Good Riddance

The poor man’s Milo finally gets some attention–by getting cuffed

Who in their right mind would go to a college campus to give a speech entitled, “It’s OK to be White”?

Lucian Wintrich, of course. Wintrich is the openly gay writer for the alt-right Gateway Pundit website who thrives on lying provocations. Unfortunately for Wintrich, the effort backfired when he went to the University of Connecticut: Wintrich ended up being arrested.

Wintrich was giving his speech Wednesday night to the lovely accompaniment of audience boos and jeers when a women went up on stage and grabbed his papers from the lectern. Wintrich in turn followed the women into the audience and got into an altercation with her, which was caught on camera. The upshot was Wintrich’s arrest.

It was a pretty wild night in general, as someone threw a smoke bomb into the lecture hall just as the crowd was leaving. A student was arrested for breach of peace and criminal mischief.

Wintrich immediately blamed “leftist media” for his own surliness. But he probably sees the publicity as a godsend. As a kind of poor man’s Milo Yiannapoulos, Wintrich thrives on manufacturing bogus controversy. Wintrich’s most famous stunt is coming up with Twinks for Trump last year, a yecch-inducing effort to turn Trump into a Daddy figure.

Unlike Yiannapoulos, Wintrich also wants to be taken (semi-)seriously, as an official member of the White House press corps. And unlike Yiannapoulos, Wintrich has never been able to attract the same level of attention or outrage. While the UConn incident is small potatoes compared to some of the campus battles that Yiannapoulos inspired, Wintrich is already milking the episode for what it’s worth.

After all, his last attempt to grab attention–a prediction that violent ant-fascists were preparing an insurrection in early November--didn’t quite pan out.

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  • Charles The Great

    What is wrong with being white? What is wrong with being Black or any skin colour?

    • ChrisK

      He’s connected to the Alt Right so it’s as meaningful as saying White Pride or White Power.

  • Kangol

    This moronic right-wing creep assaulted a woman. No surprise there!

  • mhoffman953

    I don’t see what’s wrong with saying “It’s OK to be white”. Are we implying that it’s not okay?

    • Charles The Great

      I am getting sick of people saying it is racist

    • DCguy

      Awww, how adorable. The Anti-LGBT troll is pretending that the speaker doesn’t represent a racist group that says Whites are superior to other races.

      It’s so cute when bigots try to play the victim of bigotry. Now go back to troll school and next time you come in, try something less obvious and stupid.

    • Charles The Great


      It’s ok to be white
      It’s ok to be Brown
      It’s ok to be black

      Stop with this BS

    • Knight

      mhoff and Charles…DCTroll is mentally and emotionally disturbed. He has nothing of value to add to this or any conversation. All he does is “troll” with his useless ad hominem comments. He’s been banned from this site once, so uses this (among several other) usernames, yet he constantly points to everyone else as “fake” or “troll”. Better not to engage…he’s probably getting off on it since he has no life.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    Of course there isnt anything wrong with being “white” – I wish he was given the chance to speak, I would be very interested to hear from him since I have no idea who he is.

    Also, the lady should not have taken his papers, that was not civil, and the way he behaved towards her was not civil either. I would of let her take the papers, and continue on with my lecture.

    I saw an extended video of this whole thing and it seems to me he was just trolling the students; the guy with him dressed in red was taking pictures, as Lucian was posing.

    • CanadianGuy62

      It is “would have,” not “would of.”

  • Dymension

    Yes, he’s an idiot, but why do some liberal (I am a liberal myself) feel the need to do something so stupid as go up to this man and take his papers? Are we censoring what people say, even if it is hateful?


    • Knight

      I agree with you here. Unfortunately, many liberals (not all…but very visibly many) believe censuring is the only acceptable way to combat an opposing point of view. What this dumb bitch did was wrong, and is in fact a crime, just as if she had stolen his cellphone.

    • Brody

      Silencing dissenting opinion is the tactic the left has been employing for years now, believing like good fascists that if the people only hear one voice, they shall abide like good lemmings.

      See UC Berkeley for stunning examples of said attempts to suppress speech liberals disagree with. They even resort to violence to silence peaceful speakers.

    • DCguy

      I can always spot another right wing troll because they very often put up a false “I’m a member of the tribe” phrase.

      So they will say “As a gay man….” before they say something anti-gay or “I am Trangender myself but….” before they attack a law giving transpeople rights.

      So sorry Mo Bro, you fell into the trap with this new screename. That and the fact that two of your OTHER screenames came in to back up the comment pretty much put a big flashing sign on this one.

      Thanks for playing.

    • Knight

      DCTroll actually, it’s very known that YOU are the sock-puppet of some guy named “Cam” as well as several others. You probably should give it up, since you’re embarrassing yourself now with every new post here. You never have ANYTHING remotely intelligent to say…just random trolling. Pretty pathetic.

      Brody, yeah, I watched that whole Berkley thing unfold….twice. What they don’t tell you is many of the professors are backing (if not right inline with) the rioting students. The stuff that goes on there these days is more indoctrination than any academic learning (in and out of the classrooms).

    • BigWill

      @Knight/Brody/Mo: dear lord, dude, have you got that much time on your hands to have all these conversations with yourself? You’re not clever enough to pull it off, i.e., convince people that you are different people. Your comments gives you away; they read, literally, word for word the same no matter what name(s) you’re posting under.

      I’d suggest that you go back to Breitbart or Storm Front, but it’s pretty clear you spend enough time at sites like those as it is. So, have at it. Call yourself Marie, Queen of Romania, if it turns your crank. Just know that you’re not fooling anyone here.

    • Knight

      BigWill nice try. I have only ONE profile…this one. You on the other hand are most likely DCTroll. Either way, all you do is finger-point and squeal about whomever you disagree with being a “troll” (which is why you are most likely DCTroll yourself). Regardless, why do you even bother commenting on these boards? Neither you nor he have anything interesting to say…EVER (another obvious similarity). So…seriously….why do you bother to post?

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    Hate to break it to ya ( not really) but it’s OK to be white. And he didn’t just randomly assault her. She stole his notes. She’s an SJW who committed blatant theft in an attempt to disrupt his talk. Typical SJW behaviour.

    The phrase “It’s OK to be white” is a direct reaction to anti-white racism. The only acceptable form of racism today is against white people.

    • Kangol

      There’s nothing wrong with being white. Also, personal anti-white bias may exist but anti-white racism is non-existent. White supremacy, however, is alive and well, including in the body of the ogre that now occupies the White House. Also, in case you missed it, white people control the Presidency, the Congress, the federal court system, the media, Hollywood, advertising, the prison system, the vast majority of US universities and colleges, nearly all major US businesses, banks (including Wall Street), etc. White people also have a vast wealth advantage over nearly all other groups in the US, built up in part over several centuries. Did you miss that part of US history?

    • mhoffman953


      You’re confusing “equality of opportunity” with “equality of outcome”.

      Complaining about white people holding the majority of things seems irrelevant considering white people are the majority in this nation. Black people compose 13% of the population. To think that in all areas of human life that we would have ideal, mathematically perfect ratios of the population is absurd.

      Someone could very easily point out that Jewish people hold the majority of the control in many of the sectors you named. You also left out that black people dominate the sports industry and how there are more white people on Food Stamps than black people. There are sectors where women dominate that field as well. I don’t see how pointing out any of this is relevant and I don’t see how it demonstrates “white privilege” as some people claim exists.

      You seem to be alluding that white people, because they are the majority in this nation, are holding black people back from achieving the same opportunities by occupying those sectors. Last time I checked, black people and minorities also make up our Congress, are judges in the federal system, are in the media and Hollywood, work in academia, work in law enforcement, own businesses, and some are even multi-billionaires.

      Many occupations use Affirmative Action and many colleges will maintain diversity quotas just to ensure they hire people simply based on race.

      Your response fails to connect any dots with whatever you are suggesting exists. What is your argument? Are you arguing that our country MUST have equal percentages of all races and those same percentages MUST be represented in all sectors of human life and all people MUST have equal wealth?

    • KaiserVonScheiss


      “Anti-white bias.” That’s called racism. Racism is individual, not institutional. Only individuals can act.

      How many institutions whites control is irrelevant. What matters is how individuals act. There is racism against white and it is socially acceptable. There is racism against blacks and others, but it is NOT socially acceptable. Neither should be socially acceptable.

    • Knight

      Kangol you said “anti-white racism is non-existent”. You are SO wrong. And you are speaking as if you are one of those “people” who believe in the new narrative/definition of racism where only people in power can be racist…which is false by definition, but also false practically, because blacks, Latinos, Asians etc DO hold positions of power in the US….and can also be very racist. I’ll give you a VERY small example; when I first came to the US I had to live in Section 8 housing. The super of the building was black, and VERY racist. He just assumed that none of us Latins could speak English (we just didn’t want to talk to him) so he would rattle on to our neighbors (who were black and loved us) about how the “white family downstairs” was complaining about the same leak happening in our neighbors appartment, which was coming from 1 floor up. He said, “I’ll fix the leak up there, and i’ll fix yours here. But I’ll be damned if I’m goin’ fix they leak. Them crackers can just move out. Or if the water get too high they can swim out” he had this high-pitched squeaky laugh and spoke very loudly like he just didn’t care. Point is, racism can come from ANY side.

      Even celebrities who people just overlook because…hey…celebrities

    • SiamSam


      Yep. This newspeak definition of “racism” being “prejudice + power” is such BS. According to progressive logic, a member of the KKK is racist if he lives in Arkansas because whites are the majority and exert institutional and political power. Yet, if he moves to Nigeria where blacks are the majority and have the power and control, he is suddenly no longer a racist, merely prejudiced, even though he holds exactly the same views on the races and nothing has changed in his mind! Seems racism is like real estate – it’s location, location, location!

    • Knight

      Siam yeah, I first heard of this redefinition of racism this year. My point is “institutional power” can come in ANY form and ANY microcosm (in my case a section 8 building). In Miami for instance, if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s very difficult to make it in local politics, since Cubans dominate there…and Cubans are some of the most racist people you will encounter in life (they call the rest of us “indios”). Same with certain cities with black majorities, like Birmingham, AL.

  • The Village Elder

    Can’t people just sort this out…We’re being played against each other as distractions. Yeah there are race issues, no doubt. The race problems will only get better when we treat each other with respect. I’m more interested in what people have to offer rather than the skin they happen to wear.

  • Knight

    First, I don’t think Queerty understands the concept of what “alt-right” is. It’s a very over-used term, just like “snowflake” or “fascist”, generally used by people who have no concept of what they mean. Alt-right is NOT the same as conservative, or “new conservative”. The alt-right agenda is very racist (arguably separatist) and disavows the belief in God, specifically the Judeo-Christian concept of God where all of humanity is equal. I don’t know about this Lucian person, but I’m certainly not going to believe Queerty’s label for him.

    • DCguy

      It’s funny when a bigoted anti-lgbt troll screename tries to lie and say that “Alt-Right” is anti-religious.

      Sweetie, “Alt-Right” was a media friendly term that groups like the KKK came up with to soften their image. And groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis are very definitely pro-religion….if it’s Protestant or Evangelical.

      But nice try.

    • ChrisK

      Yep. The alt righters I know would definitely take offence to be called atheists. Not sure where you’re coming up with that BS Troll.

    • Knight

      Yup…just as I thought. The resident trolls come out and don’t have a clue as to how to respond, so they just launch into a diatribe. You two look ridiculous. DCTroll is the BIGGEST troll here, with numerous accounts (especially the banned “cam” account”). ChrisK I don’t know who you are, but if you can’t comment respectfully, then why bother? You just look stupid.

      For anyone who wants to understand the difference between “right” or “conservative” and “alt-right” you can learn about it ANYWHERE…but here’s a good source

      Alt-right as I mentioned does NOT believe in any Judeo-Christian religion, specifically because of the equality/egalitarian aspect, which they do not condone. The alt-right teachings come from the racial theories which began in the 19th century and their recent resurgence.

    • ChrisK

      I love how you conservatives are trying to distance yourselves from the Alt-Right. The Christian-Judeo religion is full of Racism so there actually following it very well.

      Notice they didn’t call themselves the Alt-Left. Nope. You’re joined at the hip with them.

    • Knight

      Chris assuming you want to have a real conversation here, you would need to prove what the alt-right is. If you think in terms of a Venn diagram, there are certain things conservatives, libertarians and alt-right believe in, but other issues where they diverge completely (hence this new term alt-right…which by DEFINITION is the “alternative to the traditional right”…what the ‘eff did you think it meant???) And personally, I’m neither “conservative” nor “liberal”, since my stance is pretty much right in the middle; just depending on which particular issue.

      And despite the fact that there are/have been racists in the Judao-Christian tradition, Christianity itself is the most egalitarian tradition in history, and specifically states, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for all are equal.” Galatians 3:28. Pretty much settles it. Anyone who adheres to racist ideas does so against the teaching of Christianity.

  • Jaxton

    The woman has no right to remove his papers. It’s a violation in my opinion. She should be criticized by gay men the world over. She’s a bitch.

    And, yes, it’s ok to be white. Actually, it’s wonderful. It’s also wonderful being black.

  • Brody

    More proof that all groups are equal in the eyes of liberals . . . except for white people, of course, who are uniquely evil . . . and men, who are toxically masculine . . . and straight people, who exert heterosexist bigotry in everything they do . . .

    • BigWill

      Mo/Brody/Knight/Fake Biracial Bisexual: There’s also another idiosyncrasy in your writing that gives you away as a troll. I’m not going to tell you what it is because it’s kind of fun to watch you think you’re pulling something over on people (but it’s pretty obvious).

    • Knight

      Bigfatwill you’re a blathering, lying hypocrite. I don’t know anything about Brody other than the comments I’ve seen here, but 1. I don’t think he said he is Bisexual….if he is then great. 2. I don’t think either of us have stated we are “bi-racial”. I’m 100% Latino and have never said otherwise. So, your pathetic excuse at “sleuthing” has failed miserably, and your rampant paranoia has clearly overtaken your senses (assuming you ever had any to begin with).

      Try actually contributing to a conversation, or maybe run off and get a more productive hobby.

  • Kenny C

    Yes, “It’s ok to be white”. However, this phrase appears to be used as a battle cry for racial division. Another excuse for white people to ignore the perspective of others that are different. (Sound familiar Gays—Straight lives matter, Straight Pride Celebrations)

    I’m actually sympathetic as I am sure its uncomfortable discussing white privilege or understanding that minorities just want their unique experience respected by the majority. However, it is disheartening at times when members of the LGBT community use the same tactics used to silence us against other minorities. We would never accept a heterosexual person, who has never dealt with the experience of questioning your sexuality or the unique experience of being a sexual minority. Issues heterosexual people don’t have to consider.

    So I am nonplussed by gay white people who have no problem telling black people their experience is false and that their feelings are invalid when you have never walked a day on this earth in a black body.

    In sum, for all sides involved, I continue to pray for open, HUMBLE and compromising discussion. In a perfect world, everyone would try to get it right (even when it’s uncomfortable), instead of trying to be right.

    • Knight

      Kenny – can you explain “white privilege”? Do you, a white guy, suffer from “white privilege”? And if so, what have you done to compensate the victims of your “white privilege”?

    • drmiller

      Kenny, I really loved your comment. I had never considered viewing it from that perspective.

      I don’t “suffer” from white privilege, but I certainly enjoy it everyday. I’m helped faster in bars, waitresses are nicer to me, people who don’t know me are more willing to trust me or find me approachable, I can walk by police officers without fear, and on the rare occasion I interact with law enforcement I’m almost always given the benefit of the doubt, society has basically decided white people are the standard of beauty as reinforced by ads/commercials/billboards/models etc all around me so I probably move through the world feeling more comfortable and accepted,… like I could go on and on giving examples of legit white-privilege.

    • Knight

      Drmiller LOL….you’re the standard of beauty, eh? I’m not white, and I guarantee if I walked into ANY bar with you, I’d be the one people would be looking at. And while I have definitely experienced racism, discrimination and preconceptions (specifically that I don’t speak English, have money to spend etc) they are very easily overcome once I start talking. Now….here’s a little experiment for you, my little “white privilege sufferer”, I want you to go into ANY Spanish-speaking neighborhood, or if you feel more comfortable, go into South-Central LA (I can give you some select locations) and then you can tell us how far your “white privilege” gets you.

      Point being, if you isolate yourself to stay in only white areas and interact with white people, that’s your choice. But if not, you’ll experience the same things I do…just on a different scale. It’s called life.

    • drmiller

      Knight, I have antagonized you on other posts and have propagated an unfriendly and not particularly productive dialogue. I want to do better. Let’s move forward in a way that is not petty or negative.

      I’m not saying me, myself, is the standard of beauty, I’m merely pointing out that white acceptance and standards are portrayed every which direction since this country was built from a white prism, so it’s projected everywhere. I have no idea who you are or what you look like, and the same is true vise versa, so it would be suppositions for us to say who would be the one others are checking out. But again, my point wasn’t that I am physically gorgeous, just that culturally the Caucasian standard of beauty is most pervasive.

      And again, with respect, you don’t know anything about me. Where I’m from, where I grew up, what my life experiences are. But please allow me to expose you to some of my truths to help give you some context: I grew up in a Spanish speaking neighborhood. The city I grew up in was predominantly Mexican. I’ve live all over the west coast in various places, and have experienced a lot of different cultural lifestyles. I now live in a *very* diverse city. And, for me personally, I have always experienced white privilege in each place I’ve lived.

      You’re making a lot of assumptions about me and others, and all the while you have already admitted to not being white yourself. I have no idea what it’s like to be anything other than the skin color I was born with. I’m trying to enlighten you on what that is like to be white. How can you possibly deny my own experiences? They may not be *your* experience, but that doesn’t devalue them. Just like the absense of my knowledge of your experiences doesn’t devalue yours.

      I’m willing to listen and learn from your perspective, if you are willing to grant me the same courtesy. Respectful dialogue and empathy are the only way we are going to be able to navigate the current political climate we find ourselves in. I need to learn to be able have philosophical differences with someone and not hate them or put them down or demean them. It sounds like you maybe could learn a similar lesson. We’re all humans who are trying to navigate this life the best way we know how, I’m certain that at the end of the day, we have more that unites us, than separates us.

  • DCguy

    The guy is a well known racist and his speech was a victim screed about how only Whites are discriminated against, and a rallying cry against other races.

    But nice try all you right wing trolls on coming in here to try to hide those facts. However, lgbt websites have been dealing with you for years, these sites are not as susceptible as Twitter or Facebook to your lying B.S.

  • Deepdow

    What about biracial or multiracial people who are part white? Is it OK for them to be white too? Or do you have to look white to be a part of the cool racist kid’s club?

    (Everyone always forgets about mixed race people)

    Ugh, everything about this guy is horrible.

    • Knight

      Deep I have always considered Obama as far more white than black. He has very little “black identity”, as he was raised by his white mother and her white parents who were descendant from white slave-owners in the south. He never had black relatives tell him about the civil rights movement (which he never experienced) or how times were under Jim Crowe or slavery. Whenever anyone talks about the so-called “First black president”, I ask, what has he done for the black population of the US? How are things better for the black community than before he came into office?

    • Deepdow

      Black Americans are doing better than ever and we are very proud to have had Obama serve as our leader for 8 years. You should be worried about white americans. They’re losing it.

    • Knight

      Deep that doesn’t answer my question: what specifically did Obama do for black Americans or the black community? And yes…I absolutely worry about white people…believe that.

    • Brody

      If I may interject . . .
      Obama did nothing for black Americans because, as was likewise his attitude toward white Americans, he simply never cared about America.

    • Knight

      Brody I wouldn’t go so far as to say he didn’t care about America. In fact, I can think of several things he did RIGHT for America (killing that douche Al-Awlaki and giving the kill-order on OBL were two examples right there). But I was specifically wondering from this poster who says he is a black American exactly what he feels Obama did for the black community. Because like you, I don’t see anything.

  • imaqt2

    What is wrong with….you guys. Your taking the title of his speech for your own interpretation but did you hear the speech? It was full of racism against black and Mexicans and more . It made completely bogus statistics and was 100% intended to divide. So for all those defending him, shows more about you then it does about him. Research him and you’ll quickly see that this guy doesn’t need cheerleaders and that seems to be what most of you guys are.

    To the “men” who say that she had it coming because she took papers from him… are the gays who make us look bad. Call me old fashion but I was raised to respect all people especially women. But even disregarding she was a woman even just as a person “they” didn’t touch him there is no excuse to physically grab and push/pull someone for taking your papers. Are you 7?

    There were police next to him who witnessed the taking, he could of easily shouted, “She stole my paper.” And it would be their job to stop her and retrieve the paper.

    Speaking of paper, the posters he made for his speech “it’s ok to be white” we’re in the same style as Nazi Germany posters…open your eyes do your homework and stop speaking as if your interpretations are facts.

    And for the grammar police above. Pick apart my grammar, all it does is prove you’re a pretentious individual who has no real insightful or well thought response to retaliate so you fall back on childish tactics. Trying to sound smarter because you used “have” and not “had”…Aw you win cause you’re a genius.

    • Knight

      Imaq’re either a blatant liar or disconnected to reality. Guess what…the speech is available online here

      Name ONE segment of this speech that was racist against blacks and Mexicans. Either quote what he said or find it in the time-stamp of the video. Because there was nothing there that could be construed as racist. If you believe it’s NOT OK to be white, then you are the one with issues. So, nice try there…you pretty much lost all credibility.

  • irbaboon

    I’d like to cuff him across his ass

  • Creamsicle

    Wow there sure a lot of people missing the point. It is 100% okay to be white. You know why that should be obvious? Because white people are not facing systemic racism on the daily. If the biggest complaint is that you suspect diversity hires and diversity school admissions, both of which can never be proven unless some ruling body confesses to it, then you’re not being systemically impressed.

    Systemic oppression is when black farmers and ranchers find their government backed loans had their paperwork “misplaced,” for the third time after loan officers refuse to help you fill it out despite it being part of their job. Systemic oppression is finding out in your history class that a local ordinance once allowed people to walk up behind you and cut off your hair as with early Chinese immigrants having their “queues” outlawed in San Francisco. Systemic oppression is the fact that newspapers and government offices used to pay out bounties for “red scalps.” Systemic oppression is NOT someone calling you “white boy” at the Popeye’s chicken counter at the Atlanta airport terminal or suspecting that you were passed over for a promotion because management wanted a diversity pick and you’ve been here longer than Sam, who cares if she has her MBA?

    • drmiller

      Agreed. It’s very similar to the “all lives matter” argument against “black lives matter”.

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