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PHOTOS: What Does It Look Like To Be Gay In America?



It’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping. Consider Gay in America, a new photo-book by Scott Pasfield that features 140 gay men from around the country, from a retirees in Palm Springs, CA to metropolitan ‘mos in Manhattan; a teen in rural Virginia to settled-down parents in Eugene, OR. (Activist/military man Dan Choi graces the cover.)

Says Pasfield:

“I want the book to be an introduction to gay people for those that need it. I want it is a voice for the gay community. I want people to know that gay men are everywhere, and in many instances, live quietly under the radar, contributing to society. I want young people to have it as a resource as they move forward in their lives. I want people to understand us better and I want us to understand ourselves better.  This is hopefully what this book will do.”


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  • Spike

    And why is Miss Choi on the cover? Because it’s ALWAYS about Miss Choi.

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m actually glad that the cover is Lt. Dan Choi.

    a brave talented man, a man who served his country, fought a bigoted policy and is Asian.

    I’m glad that the “cover images of GAY” are no longer just your typical White Boys.

    i understand that a lot of you have issues with Choi. I think having issues with Choi is a bit of a waste of energy.

  • Lefty

    Wonderful collection of photos.

  • JayKay

    @Little Kiwi:

    Cool racism bro.

  • Lefty

    Oh, I just watched the trailer and that’s even more moving.
    They shoulda called it Gay Men In America, though…

  • Sean212

    Wow! This really breaks stereotypes. After this I will finally have ammunition against my female friends who always say gay guys are hot and I argue that they are not. Thank you for showing that gay men aren’t as fabulous as everyone thinks we are.

  • ggreen

    Do gay men only have two types of homes? One that looks like a sparse museum of modern art exhibit where no one actually lives there and the other one that looks like too old lady hoarders have lived there for 60 years.

  • gaygeek90

    I loved the last pic! They looked so adorable :)

  • lemon-lime

    @JayKay: What racism? White guy saying he likes seeing the diversity of our community represented on the cover, rather than the majority.

  • delurker

    @lemon-lime: JayKay is on is white victimhood jag. Don’t mind him.

  • Sceth

    I get the point, but I’m not going to purchase / support unremarkable pictures of average people.

  • Rey

    Sorry, but gay people ARE special. Pandering to the most common elements of society for the sake of normalization is too much effort with very few gains. Progress should not be be all at our expense. If anything, society has benefitted by accomodating us as we are, not how they would like us to be.

  • Lefty

    @Rey: Well said!

  • declanto

    @Rey: This is what is called “chauvinism”. Certainly we have outstanding even brilliant people in our ranks but they are the rare exceptions, the ones we adore to identify with. But most gay people live quite ordinary lives out among the majority, like these guys in the filmclip. So we’re NOT all glamorous, we’re NOT all famous designers or creative geniuses, we’re NOT all hotties.

  • Nile and Jim

    The experience has been humbling to say the least. To illustrate in such a beautiful way that for most of us, the sincere desire is the hope that our every-day lives touch the lives of those around us, exceeds the ability to explain it all in mere words. Not much glamor here, no stage, no lights, no makeup……just the reality of each day as we live it. Thank you, Queerty for the affirmation.

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