NY Will Never Be The Same Ever Again Ever!

Pol Wants Stripper Tax


A bill that would license exotic dancers has been bumping and grinding its way ever so slowly through the legislative hopper in Albany – but the “sin-tax” in the measure may leave legislators poles apart.

The bill, sponsored by Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, would require strippers to register with the state and get special permits to perform in clubs.

And real names – not Candy, Lolita or Miss Lollipop – would be required.

Dancers who can’t whip out a permit – it’s unclear if they would have to carry them, somewhere, at all times – would face fines of up to $20 for a first-time violation and $50 for further violations.

Clubs that employ them would face even stiffer fines.

Whoever wrote this – Bob Kappstatter – deserves a Pulitzer for their ingenious use of the word “stiffer”.