The Hollywood Reporter just released a poll showing support for marriage equality has been impacted by shows like Modern Family, Glee and The New Normal (right), even among the Republican base.

Well, Ann Romney says Modern Family is one of her family’s favorite shows, after all.

Of all those surveyed, 27% said gay representations on TV made them more supportive of same-sex marriage, with only 6% saying it made them less so. Of Obama supporters, 30% said watching gay-inclusive shows made them more supportive, with only 2% saying it soured them on the issue.

Interestingly, shows like Modern Family helped push some Romney voters toward gay marriage, as well: 13% said they were more in favor of marriage equality now that Modern Family is on their DVR. That’s compared to 12% who said gay representations on TV made them less in favor. “This data would suggest that seeing this stuff [on TV] makes it more socially acceptable. “says pollster Jon Penn. “Views on gay marriage have exponentially gone in its favor since 2002.”

Is it ironic—or perhaps salient—that none of the same-sex couples on these shows are actually married? Other interesting tidbits garnered from the THR poll:

* Romney backers are five times likelier than Obama voters to stop watching a show if a gay person plays a straight role (25% versus 5%), and almost eight times likelier to tune out if a straight person plays a gay (30% versus four%).

*11% of Romney voters said they’d be less likely to watch Modern Family if Mitchell and Cam get married. None of the Obama supporters polled said having the couple tie the knot would make them less interested in the show.

*Almost twice as many voters under 35 say these shows made them more in favor of gay marriage compared with voters over 35—38%  versus 20%.

* Of all voters, 42% say gay marriage on TV has made them more aware and active on the issue,” says Penn, “but this skews heavily towards viewers under 35 (55%) versus those over 35 (36 percent).”

* If Mitchell and Cameron do get married on Modern Family, 13 times as many under-35 voters say that would make them much more likely to tune in— 13 %, versus only 1% of over-35 voters.

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