POLL: Indonesia Sees Sharp Spike In Anti-Gay Hate

A recent poll in Indonesia shows a marked increase in homophobia. The Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) reported that almost 81% of those surveyed would object to having a gay or lesbian neighbor, about double the number who would object to someone of a different religion.

The study also indicated a sharp uptick in anti-gay sentiment since 2005, when 64.7% of respondents said they would object to having a neighbor. Homophobia was most pronounced in men (60%) ,  Indonesians who’d only obtained a high-school education (67%) and those who earned 2 million rupiahs (about $210) or less per month.

Hartoyo, founder of the LGBT empowerment group One Voice, cited radical Islamist groups and the media as the main culprits: “Some media outlets, mainly online news portals and TV channels that are easily accessible, tend to give imbalanced reports about us or portray us only as clowns.”