PHOTOS: MN Students Smile Dumbly As They Promise To Take Away Our Rights

More than a dozen students from Northwestern College in Minnesota posted Facebook photos of themselves with wipeboards explaining why they’re voting in favor of Amendment 1, which will add a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman in the state.

And not a single one of them has any answer that doesn’t involve God, Christ or the Bible. (If the men in these photos had any integrity, they would have written “because my girlfriend is making me.”)

Seriously, can someone from Northwestern College please stone these kids for engaging in premarital sex and worshiping false gods? Or for educating women? We need to get Old Testament on their Christian asses.


h/t: Buzzfeed


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  • noturavguy

    It scares me that these people actually vote.

  • samfw

    To me, the question is simple: why do these people feel entitled to religion on people who don’t wish to ingest it? And what do these young people- who are bound to go to school with out gays and lesbians- say to their homosexual friends? “I love you, but we face the fact, you’re just not equal to me”? It’s crap such as this that turns people against religion altogether.

  • 2eo

    It was the same when they allowed black people to attend colleges and universities. The smiling faces of the uninformed and the bigoted.

    They lost then and they will keep losing, because the future is ours.

  • dvlaries

    Good. Photographically memorialized, so that, 40 years from now, when change has happened everywhere anyway, they can cringe at the irrefutable evidence of what uninformed, backward assholes they were.

  • Guillermo3

    She’d look GREAT with no teeth!

  • Dr. Dick

    Mr. Man in #4 has some questionably agile facial muscles if you catch my drift……. :P

  • DarkZephyr

    The girl in photo 6 claims that she believes in religious “liberty”. Does she comprehend the concept? Because the way she is voting is in direct conflict with religious liberty, which is freedom from one religion imposing it’s will onto everyone else. Some religious people support marriage equality. That girl is a lying buffoon and a hypocrite.

  • tidalpool

    I am consistantly surprised at my gay brothers. I always try to find a silver lining, but the future belongs to us?? Minority status based on sexual activities is the same as the civil rights movement? The worst was the comments on religion. It is not one man’s place to tell another how they should think or believe.
    Gays, men and women, comprise perhaps 3 to 3.5% of the total population…given our tendancy not to breed, I doubt if we ever will control or dominate the future, certainly no one alive will ever see that assumption.
    Ask any Black American about the civil rights movement. Gays can and do walk un-noticed in society. They are only obvious if they choose to be. Blacks are black 24 hours a day. They can not choose to ‘act’ white.
    Religion is a deeply personal choice, usually family oriented, and very much a primary belief system. Most gays deride religion as they had serious issues with religions while growing up. This belief system must be recognized for what it is, and accept that the people who follow the bible will always have an issue with the concept of gay men marring another gay man. I think we need to be a great deal more realistic. My hope, equal rights for gays, the day that occurs, gay unions will carry the same legal weight straight marraiges do. Remember folks, VOTE!

  • pierre

    Sheep! College is a time when you’re supposed to open your mind and be exposed to other ideas and opinions than what you grew up with. Critical thinking. These photos just pisses me off!

  • Cee

    I think Minnesota is one of the few states left where they can legally fire you for being gay.

  • Ogre Magi

    and people wonder why I hate christianity

  • samfw

    @tidalpool: What the hell is your point? That gay people need to be grateful for whatever crumbs we are thrown and not expect too much? That there’s too few of us to really merit much consideration and we have to be satisfied as society’s stepchildren? Or my favorite, that threadbare and nauseating argument that religion, as a “deeply personal choice” is sacrosanct and we can’t be critical of it and must accept whatever someone does in the name of their faith? Let me be emphatically clear- I do NOT respect their fucking religion if it tramples on the rights of others. I don’t care what superstition or hoodoo or bullshit someone trots out to justify their oppression of others, I’m not buying it and I’m not respecting it. To even suggest such hogwash is sickening lunacy.

  • redcarpet

    #4 looks like a child molester version of Kenneth from 30 Rock.

  • 2eo

    @tidalpool: Marc-Damien Conder. I like how you’ve made up credentials on your page though. You have a liberal arts degree and science. You also design restaurants and do PR duties.

    It says you’re also a Templar as well.

    I’ve had a chat with a friend of mine who is a trustee at the University of Chicago, by the name of James Frank, I did some back end work for his Wheels Inc. company when I was at University.

    You’ve never attended the university.

  • 2eo

    @tidalpool: You’ll also be terrified about the amount of information I have about you right now.

  • balehead

    They are so sad and disillusioned…

  • balehead

    And yes number 4 does make me wonder….

  • Little-Kiwi

    with faces like those who needs vows of chastity?

  • baue0035

    @Cee: No, Minnesota has had civil rights protections for LGB and T people since 1993. It was even the first state to have protections for trans people. No legal firing. However, there are still no state laws protecting LGB people in 13 states, and no state laws protecting trans people in 34 states.

  • Little-Kiwi

    todalpool =

    you’re a cowardly republican and as old as you are your balls have yet to drop. pathetic.

    just because your people don’t accept you as gay doesn’t mean their lack of acceptance of you should affect other LGBT people.

  • baue0035

    This article is missing something. “And not a single one of them has any answer that doesn’t involve God, Christ or the Bible.” Uh… that’s because Northwestern is a bible college. It was Northwestern Bible College back when I first heard of it, but they seem to have dropped the “Bible”. Billy Graham used to be its president. I doubt these students have to wonder what to say to their openly gay classmates. They feel safe in their bubble with the assumption that all their fellow students are straight… except for the closeted gay ones that know better.

  • GuideForGayMen

    It should be very interesting when someone these folks know — a close friend, a brother, sister or parent, a teammate, coach or roommate — comes out… and the likelihood is that will happen at some time in their lives. It’s one thing to talk about “them” and how “they” are less than you because of your religious beliefs. It’s another thing to look directly in the eyes of people you actually care about and look up to, and tell to their faces that you believe they shouldn’t have the same human rights as you.

  • Guillermo3

    group of comments I’ve yet seen on a QUEERTY post:YUCK!

  • jwrappaport

    “I’m voting NO because…

    I went to a real f***ing school for undergrad and am not a complete idiot.”

  • GreenmanTN

    They all have that curious inward-looking gaze typical of the inbred or religious obsessives. Michele Bachmann has it in spades, though what’s typically called “crazy eyes” is just religious zealot eyes.

    And yes, there is a similarity to photos of current anti-gay protesters and anti-desegregation protesters of the 1960s, the same arrogance in the morality of their position, the gloating pride about something they did NOTHING to earn. Have you ever seen the modern interviews with the people who fought in support of racism? Many were the same age as these dolts, old enough to know better, but they were proud of their racism and happy to have their pictures taken at the time. It’s satisfying to see them reduced to tears of shame when confronted with those photos now.

    Give it a few decades then show these photos to these kids and I suspect the reactions will be similar. Of course you’ll find most of the boys living in a gay ghetto somewhere…

  • Dionte

    May they all burn in the lake of fire.

  • sozei

    Should a man be able to legally marry his mother or his sister? Yes or No?

  • Guillermo3

    @jwrappaport: jwrappaport,Your
    comment applies to what? On what are you voting “NO”,and what has
    your education to do with it?

  • DarkZephyr

    @tidalpool: You reduce love to “sexual activities”? Yet based on these mere “sexual activities” you call us your “brothers”? While at the same time trivializing our struggles? You remind me of BJ McFrisky Another fake gay guy.

  • jwrappaport

    @Guillermo3: You betcha. We didn’t start this culture war, but it’s on.

    @tidalpool: I can’t believe you could say something like that. Surely I misread. Your argument can be reduced to the following frightening proposition: Because gays and lesbians are a small demographic relative to religious conservatives and can more or less hide their sexual orientation, it follows that we should not try and convince those who would further enshrine our inequality into law that their ideas are unfair, dangerous, and without any legitimate justification.

    Firstly, the size of an insular and discrete minority was never a necessary condition for its legal protection under the Constitution. You are dangerously close to advocating a tyranny of the majority.

    Secondly, I don’t care if religious conservatives hold deep convictions. Suicide bombers hold deep convictions. So do neo-Nazis. So do creationists and Holocaust denialists. I afford none of these groups immunity to my criticism because their ideas are unjustified and dangerous. Believe whatever religious claims you want, but leave it out of the law. Leave it out of the public school classroom. Leave it out of the government.

    Finally, I reject the idea that we should simply accept prejudice because it is deep-seated and hard to eradicate. Slavery was amply justified by the Old Testament, and sure enough, we don’t have slavery anymore. Segregation was similarly justified, and boom – we don’t live in a segregated society.

    We gays often deride religion because we experience firsthand its most dangerous quality that is also its greatest weakness and most potent appeal for the masses: its basis for its claims are divine revelation, which itself is not subject to rational inquiry. That is what faith is – the acceptance of a claim without evidence. I have great respect for many religious people in my life, but I have no respect for the notion that we should abandon the very intellectual faculties that make us human when presented with the greatest, most outlandish, and most monumental claims of existence. Indeed, that is what religion requires of us, and I do not respect the metaphysical claims it makes for itself and the universe.

  • Guillermo3

    @jwrappaport: You bet me what,jwrappaport?
    Please make an effort to be somewhat articulate.

  • jwrappaport

    @Guillermo3: You must not have read the article, though I commend you on the placement of your prepositions. A lost art. Anyway, I was making a reference to the boards the people in the pictures were holding. I was making light of the fact that their lack of serious education is likely a factor in why they uncritically accept the claims made about gays and lesbians without any justification. Read about what their science department says about creation science.

  • jwrappaport

    @jwrappaport: I was referring to your comment scolding us uppity gays about our biting comments. You bet we’re mad – these people are saying pretty terrible things about us, and I really don’t plan to take it silently.

  • Terry

    @Cee: actually Minnesota has one of the more comprehensive anti-discrimination laws in the country not only does it include sexual orientation but it also includes gender identity and expression.

  • jwrappaport

    Whoops. I think I responded to myself. Clearly meant for Guillermo3, for whose counterargument I await with bated breath.

  • viveutvivas

    What a bunch of inbred freaks.

  • nevereclipsed81

    They were obviously coached to smile that big. I’m not sure what propaganda tactic that is but it comes off creepy.

  • Guillermo3

    @sozei: sozei:Yes/No.I do think you
    are allowed to and should marry yourself.

  • Guillermo3

    @jwrappaport: If this is the comment
    meant for me,jwrappaport,but to which you inadvertently sent to
    yourself[#34],I was not in my comment #23″scolding us
    uppity gays about our biting comments”relative to the MN students
    [or to any other homophobes],but referring to the nasty,destructive
    infighting,negativity, and interpersonal animosities that have occurred
    in this comments post.Got it,Bitch?

  • randalaw

    To twit #3: If you’re going to talk about what God says about marriage, don’t omit the part about marriage being for one man and one woman for “as long as ye both shall live” and remember that Jesus himself said that divorce is wrong. You have to use the whole package, not just a part or two.

    To twit #6: I too believe in religious liberty and will never try to force my interpretation of scriptures onto you. Why do you work so hard to force yours onto me? That contradicts your so-called belief in religious liberty.

  • jwrappaport

    @Guillermo3: Relax, buddy. All I meant to say is that many of us are justifiably angry about this and have rightly criticized members of our own community who refuse to stand up to clerical bullying (or indeed defend it). I understood your comment to be a rebuke toward all of us, and I respectfully disagree and am happy to argue with fellow LGBTers who don’t call out bigotry when they see it.

    I’m not sure why you’ve adopted the tone you have, especially in light of your open distaste of “interpersonal animosities.” Let’s stick to the substance of the debate, namely that the people in the pictures are ignorant jerks whose school is one of the great laughingstocks of people who value evidence-based science and learning. I think we can agree on at least that much.

  • Charles

    Even there Furrys are anti-gay marriage…

  • Pix

    Left handed people were once persecuted by Christians as well (for being “sinister handed” and some Bible verse I can’t recall) but now no one cares despite their being a small minority…Gingers/redheads get more grief than they do. So I’m pretty sure we’ve got a chance, especially as more and more countries (with less overt religious rule) are embracing equality without causing chaos or upset in their society.

    And in spite of racial bigotry & sexual orientation bigotry being nearly identical at the core level (the justifications for racial bigotry have been almost repeated to the word to justify hating gays, including in quoting the Bible) I agree that comparing the blacks civil rights movement to gay civil rights is one of apples vs. oranges, and yet that doesn’t mean one is legitimate and one is not, only that the circumstances and the manifestations of oppression are somewhat different. As just one example, most black people (especially back then) had a community and family to fall back on (even if a member wasn’t liked, his/her kin could be expected to close ranks against outsiders trying to harm one of their own and offer sanctuary) whereas many gays of any race can’t claim that benefit (and look up/YT Wanda Sykes Gay vs Black in which she comments humorously on her experience as a black lesbian).

    Nevertheless, there are similarities as well, gays get lynched in hate crimes, get ignored by the police (and sometimes victim of police brutality), the fight against gay marriage is so parallel to the fight against interracial marriage (which voters of the time mostly came out against but the courts ruled prohibiting interracial marriage was unconstitutional…guess judges were “activists” back then, too) and can lose their jobs if found out as well.

    And while it’s true that many gays COULD hide themselves if they wanted (but some blacks have also passed as white as well, especially decades ago when it was more useful to do so), doesn’t mean we should. What’s so offensive about love? Why should we live with the one we love and then when one passes away be barred from the funeral and have all evidence of our being part of our partner’s life erased as it offended someone’s religious beliefs? Why must we watch what pronouns we use, what pictures we display on our desk or even our own home (because family and friends visit) because someone thinks it’s icky to them, but to us it’s our very lives? And how is that not different from when interracial marriage was also considered shameful and often outright illegal (often with Biblical justification)? Why should we be denied the choice to live our lives as partners for the comfort of fundamentalist Muslims, I mean Christians? Why should teens realizing they’re gay feel that they must be so horrible that some seek suicide out of a self-hatred so powerful they believe they DESERVE to burn eternally (and even if they don’t then they often have to face others they love who feel that they do)? Just what’s so bad that it scares people, especially when other countries are embracing equality and becoming better for it? The Bible says so much that Christians ignore (btw, heterosexuals who divorce for any other reason than infidelity–and technically Jesus said if the wife cheats not the man so maybe she’s not allowed to divorce at all–then they’re both considered still married in the eyes of God and any future marriages are adultery, that is living in sin and as offensive to God as much as any gay marriage), so why not one more thing to ignore, just like the part of slaves obeying masters or stoning children or women covering their heads?

    And all in all, I just wish all the Christians out there would start using their powers for good instead of evil, you know trying to HELP people rather than hurt, for example volunteering to send money to and volunteer with Doctors Without Borders instead of funding laws to kill gays and ban condoms in Africa. What ever happened to the golden rule, and treating others as you yourselves want to be treated? If Christians really were good rather than more like the pharisees Jesus condemned then this world would be a much better place.

  • LaTeesha

    It’s a Christian College. Pseudo-education.

  • mad4maddy

    @sozei: It depends, are they good kissers?

  • mad4maddy

    Well after seeing these picture I am convinced that gay isn’t the way. Tomorrow I’m packing up the Madonna albums and going trolling for some vagina. Isn’t it obvious they are the true beacons of God, his message is so clearly stated with dry eraser board markers. I’m just glad they are around to point us all in the right direction. Just imagine if I continued to be myself, how disgusting.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Guillermo3: And your solution is to contribute to the infighting? Interesting. I wonder how well it will work.

  • Guillermo3

    @DarkZephyr: To what comments of
    mine were you referring,DarkZephyr?

  • prince-ss

    That’s going to look great on any job application.. “Bigot since birth”

  • Spike

    And no doubt just as Jesus would have done, or so they would like to believe.

  • GreenmanTN

    The fact remains that NO ONE IS BORN CHRISTIAN, JEWISH, MUSLIM, MORMON, OR ANY OTHER RELIGION. These students were indoctrinated into a faith from childhood, the ONLY reason they believe what they believe.

    With a little creative switcharoo in the maternity ward, a child born to even the MOST devout members of ANY religion, if raised by parents of another faith or no faith at all would practice that faith instead unless they changed religion BY CHOICE (or dropped it altogether) as an adult. A great example of this is the recent story on gay news blogs like Queerty of the Iranian-American girl singing in support of Obama, motivated by her love for the two gay dads who raised her after she ended up in the foster-child system.

    IF religion were NOT a choice then there would be no need for “missionaries” or people who go door to door proselytizing for their faith, asking people to CHOOSE their religion over many other options or none at all.

    Now compare that to the many scientific studies that say sexuality is in-born, inherent, with clear signs that there IS a genetic component even if it isn’t completely understood. In families where more than one male child is gay they are likely to show the same genetic marker on a certain strand of their DNA. And even if you refuse that evidence or don’t believe that’s the only factor at work, there are the studies that show that exposure to varying hormone (testosterone and estrogen) levels during gestation effects neurological development and later sexuality. That’s what all those studies about brain structure, ring-finger length, and the direction of hair swirls are really all about, hormone levels during pregnancy that effect fetal development. Earlier studies seem to show that homosexuality (male, at least) ran in matralineal lines, through the mother and her female relatives- that some women are more likely to produce the conditions that result in gay male children.

    So what all this shows is that religion is a CHOICE, even if not consciously chosen since you were indoctrinated before you *could* choose, while homosexuality is not a choice. Oh, the religious obsessives will oh-so-generously suggest that you DENY your sexuality according to their religious beliefs, be celibate while they basically do whatever the fuck they want, marry, divorce, take a trophy wife or 2 or 3 (Donald Trump), and bang mistresses, but if you fall for that horseshit you DESERVE the misery you’ll get.

  • Little-Kiwi

    Marc Conder is a cowardly wimp of a gay republican. he still sucks up to the party and family that loathes him, and comes on here to vent his fury at the fact that his balls never dropped.

  • tardis

    These people make me sick.

  • Mjl-428

    these are some dumb white kids :/

  • Derek Williams

    Christ said no such thing about same sex marriage, and never mentioned homosexuality even once. The closest he came was to advocate acceptance for “Eunuchs”, a possible contemporary colloquialism for LGBT.

  • evdanker

    They aren’t taking a stand for anything but bigotry and exclusion.

  • queerty1958

    It’s only their opinion. Wrong, brainwashed, fear-based, bigoted, ignorant, misguided, misinterpreted, and mean. But it’s only their opinion.

  • queerty1958

    @Derek Williams: It’s very sad that the people calling themselves Christian, actually don’t following the teachings of the person they’re suppose be.

  • Jamesblond

    I just want to return to the issue of “tidalpool” — aka Marc Conder. It’s really kind of funny how his comment above tries to come across as so reasonable, so loving and full of “Christian kindness” — an oxymoron if ever there was one. Anyway, in what appears to be the same Marc Conder showing his cards a little bit more clearly, here’s a comment on a right-wing site, on a story about a Boy Scout being denied an award (guess why). As a bonus, he even uses the S-word — and I thought that one had gone the way of whale oil, temperance meetings and outhouses.

    Anyway, here it is:

    “Gay Boy Scout Denied Eagle Award Because of His Sexuality

    October 5, 2012 at 4:53pm

    This is not a matter of a 17 yo sodomite.
    Tjhis is yet another case where the standards, values and ethics we need to remain decent and an honorable people are being chipped away by people this nation considers sexual perversion of the norm.
    Regards of how the medical profession sees sodomy, or how the preseident has evolved in his vision of sodomites, it’s still a act or a series of acts that has no conclusion, it has no punctuation, it is a dead end. It involves men mimicing the act of procreation in ways designed only for self pleasure.
    My question, if this sodomite knows he defines himseld this way, has he acted upon it? Why did he feel the need to publically deny god? He claims this eagle rank would be (uo to this point) his greatest accomplishment. Does he remember his oath”
    On my honor I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country
    and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong,
    mentally awake, and morally straight
    God is ignored, he himself has annouced that, Further, he announces he is a sodomite. His mother apparently supports him in his lies to the BSA, supports him in denying God, and now asks men and women to support this young man, lacking in the basic requirements of being a boy scout, to demand the BSA throw out their values, their belief structure, their mores and all they stand for in order to make this young man, this liar, this sodomite happy. NO! the BSA must not stand d….”

    That’s as far as it went. You can see this and other posts at:

    And you can see more about him, his career as a decorator, and his questionable degrees at: or

  • BeauBoi

    Perhaps you can “walk unnoticed” among the general population, I know my husband can. He served our nation as a Marine for 8 years and continues to serve as an Engineer for the Department of Defense. People don’t see him and automatically assume he is gay. When he came out at work, people just couldn’t seem to accept it; now, years later, they still make comments about how they just can’t believe he is gay. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I can’t. I grew up in a very small, very religious, north Louisiana town. People there knew I was gay before I knew. In fourth grade, one of my teachers spit on me and called me a “little faggot”. The other students were worse. As an adult I tried to “butch it up”, but it was futile. To me, my voice sounds the same as any man, but when I go thru drive throughs, or when I am on the phone, people call me “Ma’am”. Often they do it to my face and then fall all over themselves apologizing. To them I sound like a women. I promise that I try not to, but I am never successful. I honestly cannot explain why, but that is how it is.
    I never thought I would live to see same-sex-marriage legal in ANY state (I just turned 41 years old this year), but I not only lived to see it, I am very happily married to the man I have spent the last 18 years of my life with. We have a son who just had his first birthday last month and I will always be indebted to the woman who carried him for us as our surrogate.
    I didn’t “come out” to the people in my home town until I was 30 years old. Those people had frightened me for so long that I just couldn’t bring myself to admit (to them) that they had been correct about me, that I was indeed homosexual. Every yearbook picture I have shows me with blacked eyes and split lips.
    By anyone’s standards, our life is a dream. Our home overlooks the ocean from the front yard and we have a man-made lake in the back. We own four cars: a 1971 aston martin v8, a 1990 jaguar xjs, a 2008 Land Rover FreeLander and a 1989 Land Rocer Defender. Our primary home is in a private community on a small island in the east coast, but we have a cabin in main as well for the summers. We have been very successful, but we are still considered by many to be second class citizens. Second class citizens who have paid almost 3 times the precentage of taxes as Mitt Romney, but if he wins POTUS tomorrow he has promised to invalidate our family. Here I the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. Please tell me, how is that right?

  • BeauBoi

    @Pix: thank you so much for saying (better than I think I could have) how I feel about these issues being discussed. Thank you so much,

  • Guillermo3

    @Jamesblond: Jameblond
    (incredibly tacky tag,BTW),
    What is your obsession with defaming “Marc Conder”[if such a person exits,
    or has posted comments here]. Yours is a horrible example of the sick,
    angry infighting that I decried earlier in this chain of comments.
    Please make an effort to learn how to be supportive,to build up,rather
    than tear down.Your vicious negativity helps no one.

  • D9W

    I cant wait for their fathers to sell their daughters into slavery, after all the bible says fathers can do that… Sharia Law Christian style…

  • Jamesblond

    @ Guillermo…..and your ultra, ultra classy tag….. thank you for describing me and/or my post as horrible, sick, angry, and tacky. You really set the example that we should all follow for tolerance of and deportment toward others. Although I fail to see how calling out a zealously homophobic troll for trolling meets the criteria for infighting, I am sure that you, with your superior intelligence and compassion, can and do. You are so truly a guiding light that it’s almost blinding.

  • startenout

    I am just happy they lost the vote; now, they look dumb and are, OFFICIALLY, losers. :)

  • Guillermo3

    @Jamesblond: Jamesblond,I really
    don’t understand you riposte,and haven’t the time,will,or energy
    to scroll through all the comments on this post to decipher your
    meaning.You are right,however,about at least one thing:Yes,I am a
    blinding light!

  • DarkZephyr

    Those MN students will have to eat their signs now! Ha!

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