Good Riddance

The poor man’s Milo finally gets some attention–by getting cuffed

Who in their right mind would go to a college campus to give a speech entitled, “It’s OK to be White”?

Lucian Wintrich, of course. Wintrich is the openly gay writer for the alt-right Gateway Pundit website who thrives on lying provocations. Unfortunately for Wintrich, the effort backfired when he went to the University of Connecticut: Wintrich ended up being arrested.

Wintrich was giving his speech Wednesday night to the lovely accompaniment of audience boos and jeers when a women went up on stage and grabbed his papers from the lectern. Wintrich in turn followed the women into the audience and got into an altercation with her, which was caught on camera. The upshot was Wintrich’s arrest.

It was a pretty wild night in general, as someone threw a smoke bomb into the lecture hall just as the crowd was leaving. A student was arrested for breach of peace and criminal mischief.

Wintrich immediately blamed “leftist media” for his own surliness. But he probably sees the publicity as a godsend. As a kind of poor man’s Milo Yiannapoulos, Wintrich thrives on manufacturing bogus controversy. Wintrich’s most famous stunt is coming up with Twinks for Trump last year, a yecch-inducing effort to turn Trump into a Daddy figure.

Unlike Yiannapoulos, Wintrich also wants to be taken (semi-)seriously, as an official member of the White House press corps. And unlike Yiannapoulos, Wintrich has never been able to attract the same level of attention or outrage. While the UConn incident is small potatoes compared to some of the campus battles that Yiannapoulos inspired, Wintrich is already milking the episode for what it’s worth.

After all, his last attempt to grab attention–a prediction that violent ant-fascists were preparing an insurrection in early November--didn’t quite pan out.

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