom does turn out to be just another one of Dustin’s conquests. I won’t be here saying I told you so. I would hate that my suspicions were correct. I’ve just seen it to many times. It drives me to distraction to see people applauding something that has brought so many other teens pain. Just look out for our young people. Make sure you pave a good road for them to follow.

  • enlightenone

    @KittyLitter: Since coming out IS choosing a label like “straight” people do and showing respect for their current relationship no matter the length. Not “I still fancy girls (we all need a “faghag” – though I don’t find this label at all flattering – in our life)while professing in a very PUBLIC way that he experienced for the FIRST time such powerful emotions and “feel safe” with a man. I wonder what he still fancies from girls given all he has experienced for the FIRST time with an OUT, EXPERIENCED GAY MAN????

  • crowebobby

    I guess it’s a good thing we can’t have kids if none of us would be able to have a serious conversation with them till they’re 34. And if Tom wouldn’t be interested in Dustin if he were a broke taxi driver, Dustin probably wouldn’t be interested in Tom if he were ugly, had no ass and a 2 inch dick. A lot of “ifs” in there.

  • Lorrish

    Still scrumptious, that Tom.
    I don’t get the hate, really.

    Oh, by the by, when you guys have a minute, would you kindly support and/or share my secret proposal scheme :D ?

  • mujerado

    @evdanker: And yet, here you still are!

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