PHOTOS: Madonna Forgets Her Pants, Befriends Beyoncé and Other Met Gala Highlights


Madge and Bey, two queens one crown, both in Givenchy as photographed by designer Riccardo Tisci on Instagram.

PHOTOS: While queens were walking the red carpet on one side of town, some completely different queens, including the Queen of Pop, were serving haute couture fash.i.on at the annual Costume Institute Met Gala. Fashion’s glitziest night (think the Oscars if no one was afraid of looking completely insane besides Tilda Swinton and Helena Bonham Carter) brought out the biggest and most stylish names in all the world, or at least New York, to  raise money for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute while bringing some fabulous publicity to the museum’s latest exhibit, Punk: Chaos to Couture. To wit, there was anarchy in the U.S. as Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence and more models than you can shake a limp asparagus at channeled their inner rocker. To varying degrees of success.

(Note: click the links for attached pics as some looks were too epic/awful to be presented here.)


So what she’s older than time itself, Madonna can still turn it out by reminding everyone who did the no-pants look first. And in a hot pink heel with a sassy bob and China bang to boot. Go head bitch.


Jennifer Lawrence in a veil, everyone. You’re welcome.

Kristen Stewart proves that no one can go wrong in a jumpsuit. Even her.


In case you didn’t know, Givenchey’s Riccardo Tisci is one of the sexiest men ever. Knowledge is power. In related news, Rooney Mara‘s face. Speaks for itself and it’s screaming “flawless.”

We dare you to find one picture in which Jennifer Lopez is not servingEver.


Miley Cyrus got lost on the way to the Wildlife Preserve with all the other crowned cranes. Sad that people are trapping them in nets like this.

Old grey mare just ain’t what she used to be, eh, Nicole Richie?


Always one for subtlety that Beyoncé is. And yes that is a matching knee-high boot.


Tom Brady and Gisele reminding us what perfection looks like. And we think we see their next baby already crowning. Mazel!

Nicki Minaj is now apparently a middle-aged white woman.


Hello blonde Anne Hathaway! And hello blonde Anne Hathaway’s huge tits. We remember avoiding y’all in Brokeback.

Marc Jacobs sadly left his kilt at home, but he and longtime hag Sofia Coppola were more punk than everyone there. Except, of course, Vivienne Westwood.

Psy took his look from the Rachel Maddow Power Lesbian Black Tie Collection.


We see that Anna Wintour lifted that moratorium on all things Kardashian this year and Kim showed up looking, dare we say, gr…gr…great. Ow, is this what having a stroke is like?

Christina Ricci can just make a living appearing on red carpets for the rest of her life. She basically peaked at Addams Family Values anyway.

Speaking of which, here’s Morticia Addams Taylor Swift.


Katy Perry didn’t get the memo on the dress code and instead went for Whorey Roman Empire Realness. And the devils horns: not helping.

Linda Evangelista missed the same memo but it’s Linda Fucking Evangelista and it took the GDP of a small country to get her out to this shitshow so take what you can get.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's COSTUME INSTITUTE Benefit Celebrating PUNK: Chaos to Couture - Red Carpet Arrivals

Game of Boned, amirite? In the words of Donna from Parks and RecNikolaj Coster Waldau can get it. Even with that crooked bow tie.

Also getting it, Alexander Skarsgard.

Luckily the camera caught Ashley Olsen as she was turning into Wonder Woman.

Zachary Quinto rocked out with his Spock out thanks to this sassy little hair stripe.

Diane Von Furstenberg opted for disco diva and frankly, she’s right. Everything happening here is correct.

Sadly, the main highlights of the Met Gala, André Leon Talley and whatever circus tent he had Lavin’s Alber Elbaz convert into a great-cape, were nowhere to be seen.

Photos: BuzzFeed, NY Mag, Tom and Lorenzo,

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