POLL: 90% Of Gays And Lesbians Voted For Barack Obama

A poll conducted in the days before the presidential election indicates 90% of the LGBT community voted for Barack Obama.

The poll, from Community Marketing and Insights (CMI), surveyed 6,625 gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans voters from across all 50 states. Of those interviewed, 90% supported Barack Obama, 6% were voting for Mitt Romney and 4% were choosing a third-party candidate. A whopping 95% of LGBT respondents said they were planning to vote and 41% indicated they had already done so via early voting.

Additionally,  40% of gays and lesbians gave money to the Obama campaign.


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  • fagburn

    No need to question a “survey” about LGBTs from a marketing group, no sirree!

  • Shadeaux

    Excellent! I took that survey!

  • Wilberforce

    It may be inaccurate, because closet cases might have a tendency to vote for Romnee. Nevertheless, this is much better than last time, when thirty percent did.

  • doug105

    If it was Fred Philps vs Obama wonder how much of goproud would still be talking about their wallets.

  • nimbusthegreat

    i hate being characterized as a one issue voter but i just can’t bring myself to vote for someone who would actively seek to limit my rights or strip me of them.

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