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PHOTOS: Do You Have A Boyfriend Twin?

tumblr_n3mdtgDJdy1txg5sso1_1280A hot new Tumblr has been born, dedicated to guys who go out with guys that look pretty much exactly like them. The blog called, “BOYFRIENDTWIN” runs with the slogan; “Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?”

These guys look the same, dress the same and often have the same facial expressions… Is this trend hot or creepy?

Some guys look more like their boyfriends than others (some are just generally beardy, and it’s easy to look similar to someone if you’ve got a shaved head and a beard).

But most of these pics are pretty adorable. I wonder if they do threesomes…











If you’ve got a boyfriend twin, post your photo in the comments below. You can also send your picture to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on the Tumblr site.

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  • JennyFromdabloc

    I have to wonder if they are aware of their Narcissism. Especially pic 2 with the coconuts. Are they serious?!

  • Grrrowler

    Even thought I think we look very different, a lot of people think my husband and I are brothers. At least once a week we get someone asking “Are you guys twins?” In spite of the fact that it’s none of their business, my stock answer is “Almost.”

  • Fvk847

    I find this fascinating considering me and ex started looking like each other. This is awesome though!

  • Jersey2013

    It is easy to fall into even if you don’t look much like your partner, my partner and I wear the same clothes, workout together so have similar body shapes, have a similar haircuts and beards but he’s black and I’m white.

  • HadrianM

    My BF and I get asked if we are brothers quite often – even mistaken as twins even thought I’m only 6ft and my BF is 6ft5. I guess all us bears look the same.

    Also have no idea how to post a photo in this old-ass comment system.

  • Apparatus

    I always find this incredibly disturbing when I’m out and about and I see it. Why would you want to date someone that looks exactly like you? And then to make it even worse with dressing and styling the same? Strange and creepy.

  • Ben Dover

    This creepy phenomenon seems much more common in NYC than elsewhere.

  • vive

    I call shenanigans – at least some of these are surely just pictures of actual twins, not boyfriends.

    I have always dated guys who don’t look ANYTHING like me. I firmly believe people should do what they want but I do think it must be a bit embarrassing to look exactly like your boyfriend.

  • TampaBayTed

    @JennyFromdabloc: You’ve got that right. And it is indeed creepy.

  • courthousedoc

    God, how I hate this question. My partner and i get it all the time. Neither of us see it, but I guess all late 50s bald men with gray beards all look alike, don’t we? Where do strangers get the nerve to ask something like that? And living in the south, it always presents a dilemma: do we have to “come out” to strangers (over and over) or do we deny that we are the love of each other’s life? Are we in a situation where we would be at risk physically if we said yes? Should I answer by giving him a liplock? We almost have to communicate telepathically to decide how to answer each time, because I’m more aggressive and would like to shout “No, he’s my partner, my lover”. It’s no big deal to him. But for me to say no is, in a way, denying my love for him. Something I cannot stomach. I bitched about this very problem on FB a couple of weeks ago. At least I know we aren’t alone now.

  • AllenSF

    I have always that though dating someone that looked like me was a little weird but whatever turns you on. Personally I prefer someone different looking than me.

  • Daveliam

    Yeah, count my husband and I in the group that hear this all the time even though we don’t really see it. He’s 5’6″ and I’m 5’9″. He’s blonde with light eyes and I’m brunette with dark eyes. He’s Italian and I’m PA Dutch.

    But because we are both stocky guys with beards and short hair. And because we have similar (not identical) style, we hear this alot. I’m also noticing a trend in this thread (the pictures and comments) that it seems to happen more with bearded “bears” than other groups. I’m wondering if it’s just because bears often like other bears, so people pick up on the similarities more quickly?

  • sanfranca1

    @courthousedoc: A simple “no”, spoken without being nasty, but with a tone and body language that discourages further inquiries.

  • courthousedoc

    @sanfranca1: But I am also the type who might try to do it to let people know that “we” are among them. As Harvey Milk taught us about coming out. We are different than the guys in these pictures. We’re the harmless looking old couple of guys that no one in a million years would pick up that we were gay. We look like your grandfather. It is that decision, over and over again to come out or not, to break down the walls of stereotypes of what gays “look like” that can get tiresome at times.

  • ridgelineranger

    Y’all can count your blessings. I am only 2 years older than my partner, and if I have a beard at the time, I am often mistaken for being his FATHER ! And that kiddies, is why I no longer have facial hair.

  • trebornos

    Without the ubiquitous beards, how similar would these couples really look?

  • sonofabee

    The photos above are certainly very beard-centric, but I have witnessed this phenomenon among many non-bearded guys as well. For example, last summer I saw a couple who had the same hair style, wearing similar v-neck shirts and capri pants, wearing the same footwear, carrying the same messenger bags. I wouldn’t say that they looked like identical twins, but they did appear VERY similar in terms of their overall style and appearance. During the winter I saw lots of gay couples wearing the same winter outfits… identical peacoats, identical scarves, identical skinnyjeans. So it’s definitely not just a beard/bear thing. The majority of “twin” gay couples I saw were more twinkish than bearish, actually.

    Regarding the question of whether it’s creepy or cute… maybe it’s both? I dunno. Depends on the particular couple I guess.

  • sonofabee

    Some of the guys on that Tumblr page really DO look like twins, or at least brothers. It’s not the hair or the clothes; it’s the facial features. Some of them have the same eyes, same nose, same teeth, same head shape.

  • DonovanS28

    Don’t be so ridiculous guys. What if they were not so identical when they first met and they just started looking the same, or how about they actually are attracted to each other because they like each others personalities and they just so happen to look alike. Not to mention its our perception they look alike (although it seems to be a general one) they might not even think they look anything like one another.

  • ingyaom

    Obviously, all men with beards look alike.

  • yaletownman

    I only think it’s weird when the two make every possible effort to look alike. Clothes, haircuts, etc. It’s almost like they are willing to give up their individual self and are more in love with the other than themselves. (real self love/not narcissistic self love) The two guys in the coconut photo are really weird because they’ve even got the same haircut We used to live next door to two lesbians who did this. Everyday they wore their hair the same way, they wore matching or coordinating outfits and they were creepy as hell beyond that too.

  • vive

    I do find it creepy when adult identical twins dress the same, as if they never individuated.

    But some of these are really twins, not boyfriends.

  • vive

    @ridgelineranger, I know , doesn’t it suck ass when your beard turns gray? It adds an instant decade all of a sudden. And if like me you become allergic to dyes. I’m still mourning my scruffy look.

  • Tackle

    I say that the two guys with the coconuts are actual twins. And for those who are in relationships with someone who looks so much like themselves, more power to you. But I do find it both weird & fascinating. But I could not get it up for someone who looked like they could even be my brother.

  • vive

    Can’t see why this was auto-censored but let’s try again:

    @Tackle, I agree. Ick! I can’t even see the attraction of twin porn either.

    I have a theory that guys who date lookalikes (and guys who like twin porn) can only be guys who don’t have brothers and therefore never developed that ick reaction that is the physiological manifestation of the inc*st tab*o.

  • Sebizzar

    @JennyFromdabloc: Exactly! I’ve seen a few gay couples on tumblr who look so similar, it’s not cute it’s just awkward/creepy. The guys who date other guys that look like them, are the ones who look in the mirror and flirt with themselves.

  • Sebizzar

    Now, what IS cute is couples that contrast (black+white, blond+brunette, tall+short etc.) I think opposites compliment each other better.

  • Mezaien

    I also want one like “I am”. The Israeli, dude looks hot knowing how the men in Israel, are M`m m m m m.

  • DK

    @Sebizzar: “Now, what IS cute is couples that contrast (black+white, blond+brunette, tall+short etc.)”

    @Tackle: “And for those who are in relationships with someone who looks so much like themselves, more power to you. But I do find it both weird & fascinating. But I could not get it up for someone who looked like they could even be my brother.”

    +1 +1

    But to each his own. I do find it bizarre in a fascinating way. It makes sense though that people date they think can relate to, true or not.

  • SillyTeee

    i’m no psychologist, but to each their own. i dont know if i find it creepy that look-a-likes date. i guess it”s one of the reason we have silly cliques like bears,twinks,muscle-heads etc. i certainly wouldnt want to date someone that looked like my ugly ass!! what would freak people out is if the couple started wearing matching clothing or haircuts intentionally

  • Captain Obvious

    This is beyond creepy and takes narcissism to a whole new level. I almost threw up in my mouth.

    It’s so ridiculous how some people think they can only relate to or identify with people who look exactly like them or very similar to them.

    I’m the total opposite and don’t want to be with anyone who shares my same experiences and looks like me. Gross and boring. I could kiss a mirror and talk to myself for all that.

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