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PHOTOS: Hugh Jackman Steps Out With His Public Spouse

Hugh Jackman, Adrien Brody, Olivia Palermo, Valentino and Marc J OH SNAP — Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness, along with Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone, joined designer Valentino last night to celebrate the release of The Last Emperor on DVD. (Photos: Splash News)

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  • AlanInUtah

    I didn’t know they knew an Oompa Loompa? (see pic #4)

  • Mike L.

    CRAP ALAN I was just gonna say that!

    Oh well, who IS that oompa loompa anyway?

  • jimmy

    Why do these people look so greasy?

  • Q

    i’m much more concerned with the suspenders that in now way are actually of any use…..

  • romeo

    Hope that’s a kilt. Didn’t know they came in black.

  • T-Man

    Where’s John, Hugh?

  • Lun

    don’t resign you? poor poor queers…As usual you see the whole world like you, but it’s not so.


    How dare that hag of Furness attend a FREAKING VALENTINO PARTY looking like that!

    If she doesn’t respect herself or the role she has as the beard of a style icon, at least show some respect to Mr. Valentino

  • benlayvey

    I don’t see the fascination with this man. I do not find him attractive nor do I Brad Pitt. Their both absurd little men.

  • romeo

    Hey Ben, Brad’s sweet. Ever seen his nude pics? They’re on the net. Yeeooowww!

  • HJ

    Isn’t it ironic that Hugh went to a movie celebrating Valentino and his long-time business partner/lover/companion without ever acknowledging his own long-time business partner/lover/companion!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Vin Diesel is hot, though! She’s just a beard! Or, who cares? Really, why go after Hugh who is nice, gay-friendly and maybe married to a lesbian for citizenship and/or career. Hello, this is America! Go after the mean closeted gays who lie about themselves or are part of a religious cult like…

  • JC

    Just because you all want Hugh to be gay does not make him gay. Why spread lies and false gossip. Why can’t you all be glad that you have a straight ally who is so supportive of gay causes. Hugh is a terrific man and great actor, but not gay.

  • T-Man

    Why would we WANT Hugh to be gay?

    I’m not lying, and neither is Queerty as far as Jackman is concerned.

    But you are correct–he is a great man, a nice man who loves Debbie and those kids of his.

    Is he straight–hell to the naw.

  • JC

    I know alot of gays want Hugh to be gay, who are you kidding? But that does not make it true. I respect your comments, but they just are not true. Writing it over and over does not make it true, but do get a laugh out of the posts.

  • Marcus

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, JC.

  • HJ

    T-Man is right.

    All these years and I have seen a lot of pictures/videos out there that make it all so obvious.

  • JC

    HJ – We all see different things. I don’t see it at all, and I have seen some of the same photos and videos. We all see what we want to see. I do not see it. I just think he is one of the best actors, great husband and father, great singer and dancer, and why make him into something he obviously either is NOT (gay) or does NOT want to be seen as (gay). Gays have an ally in Hugh. Why make him into a poloitical headline either way? Does not make sense to me. Why not select someone else alot less gracious than Hugh Jackman. He says he is not gay. Either way, why pick on him in the headlines? Because it sells, and it is all about the money. That’s all. How sad.

  • HJ to JC

    That means you didn’t pay close attention. Same hats since 2003 do I need to say more? Same red/white puma hat, same black/blue fedora since last year, the hat in the hands/feet ceremony, same shirts at 2003 comicon, the walk on Red Square …

    Just because he is nice and said he is not gay doesn’t mean this headline is not true.

    In fact, I feel sad for some fans that went into arm’s length to defend the heterosexuality and blame the gay community for wishful thinking. I think our younger female generation (I, be one) knows better. Our taste in men/women should not be swayed by sexuality.

  • gg

    “That means you didn’t pay close attention. Same hats since 2003 do I need to say more? Same red/white puma hat, same black/blue fedora since last year, the hat in the hands/feet ceremony, same shirts at 2003 comicon, the walk on Red Square …”

    What does this mean? I’m TOTALLY confused! Yes, you definitely need to say more.

  • gent

    Why so desperate to claim someone who doesn’t want to claim u?

  • HJ

    To GG: My message was to JC who knew what I was talking about. We were talking about the hats the two people wore over the years.

  • HJ

    And refer to T-Man’s replies for who I am talking about …

  • JC

    To HJ – It may mean something with the hats and clothes and it may be a coincidence. I am not convinced either way. Thanks for the comments though. As the famous man said – sometimes, though, a cigar is just a cigar and nothing more. It may be coincidence.

  • Carl

    HJ is a gracious man and shouldn’t be picked on. But OMG, that package is screaming out in this photo! Whew!!!

  • gg

    Figured it all out from the hats, huh?

  • JC

    This is some of the shakiest evidence I have seen. Hugh does not consider himself gay so why should you? By the way, there was no hat at the hands and feet ceremony, and at Comicon lots of people have/had the same hat and shirt. Many sponsors give them out. I will not bore you and post again. Lots of guys wear black fedoras. Leave Hugh alone. What a gracious man. Find another foul celebrity who is not so nice.

  • HJ

    to JC: I am not saying Hugh was wearing a black fedora hat at the hands and feet ceremony. He didn’t. But his hat was worn at the ceremony.

    And you certainly haven’t seen the Comicon 2003 picture because I was referring to the one he had with Lein Wein, creator of the X-man.

    And why do you come back to argue with me? It will only defeat your purpose if I have to put those pictures out to prove my point. If you don’t believe it then stick to your theory and let a cigar be a cigar!

  • Todd

    Good eye Carl!!!!! Yum!

  • Daniel

    Marc Jacobs and his hubbie make a hot couple, and Hugh looks sweet taking his grandma for a stroll 😀

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