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PHOTOS: Men are rocking skimpy bodysuits & they’re turning hot gay summer into an inferno

men in bodysuits

For some fellas, hot gay summer is all about crop tops and short shorts with 5 inch inseams or less. And if you are trying to cool off at the beach or pool, Speedos, thongs, and square-cuts have been de rigueur for those queers daring to bare while tanning their hides in Fire Island, Palm Springs, Mykonos, and beyond.

But recently a new slinky undergarment/swimsuit has been prepping for its moment in the sun by popping up on more and more thirst traps of some of your favorite Insta Gays. Welcome to the year of the men’s bodysuit!

Taking a page from Jamie Lee Curtis in the 1985 film Perfect and Madonna’s fierce “Hung Up” video from 2005, these muscled kweens have been striking poses and leaving little to the imagination in aerobics class-approved spandex bodysuits fit for a whole new generation.

Clearly not watching old Jane Fonda workout tapes, these dudes have been raising heart rates by flaunting their God-given talents in the high-cut one-piece getups and it’s made us feel all kinds of things. We definitely feel the rush!

While it may not be for everyone and we’re not even sure where you would wear them, click through to see all these bodysuit baddies serving untucked eleganza for your nerves

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  • Mostlikelytobedownvoted

    Oh yeah no.

  • Colorado Couple


  • andrewl


  • bachy

    Wrestling singlets can be very sexy, but these have a high-cut leg opening that suggests a Las Vegas Showgirl aesthetic.

  • Michael

    High thigh cut body suits are not flattering to anyone male or female…

  • michel_banen

    Queerty is going WOKE again.

    Men should look like men. These guys look like a total tsunami of ice water cooling down any ‘hot’ feelings one could have had.

    • Kangol2

      Please cut it with the “woke” crap! PLEASE! You sound like a scratched DeFascist CD!

    • Mack

      Every one has their own taste, if it doesn’t suit you, just go about your business instead of posting stupidity. And trust me, your comment is total stupidity has nothing to do with “woke'”

    • Apolodorus

      Fascist alert

    • WillParkinson

      Men should look like men? I’m sorry, who elected you the arbiter?

  • FreddieW

    I’m one of the old-fashioned gays, attracted to masculinity. I don’t care how sexy they’re trying to appear with that posing, the women’s swimsuits make them look like they’re performing in an SNL skit.

  • JB

    Yikes! Hell to the nah!

  • Diplomat

    Ya agree, then the fanny pack. Please.

  • Man About Town

    Even the most well-built men could not possibly look good in this ugly, misguidedly designed monstrosity.

    And to compare it to Madonna’s attire in the “Hung Up” video is equally misguided, as that was simply a dancer’s leotard!

  • Fahd

    Maybe if you have trouble keeping your shirt tucked in with certain pants, but could cause delays in the restroom. Looks like the model Wyatt Cushman in the aceandindigo post.

  • Kangol2

    Put a gorgeous enough man in anything and he’ll look good. Also, I’ll take KenX.Y. in every hue these come in (and he can come right out of his)!


    no, i couldn’t.

  • L

    Gross. Not flattering on any of the models. No thank you

  • SDR94103



      well, since you asked, Melissa Viviane Jefferson (born April 27, 1988), known professionally as Lizzo, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and musician.

    • frapachino

      @ supreme and now a known racist, bully, body shaming, sexual harasser!

  • [email protected]

    Absolutely NOT sexy! Damn woke culture – as a gay man I want a man …. not this.

  • G-Man

    They’re joking right? That’s a big no for me.

  • represents

    They look good to me. I like them.

  • MSM

    Give me a f..king break. Ridiculous look on some very hot guys. These tights take away from their hotness.

  • MrGoldman

    Looking like fools.

  • HankHarris

    It’s wild how judgmental people are. In the 80s (when I was young and fit like these guys) I used to wear a wrestling singlet clubbing in NYC, and no one blinked an eye. We’re talking the difference of a few inches of fabric, and you see the responses here. My only issue here is fit, as they’re sized for a woman’s proportions. Let people wear what they want – if you think they’re embarrassing themselves, then don’t wear it yourself.

    • frapachino

      So you can judge but others can’t? Yae good luck with that philosophy.

  • GayEGO

    Really Mary! Flip your wrists!

  • Joshooeerr

    Nuts. These garments were originally designed for women’s bodies – to cover big hips and breasts. They don’t sit right on a male body. And they look f****** ridiculous.

  • sfhairy

    that’s a hard no. real men aren’t falling for men in those outfits. sissy’s who love sissy’s are, and that’s great, but it’s not turning our gay summer into an inferno.

  • dmarcus

    The misogyny from gay men in the comment section is laughable. I understand certain fashions are not for everyone but calm down on masculinity and woke crap. First y’all frock men, y’all are already going against traditional norms. If you don’t want to be woke, convert to being straight. Men wore booty shorts for the longest before it became “gay” in the 90s and straight men didn’t want to be associated with gayness and HIV/AIDS. Gay guys continued to wear them and last year booty shorts or daddy shorts (straight ppl word preference to avoid being gay) made a comeback. Now we see very masculine men wearing them. Also crop tops. Same situation. Skimpy leotards are making a comeback whether it’s in the gym or at a club. Soon jockstraps would be worn by straight guys just for fun!

    I like the swim suit leotard, I bought one two summers ago and I get lots of complements. The amount of muscle jocks that I snagged wearing a pink ribbed leotard, I would say, “go woke, get a bloke/ be femme, snag men.”

  • winemaker

    Not to be negative here but these garments are made to look good on certain people with certain body types and not everyone can wear one of these and look good. It’s kind of like going to a clothing optional beach and it never fails the cute guys wear shorts and those you don’t want to see nude, the out of shape, beer gut or watermelon cheeked asses are totally nude. There were a couple of guys at my former gym here in San Francisco that wore skimpy singlets, the kind with thong or bikini bottoms where their bare ass was exposed to work out. just a singlet, no thong or jock underneath in case of slippage and nothing was said about proper attire on the workout floor. Only at a gay gym would this be tolerated.

  • crumbedsteak

    Guys are hot mankini not so…sorry guys but y’all gonna look back in a few and think “What was I thinking?”

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