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PHOTOS: Is Jonny Makeup Someone We Want to Care About?

35156PCN_Makeup OH SNAP — Jonny Makeup, who is a socialite? And who sometimes appears in American Apparel advertisements? Because he designs clothes for them? (He calls AA’s Dov Charney “daddy”?) Well he went to the “white” (read: “get splashed with paint”) birthday party of Katy Perry, another icon candidate the gays swiftly rejected. Let’s decide: Do we want Jonny Makeup to be a hero or villain? Sorry, there’s no in between. (Photos: Pacific Coast News)

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  • commonqueer

    I’ve met him before, he’s fun. He designed one of my favorite shirts from American Apparel and his “I seen Beyonce at Burger King” video on youtube is pretty hilarious.

  • terrwill

    Every Gay stereotype mashed together = Johnny Makeup

  • RomanHans


    — “luxury condo”

    — “giant clam”

    — “one of my favorite shirts from American Apparel”

  • rhydderch

    he’s dumb – why should we give a shit about him? Unless it’s Levi Johnson I could care less

  • alan brickman

    if he helped Cazwell that gives him alittle cred…

  • trickytoro

    he’s clever and interesting, I say give him a pass

  • Fitz

    Actually, despite Querty’s opinion, there is plenty of “in-between”. He is funny, and obnoxious, and a stereotype, and one of our queer kin. Oh, and if I was 30 years younger, I would drill him into the next room!

  • paul

    why does anyone give a shit about this guy, because he’s a fellow gay? He’s a t-shirt designer (and I use the term “designer” loosely) and social climber who obviously lacks any muscle definition. Let’s move on.


    leave jonny alone!!!! Go on boo, party and have fun 🙂


    Jonny Makeup is a MAJOR ROLE-MODEL! and quite possibly the nicest person anyone could ever meet.

    Why are gays always coming for each other! “Paul” at number 8 sounds like a douchbag!


  • awesome lice treatment

    Thats just kinda crazy looking actually. All the colored paint all over like that. Colorful thats for sure!

  • roro

    i care about him

  • urbang

    I’ve hung out with Jonny before and he is a great person! Anyone that is offended by his “behavior” is just insecure with their fem-self. What is the issue exactly? Are you afraid that “mainstream” America is going to judge the entire community based on him? Who the fuck cares! Jonny is hilarious!

  • chloe_elizabeth

    jonny makeup is so cute and funny and fashionable and sweet! he amazes me!
    so all you haters need ta bounce! boo you hater whores! lol. quit being rude and jugemental!
    jonny is hott stuff! i wish i could meet him lol. find me on twitter @chloe_elizabeth (:

  • rhydderch

    So if every queen that get’s trotted out the new gay role model for the moment? I thought be learned our lesson with Oerez Hilton. I for one am neither embarrassed by jealous of this dude. I just find it laughable that some here (URBANG) is propping up another party boy as some roll model just because he’s a flaming homo, otherwise no one would care.

  • Marvelous

    Jonny is HYSTERICAL, a free-spirit, and the heiress of American apparel. Leave him alone.

  • Lulu

    I think he’s adorable and fun!!! He isn’t hurting anyone just being himself and it’s that what he gays pride themselves on individuality??

  • Hugh

    Yeah, let’s have Jonny as a hero. There’s a vacancy for a gay Paris Hilton, and he doesn’t do anyone any harm. Oh and he guested on Cazwell’s ‘I Seen Beyonce’ which gives him extra hero points in my book.

  • Christian

    Johnny Makeup is fabulous……find someone else to bother!

  • April

    @Paul, regarding “muscle definition”: Jonny has undergone a huge transformation in the last year. He took up yoga and lost a ton of weight (compare these new pictures with this old one with Paris: http://www.queerty.com/wp/docs/2008/05/makeuphilton.jpg ). He’s also fun, sweet, and generous, so I say he’s a hero.

  • joost

    YES we need Johnny Make up! he is fun, intelligent, creative, stirs things up, and great company. And more important, he might save your country from conservatism hell. He is my heroe, and should be yours too: How dare you ask that question in the first place?!!!

  • DS

    who cares if he spray paints his clothes? Whatever he does he’ll still be gay and adorable.

  • J.J.

    He’s a friend of mine, and a really great person. People are just jealous…

  • Andrea

    HERO! just bc Gabe Saporta told me to write this. and American Apparel is amazing.

  • theALEXshow

    I love HIM. He has been my favorite forever.

  • Dianna

    hero! hero! hero!
    he’s so fun!

  • Jayyy

    I love him!

  • fyeahJonnyMakeup

    Yeah Jonny is amazing, he is the most glamorous and awesome person I can think of, he is so stylish and he makes me so happy when I see his smiling face. 🙂

  • Andrew ex pat Aussie in US

    He may be a wonderful friend and a creative person but he certainly does not represent me!

  • EB1955

    “Towering genius disdains a beaten path.”
    -Abraham Lincoln
    He just does HIS thing, HIS way!
    Seems like a nice/fun person to be around anyways.
    Whoever wants to nit-pick him is bored.
    *love you Johnny!*…..feel like I should say *mean it!*

  • creed

    Good God why is everyone is fawning over that thing pictured above? He’s disgustingly heinous and worst of all…he’s from Pennsylvania

  • hayley




  • KC

    I’ve seen him on The Girls Next Door and Kendra and he seems like a sweet and caring guy. Hero!

  • Lucia

    He’s funny and original

  • Jazz

    Johnny Makeup = Awesome!!!! So I vote hero!!!!

  • Hector Carmona

    I’m really kinda over the whole Gay issue with being Gay! So what if Johnny Makeup or Perez Hilton or any other fabulous Gay boy in America wants to celebrate his sexuality. The new “gay male” ideology of wanting to be recognized as masculine, straight looking and straight acting is so ridiculous and offensive to me as a gay man and to all minority groups. Should African-Americans and Latinos start looking and acting White? There is obviously some shame within the Gay Male community. I personally am down with the Lesbians. They rock and they kick Ass! The gay male community needs to come out of the closet, again…


  • katiaa

    qe genial apuesto a que nadie se atreveria a hacer eso el si es genial..
    aparte se ve mega guapo!


  • jonnyfan4eva

    Jonny is a star.
    I know him and he is A COMPLETE SWEETHEART, funny, smart, unafraid and ruthlessly persistent. I CARE ABOUT HIM.

  • jonnyfan4eva

    PLUS he is a sex icon,

  • Katya

    As someone who grew up with him, I can say Johnny is a sweetheart- and had to strive harder growing up gay in Pennsylvania (although a wealth of good people live here) So Creed (comment #31)- Piss off…

  • Jacob Gardens

    Jonny Makeup is more than someone we should care about, he is someone we should look up to. America is filled with heterosexism, homophobia, and racism. I am a gay black kid who makes art and jonny gives me strength and courage to be myself and embrace the femmine beauty that is within me, not shy away from it. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jonny very briefly and he is super intelligent and so down to earth. Heterosexists and homophobes find him intimidating because his beauty and realness threaten the staus quo and everything bad in this country. I cant wait to see what jonny will do next. I want to marry him and I know i am not the only one who feels this way.

  • pablo

    jonny is the future of america…. he is perfect in every way!!!

  • Bridget

    If you dont love this man you are crazyyy. everyone should love jonny. he has a great personality and is so fab. I CARE ABOUT HIM!

  • anggina

    jonny is a super sweet guy!havent met him in person (how i really wish i have) but he always looks sweet in videos, not to mention the extravagant sense of fashion! come on! you have no reason to hate jonny:)

    i totally care about jonny!

  • Louis Ferdinand

    i care.

  • Andrew ex pat Aussie in US

    For my own curiousity I googled this Jonny Makeup chap. For God’s sake a young twink that works and lives with his fashion empire daddy does NOT NOT NOT represent this 44 year old gay professional (unartistic) man. Please stop forcing stereo types onto me.

  • cassidy

    Jonny is a huge superstar and activista in the gay community. His ‘Legalize Gay’ campaign with American Apparel and collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign has become the face of the anti-homophobia and pro-equality political fight. Look at any major LGBT protest, march or event and you can’t miss Jonny’s work. Jonny is a hero to LGBT individuals everywhere.

  • sal(the original)


  • Ryan

    So I’m guessing 70% of these posts were made by Jonny him self, 25% were made by his friends/”pr staff” and the other 5% are people saying, who is Jonny Makeup, and why the %)&#% should I care?

  • Mark

    Jonny’s the epitome of fab!! He’s super sweet and super fun. Not to mention he’s a huge activist(a) and trendsetter for all of us. All my friends and I wore HRC’s rendition of Jonny’s ‘Legalize Gay’ shirts to the Equality March last month. Keep up the good fight Jonny, we love you!

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